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Seduced at Midnight This is the third in the Mayhem in Mayfair series and I actually liked it a lot Although no book in the series has been great so far they all were interesting and entertaining and I don't regret reading them It's just that there's not something special about themThis is the story of Lady Julianne daughter of an earl and the most beautiful of the four heroines Julianne is under pressure from her cold parents to marry a titled and rich gentleman They found the perfect candidate in the face of Duke of Earling a widower in his early forties However there have been some murders and thefts lately between the ladies of the ton and Julianne seems to be a likely candidate herself Her father has no other choice but to assign the duty of her protection to the best Bow Street Runner Gideon Mayne Julianne though has been attracted to Gideon and vice versa ever since their first meeting 2 months ago So now that they are able to spend time with each other they get to know each other better and their passion evolves to something But she is betrothed to marry to the duke in less than two weeks and besides her parents would never accept a poor commoner I'm a fan of forbidden love themes and this one had enough depth and emotion to be truly enjoyable Their desperation and attraction to each other was obvious as was Gideon's effort to cling to his pride and not take another man's fiance Julianne started as a pawn under her mother's finger but developed some spine by the end of the book that made her much likable and interesting And Gideon was great from start anyway a strong honorable steady man A great man for Julianne to lean on and give her the passion she cravedI really enjoyed reading this and should perhaps rate it with 4 stars rather than 3 Only I don't think I will remember much of this by month's end; there was just nothing to make it stand apart If you already have it in your TBR or read the first two of the series you won't regret reading thisUpdate ok I finally upgraded it to 4 stars Apparently I can still remember enough things and rather fondly after two months This one was FILLLLLLLLLLED with sexual tension WOW at first I felt like it was a bit hard to get through a lot of internal conflict and they didn't seem to have a connection but once you saw them on a daily basis you just knew that it was going to steam for a while I've really enjoyed this series In the previous books we got glimpses of a potential attraction between Lady Julianne and the Bow Street Runner Gideon Mayne That attraction is fully explored here and pulls out all the stops for a forbidden love theme While not as angsty as Lisa Kleypas' Again the Magic this story still packed a punch and you could feel the desperation and longing on every pageLady Julianne is the daughter of a heartless Earl and eually heartless Countess She has all of the creature comforts she could ask for but has no meaningful connections with anyone except her friends Emily Carolyen and Sarah heroines of the other books in this series Her parents are in the process of setting up a betrothal for her that will bring them the most money and connections with no consideration at all for Julianne herself While I know this was common in these times the way the Earl and Countess go about it is really despicable When someone begins murdering and stealing from wealthy members of the ton Julianne's parents hire a Bow Street Runner to make sure Julianne stays alive in time for her to get married Gideon Mayne has been drawn to Lady Julianne since the first time he laid eyes on her When he is hired by her parents it brings him into close proximity to a woman he can never have Julianne does not fight their attraction and makes it impossible for Gideon to keep his distance The two know that society is against them but are drawn together so strongly they can't help themselvesJacues D'Alessandro is a nice storyteller She fleshes out delightful characters and captures feelings of friendship lust and love beautifully In this story there was almost an excess of inner dialogue which served to ratchet up the angst but this didn't last the entire book D'Alessandro also weaves in a mystery and drops in clues throughout the story I had my suspicions but did not have it all figured out when everything was revealed I liked that this story had a focus on Julianne's friendship with Carolyn Sarah and Emily as well as her romance with Gideon and finally the mystery of the ghost murderer and thief There was enough action and angst to keep things interesting but not so much that I was overwhelmed or confused The story was balanced romantic and a tiny bit bittersweetThis was not uite five stars because of the almost repetitive inner dialogue at the beginning of the story and because I felt that the ending left some issues unresolved However I still enjoyed it and considered it a good read I'm going to check out the next book and see if some of the threads from this story are mentioned thereFor those who enjoy forbidden love stories I recommend this one This is the third in the series but could be read standalonealthough I've found this series to be sweet and worth reading in its entirety Jacuie D'Alessandro latest regency romance is Seduced at Midnight This is book three in her 'Mayhem in Mayfair' series about a group of spunky heroines who form a socially acceptable literary society yet read books that wouldn't be on any socially acceptable list in the ton These feisty gals find their heroes in the course of the books I've been a fan of D'Alessandro since I read Red Roses Mean Love in 1999 Her books are like a bag of popcorn not too serious lots of fun and yet you don't feel heavy when you're doneLady Julianne is the daughter of socially conscious parents Her mother is cold and distant and her father never passes up the opportunity to remind her of her worthlessness as a female other than marrying well of course Now it appears her minimal freedom is almost over as her father is 'interviewing' suitors to choose the best read richest and highest ranking match Poor Julianne can only dream of adventure now right? At least until a robbermurderer puts her in his sights and her father hires the totally unsuitable yet man of Julianne's dreams GideonGideon came from nothing yet has become one of the best Bow Street Runners His reputation is what gets him hired by Julianne's father to protect her Too bad for Gideon since she's the only woman he's never been able to get out of his head And the time they spend together the worse it isbecause his attraction and appreciation for her keep growing But he's a Mister not a Lord and that makes him totally inappropriate for Lady JulianneI enjoyed reading this book I figured out fairly early who the 'bad guy' was but that didn't bug me at all as I just concentrated on the growth of the relationship between Julianne and Gideon And yes the seuence of events that lead to their happy ending are pretty improbably but once againI was just having too much fun reading the rest of the story to worry about that I don't let the occasional burned or unpopped piece of popcorn spoil my enjoyment of the rest of the bowl Lady Julianne Bradley's dream is to marry for love but her cold hearted parents are going to marry her off to the Duke of Eastling who will take her to his estate in cornwall and leave her there When thinking of her imaginary love Julianne always pictures Bow Street Runner Gideon Mayne who she met 2 months earlier during a murder enuiry Gideon also has feelings for Julianne but knows he is far beneath her His face is what Julianne sees when she reads the latest novel from her book club the Ladies Literary Society of London do not read boring acceptable books The books they read are very sexually explicit and they are now reading The Ghost of Devonshire Manor All of london are talking of The Ghost Thief who is robbing and murdering titled women While at a ball Julianne follows Gideon to the garden too embarressed to tell him why she pursued him she lies and says that she heard the Ghost thief in her house Her father hires Gideon to protect her now poor Gideon has to watch the woman he wants day and night and never have her but it soon appears that Julianne really is in dangerFull of sexual tension and I know some reviewers have issue with Gideon being coarse but I didnt after all he is an ordinary bloke and not supposed to be refined Great sex scenes and a lovely romance plus cameos from the characters from the previous books Reviewed for THC ReviewsThus far all of the books in Jacuie D’Alessandro’s Mayhem in Mayfair series have been delightful reads and Seduced at Midnight the third installment is no exception The series centers around four friends who’ve formed a book club whose reads tend to inspire andor parallel other events in the story In this one the ladies are reading a fictional salacious ghost story titled The Ghost of Devonshire Manor in which a lady falls in love with her ghostly lover It makes our heroine Julianne long for a love like what is depicted in the book while at the same time a mystery plays out in which ladies of the ton are being robbed and murdered by someone the papers are calling a ghost That’s because no one knows how the culprit is gaining entry to the houses and he doesn’t really leave any evidence behind Julianne has a crush on Bow Street Runner Gideon Mayne whom she met two months before when he interviewed her about another crime that happened in the previous book so she uses the ghostly murderer to engineer a story that she hopes will keep him close to her But soon she finds that she’s become a target of the real ghost It all made for a very fun deeply romantic emotional and sexy readAs the daughter of an earl Julianne like most aristocratic women is expected to marry a man of her father’s choosing However her father is an exacting man who has no care whatsoever for her feelings or wishes and her mother is no better She’s like a bird in a gilded cage who has everything she could ever want from a material perspective but nothing that she truly needs What Julianne longs for is someone to genuinely see her and accept her for who she really is And she wants a man who will love her like her two good friends’ husbands love them not just someone who’s looking to make an advantageous match Thus far all of the men who’ve come courting have left Julianne cold but not so of Gideon Mayne He’s starred in her romantic fantasies ever since she met him two months ago and she’d dearly love to get to know him better But even after her father hires Gideon to be her bodyguard and she seems to be getting part of her wish she knows that a real match between them is all but impossible because he’s so far beneath her station Most people see Julianne as a shy aloof young woman but inside she’s very passionate about a lot of things books music her dog and especially Gideon She longs for adventure and I love how she takes chances with her heart and unselfishly gives all of herself to the man she loves Not only do we share a name but Julianne and I share a lot of personality traits so I related to her extremely wellGideon has been eually enad of Julianne ever since meeting her but he knows he can’t entertain thoughts of being with her However when Julianne finds him alone in the garden at a party while he’s investigating the “ghost” she proves a temptation he can’t resist but after sharing a steamy kiss he knows he must put her out of his mind Not only is a Bow Street Runner marrying a lady of the ton simply unheard of but his background growing up with a father who was a thief makes him an even unpalatable match Despite that all of his good intention go up in flames when Julianne tells him she heard ghostly noises which takes his investigation to her home From there actual threats are made against her prompting her father to hire him to keep her safe The close proximity wreaks havoc on his self control especially after Gideon starts really getting to know Julianne and finds that she’s anything but the spoiled pampered princess he originally thought she was Gideon is a good and honorable man who always tries to do the right thing I love how he sees the real Julianne and genuinely appreciates her And I also love how protective he is of her even to the point of verbally defending her against her parents and wanting to do He totally loses his heart to her which makes the knowledge that he can never actually be with her all the painful Seduced at Midnight has a number of secondary characters to round out the cast From Sleepless at Midnight we have Sarah and Matthew Because of her feminist sensibilities Sarah proves the most compassionate of Julianne’s friends when they discover that she has feelings for Gideon while her husband plays a minor role in helping Gideon with a few things Then there’s Daniel and Carolyn from Confessions at Midnight Daniel’s role is similar to Matthew’s while Carolyn at first isn’t entirely supportive of Julianne and Gideon but eventually comes around Emily the last of the four friends is pretty appalled when she discovers her friend has fallen for a commoner She actually comes off as a bit shallow but at the same time she seems to protest a bit too much about Logan the handsome American businessman who also provides Gideon with some assistance and whom she’s paired with in the final book Tempted at Midnight In the epilogue of this book they’re seen in the aftermath of what appears to have been a steamy kiss which is chronicled in the bonus short story When Emily Kissed Logan I’ll be very interested to see if Emily lightens up and how these two resolve their differences There are also lords aplenty vying for Julianne's hand in marriage and most of whom eventually fall under suspicion as the perpetrator of the crimes Finally we have the two most adorable characters of all Gideon’s dog Ceasar and Julianne's dog Princess Buttercup I’ve certainly read a number of romance novels with romances for supporting characters but I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve read one in which the romance was of the canine variety which was just too cute for words Seduced at Midnight was simply a wonderful read all the way around I loved both Gideon and Julianne and related to them both Their romance is emotional and heartfelt and I appreciated that the author didn’t offer easy solutions to them getting their HEA The secondary characters are eually as wonderful and I loved getting updates on our past couples and a glimpse of what things might be like for our final couple The mystery was perhaps a bit predictable but it didn’t detract from the fun of getting to the reveal Not to mention there’s some delicious steam with a couple of the hottest not uite all the way love scenes I’ve had the pleasure of reading I enjoyed every minute I spent on this book and very much look forward to the final volume to see if it makes the series a clean sweep of perfection After the first two books in the series which I adored this was a bit of a let down for me It has practically ALL the thinks I hate in a HR ridiculous murderous villain horrible parents no one stands up to a heroine complaining about everyone thinking of her she's shallow who does nothing to convince me otherwise she even has a rat sorry dog called Princess Buttercup which she dresses up in little outfits to match hers a last minute kidnapping and the fact that I finished this just goes to show how good this author isBut in the end there was just too much angst ridden internal dialogue for me and given the severity of the issue the hero and heroine were facing she's a Lady and he a Bow Street Runner there were practically no real obstacles in there way Her friends were all happy that she fell in love and we never learn what her parents think about their view spoilerelopement and impromptu wedding hide spoiler The Ladies Literary Society of London gathers again for a ghost story in this sexy tale starring a beautiful lady and the rugged hero she's determined to make her ownLady Julianne Bradley has always longed to indulge in a wild adventure Unfortunately the man with whom she wishes to share her fervor can never be hers Tormented by her desire she's preparing to succumb to a suitable marriage when ghostly occurrences straight out of her latest read start happening—and to protect Julianne her father hires the very man her heart cries out forBow Street Runner Gideon Mayne is determined to resist his new charge—a spoiled pampered princess whose uneualled beauty admittedly sets his body ablaze with desire Especially once he realizes that everything he assumed about Julianne is utterly wrong For beneath her aloof demeanor lies a passionate woman determined to provoke his raw hunger But now that she's decided to play with fire who will keep her safefrom him I always love a hot copdetective and bow street runner books are my fave I skipped the second novel in the series cause the blurb didn't really appeal to me but this was fun Not great writing but great characters and really great side characters Low key low angst and lighthearted and cute I'll read the last one cause I just love the plot even though it's formulaic as hell Nothing exciting about this book With all the murders that happened in this book and in previous books it's surprising that any Lords or Ladies are even left

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