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Luc's Revenge French kisshis revenge What has driven wealthy Frenchman Luc Brissac to seduce Portia and then propose marriage Could his motives be fueled by an event that occurred one shocking September in Portia's past an event so traumatic that she's blotted it out of her memory Find out why Luc wants revenge and if Portia will still agree to be his bride in Catherine George's latest thrilling story

  • Paperback
  • 187 pages
  • Luc's Revenge
  • Catherine George
  • English
  • 04 July 2016
  • 9780263815498

About the Author: Catherine George

Catherine George was born in a village on the Welsh English border where the public library featured largely in her life Her mother who looked upon literature as a basic necessity of life fervently encouraged Catherine's passion for reading little knowing it would one day motivate her daughter into writing her first novelAt 18 Catherine met a future Engineer who had set in a pendant a gold

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  1. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    Re Luc's Revenge Catherine George brings us a really sweet boy meets girl and falls head over heels romance But as this is HPlandia the HP rules reuire some wreckidrama and suffering before our couple can celebrate their HEA So CG duct tapes on some AMNESIA drama and we are off an running on another HP adventure The H and h meet when she is the property agent selling the H the house where her mother worked as the housekeeper until her death The H is kind of weird about it at first but as this is HPlandia and the Lurve Force Mojo runs strong passion and attraction soon take over everything elseThe H and h start a relationship and the lurve club events are purple and intense But when the H wants to deepen the relationship and starts talking marriage our h starts backing off The h doesn't feel she is the same social class as the H and so it would be a marriage of uneuals but importantly she can't remember the month after her mother diedNormally this would be put down to grief But in this instance the h's mother's former employer ended up dead at the end of that month and the h can't help but feel she might have had something to do with thatHowever this HPlandia and our HP H just doesn't uit He convinces the h to go meet his mother who lives at the H's huge ancestral mansion in France The H's mother is very very strange around the h and we finally learn the real truth about the h's forgotten monthThe H had a younger brother but sadly he wrecked himself and died As it turns out the h and the younger brother met when she was staying at her mother's employer's house for the month after her mother passed The H's mother is convinced that the younger brother was in love with the h and killed himself because the h rejected him The h doesn't know anything about that She and the brother only met a few times on the beach below her mother's employer's house and it was in a group of people so there was no romance in anywayThe h was too busy to notice romance vibes anyhow because her mother's creepy old guy employer was trying to put the moves on the her and on her final day in his house he attacked her The h managed to get away when the creepy old guy had a stroke in his attack frenzy and diedThe h found a room full creepy pictures of herself that the old guy had taken without her knowledge The h managed to destroy the pictures after she called the ambulance and then she went into mental shock The h is happy she can remember her past but shocked beyond belief when the H's mother tells her that the H only arranged to meet her and seduce her to get revenge for breaking his brother's heart and driving him to his death The H denies this categorically he claims that his mother is completely whacked and obsessed with his dead brother He did want to meet the h and find out her memories of his brother but he was so gobsmacked with the HP Lurve Force that all other considerations faded away in his persistent drive to make the h his wife The h isn't really buying that and tells him off Now the h decides her big romance is now officially over and takes off back England to have mopey moments for several weeks Eventually the h gets cozened into showing another house in the countryside to a prospective client and in true Dramatic HP Style the client turns out to be the HSince the h had been regretting her prior rejection of the H and had been trying to find him too we get instant True Love Forever Avowals and a very pink sparkly HEAThis one features a very sweet romance but the AMNESIA drama was very awkward and the only one wanting revenge was a very emotionally unstable mother who had refused to accept reality and substituted her own That turned out okay too because the H banished his mother to a nice cottage in the country and married his h and they all lived very happily in their very own HEAs

  2. willaful willaful says:

    Call me crazy but when I pick up a book called Luc's Revenge I kind of expect there to be a character named Luc who wants some revenge One out of two ain't good The best thing about this book was that the blurb on the back French Kiss of revenge gave me and my husband a great laugh

  3. Dianna Dianna says:

    Portia is a real estate agent who sells pricey properties to posh clients She gets a call from Luc who wants to see a big ugly house by the sea and she has to go show it to him on the weekendSo Portia drives down to the house and she’s a bit nervous about the whole thing because she has a history with that house Luc picks up on the fact that something is wrong and Portia agrees to tell him what it is if he agrees to buy the houseLuc agrees to buy the houseI executed my first and arguably my best revenge plot when I was seven It was against a girl at school named Wendy I don’t remember what her crime against me was but I’m sure it was heinous I wrote ‘Wendy is a poo’ in pencil above a toilet roll holder in the girl’s toilets I wrote it in pencil because I knew I would want to erase it some day which I did I waited I don’t know how long for an opportunity to point out to Wendy in front of others that someone hated her enough to write that about her in the girl’s toilets I said it with my best faux sympathy and I don’t remember her reaction I’m sure it hasn’t had any devastating and far reaching conseuences on Wendy’s psyche but I’m sure I had great fun at the time and thought I was being a genius of subtlety I mention this because my lame revenge plot is at least euivalent in sophistication to Luc’s lame revenge plot His consists of phoning up a real estate agency to get Portia who works there to show him a house he intends to buy I had to sneak a pencil into the girl’s toilets and wait ages before I could use the insult to devastating effect That’s a big deal when you’re seven If you have come to this book expecting some emotional stuff where the hero believes the heroine has done something terrible but she hasn’t and he starts feeling tortured about going ahead with planning to destroy her because he likes her and then he does go ahead and destroys her and finds out that she’s blameless and there’s a good grovel and then they fall into each other’s arms at the end you are going to be disappointedWhen the ink is dry on the sale Portia explains that she once lived in that ugly house because her mother was housekeeper to the old man who owned the place The house has sad associations in Portia’s memory because her mother died It’s not the whole storyPortia is pretty and fun to be with and Luc is French and handsome and also fun She has commitment issues he is pushy She initially pretends that she’s involved with a guy she’s dating than she actually is but they flirt their way into dating and then into spending the weekends together and being a couple It’s all really nice but this is not a relationship for the romance protagonists Usually this is the relationship the heroine’s best friend or sister has specifically to torture the heroine when she compares it with what it’s like for her and the hero What Portia doesn’t reveal in her story about her involvement with the house to Luc and what is behind her commitment issues is that she has amnesia Years ago something terrible happened in that ugly house and Portia can’t remember what it was When she came to her senses a man was dead If you join those dots with Luc being so pushy about getting to know Portia and her connection to the ugly house you would form a reasonable idea about what might have happened but you would be wrong You would also have to wait ages to get to this point because the story is almost entirely devoted to Portia getting over her commitment issues enough to trust Luc and then having lovely weekends cooking great food and watching sports and going to bed with him It’s a uite a sweet relationship story but the revenge plot is about as juicy as mildly insulting graffiti in a primary school bathroom

  4. Naksed Naksed says:

    What I learned from Luc's Revenge is that if you want to properly woo the woman you love it is crucial to bring her into contact with her future mother in law knowing that she is completely unhinged ready for an extended stay at the local sanitorium and she hates your girlfriend with a homicidal passion

  5. Debra Debra says:

    Lucy's RevengeThis story was about a woman who was a realtor She was asked to show a house to a Frenchman The house meant something to her He blamed her for the death of another But she doesn't remember him The story line is about revenge on her But is what is told what Reilly happened? And can love shine through?

  6. Hemavathy DM Suppiah-Devi Hemavathy DM Suppiah-Devi says:


  7. Kathy Kathy says:

    I'm not a fan of the revenge romance We acuit Luc of seeking revenge since it's his mother who wants to destroy Portia Even so the romance itself lacks substance

  8. Mirabela Maria Mirabela Maria says:

    It started well I was intrigued to find out the reason for the so called revengebut then i got so bored with the story I skipped pages untill the last chapter to find out the great mistery and it didn't appeal to me just plain stupid I don't recommend this book skipp it

  9. Aluren Aluren says:

    The title was a little misleading it was a typical CG book a lot of food description and misunderstanding and a persistent hero

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