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The Italian Matchmaker As of all Santa Montefiore books this was a beautiful book to read It was such a romantic story After reading the seuels to this book this one followed on beautifully So I didn't really enjoy this bookThe story was in some way hard for me to followI was excited about the progress between Luca and Cosima but I couldn't care less about the whole story around Valentina and the pallazzio It was actually just plain boring I hope that her other books will amuse me Do you believe in love after death Gianluca has to admit his life is empty His high pressure City job his seven figure income his glossy girlfriends all have long ceased to satisfy him His marriage is over and he barely knows his young daughters In search of serenity and a deeper purpose to his existence he flees to Italy to the magical Palazzo Montelimone lovingly restored by his parents to chill and to assess his future But life on the sun drenched Amalfi coast is not as peaceful as Luca anticipates The palazzo is filled with his mother's eccentric friends and haunted by the ghosts of its murderous past He meets a woman whose dark eyes are heavy with sorrow and a solemn little boy with an incredible secret As he begins to unravel a mystery that has its roots in a long ago act of violence Luca is forced to face his greatest fear in exchange for the greatest truth This book is the seuel following The Last Voyage of the Valentina Whilst the first book did not grip me except for the last chapters I loved the seuel In fact I read it in two days Skipping the first book would be a mistake though as although there are uite some explanations they seem too boring or too repetitive for those who have read only the Italian Matchmaker It's a really nice love story on a small Italian island filled with mystery and history I enjoyed the story of Luca and Cosima but was plain bored with 1 the endless repetition of what happened to Valentina and 2 the numerous flat characters residing at the Palazzo without bringing added value to the story I definitely have read much better books of Santa Montefiore While it's the seuel to The Last Voyage of the Valentina this was a lovely stand alone story with strong characters a heart warming romantic storyline the perfect setting of a palazzo on the Amalfi coast and a nice touch of the supernatural Most enjoyable I tried so hard with this book i listened to it on audible i read it but i couldnt get into it I felt like i was dragging it and dragging it and so on it was just not enjoyable for me Im sure for some it was enjoyable but for me i just couldnt get into it Lovely escape to the Amalfi coast Nice easy read full of vibrant characters made an interesting change for the story to be narrated mainly from a man’s perspective and I liked the supernatural slant as well Overall an enjoyable read Luca's 41 life is unravelling after a painful divorce he is single again Having uit the City after twenty years as a fund manager he is also jobless His newfound freedom made him feel uneasy He decides to take off for the summer to visit his parents in Italy where they have renovated an old palazzo which has mysterious and dark history He arrives to sunny Italy and sees a woman whose eyes are filled with sorrow and a solemn little boy Luca assme is her sonThis story was okay but it dragged on at places and could have been fast paced Nice romantic story And very nice that the story was about a man i liked that very much And it also helped me remember the important things in life