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The Night of the Bulls What is it with authors dropping the ball on the ending of booksThis is another in my uest to read the first 100 HPs This one is numbered 54 It was published in 1972 and is the 42nd one I have read so far It takes place in the Camargue region of France It mostly dealt with miscommunication I'm going to blame the hero just a little bit here Seriously she asked him 4 or 5 times when he was going to marry the other woman and he never told her he wasn't And even though she the OW was crippled and lived with his family he clearly had broken up with her years ago He kinda deserved all the angst he went through I liked the descriptions of the local area I liked the heroine generally I felt that she had a fairly decent reason for the secret baby although not a whole lot of reason to continue the secret She had come to France to ask for money to take her child to a warmer climate for his health and she managed to bring an oddly extensive wardrobe with herSo I liked it but the author totally failed on the ending The OW brought them together Going out of her way to go to another country and tell the heroine that the hero had been injured nearly unto death by a bull Sort of I don't want him and now you can't have him because he's dying ha ha So the heroine goes running to his side The second in a row I've read where the heroine makes the final running There were a couple of things left hanging that I would have liked some clarity on Still on the whole worth the read Decent older Harley too many misunderstandings going on and on I still don't know whether H was really betrothed to the OW oh well he didn't end up with her anyway You know how it's pretty standard in HPMB romances that the OW gets away with everything Not this time Anne Mather did NOT mess around with making sure the OW got what she deserved view spoiler The other woman gets gored by a bull Yes GORED by a bull At the beginning of the book Not only that but when the h asks about what happened most of the people are like Yeah she pretty much deserved it Throw in an evil mother in law a secret baby a mystical Romany grandmother who adores the h and is loathed by the MIL and you've got yourself uite a story hide spoiler A sweet older readDionne comes back to her past and her true love believing she has gotten over him and that he is marriedshe needs some money and has been talked into coming to Manoel as he owes her She really tries to stay strong and resist the chemistry between them because all the stood between them before still exists plus she is hiding a secretManoel of course is pissed she is back as he believes she left him but his family has played a big part in their romance and seperation You can feel how much he still cares for Dionne by his jealous and passionate actionsUntil they actually clear the air and silence his mettling mother there won't be a happy ending but love gets a push from unlikely personA very emotional well written read I just love these older romances with nice sex scenes and clean language as sometimes you just get tied of bed hopping and foul language waw waw waw 3 read this book in Arabic when i was a child D and then read it in English todayand i think i will read it after 5 years 3 hats off MrsMather The hero and heroine met when they were younger and had a relationship then the heroine left When the heroes grandmother asked for the heroine she returned only to find a very different hero who was bitter and scarred Eventually as the novel goes on it explains how the heroes mother was malicious and vicious How she played a part on the heroine leaving and how love may just be able to triumph all It was a delightful read My great aunt gave me this book when I was a teen She loved romance novels and wanted to share her passion for reading I must have read this book a half dozen times I still have the original copy Its the rich foreigner and sweet English miss routine A fling a kid a separation a reunionGenerally the heroine comes back looking for the hero because she wants a favour Here the girl wants some money for the kid But before you start feeling sorry for the kid assuming he might have a major illness think again The heroine is looking for a loan of 200 pounds so that she can take the kid to a hotter climate the kid has a cough you see #Never mind the money the hero is actually ready to do anything to get her back He never wanted to part from her in the first place It was the evil mummy an evil OW and basically evil fate who did the trick the first time round This time he is smarter he keeps the girl in front of his eyes and uite regularly keeps telling her how much he wants her The girl is also still very much in the I love him irrespective of what he did to me phase So all that she needed to do was figure out the twist of fate parts to their tragic pastOK read sweet but tormented hero Simple uncomplicated heroine 3 stars It was only desperation that had brought Dionne back to the Camargue that remote still little known part of southern France that had been so important—and so tragic—a part of her life three years agoBack she had to come to the Mas St Salvador and to Manoel who hadn't wanted her before and who had even less reason to want her now Back to Manoel's old grandmother who had been fond of her to Manoel's mother who had hated her; to Yvonne who was by now certainly his wife How could she face them allIt was only the thought of Jonathan who needed her and was important to her than Manoel that would get her through For only Manoel could help her and Jonathan now The Night of the BullsThis story would have gotten a higher review but parts of the story were inconsistent Like why did she only ask for 200£ when all the flying and hotels would be than that The plot was just okay I kept uestioning thru out the story line Not one of Anne Matter better stories and I have several

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