Migrant Souls Epub ✓ Paperback

Migrant Souls Migrant Souls written by Chicanx scholar Arturo Islas 1938 1991 is a tour de force Islas succumbed to complications from AIDS and unfortunately we will not know the reach of his career Migrant Souls depicts three generations of the Angel Salazar family who moors itself to the fictional Del Sapo Texas a thinly veiled El Paso The Angel family migrates from northern Mexico led by Encarnacion Olmeca better known as Mama Chona during the outbreak of the Mexican Revolution I appreciated the diverse characters as Islas paints Mexican Americans as devout Catholics free thinkers with female protagonists college educated professionals and The book seems before its time as a counternarrative of the history of the Southwest The main theme of the novel is the migration process Unlike the current presidential administration that perceives the border as fixed and impermeable Islam’s border is a fluid transient space The title itself refers to the fluidity of movement where “migrants not immigrant souls” move from “one bloody side of the river to the other “ The book still resonates even than 25 years after its publication There is still a continuous movement of Latinos who are now met with perilous circumstances One wonders how Islas would respond to the daily traumas at the border Not as good as The Rain God but still uite great A great read that explained in an engaging informative way The book helped me understand the difference between Chicanos and Mexicans and how the societies formed are facing long time “rules “ putting up challenges and barriers and how individuals meet those obstacles successfully An excellent read to get a better hold of schisms in contemporary society This book revisits the characters from The Rain God but doesn't tie up any loose ends I really liked The Rain God but this one seems a bit less incisive There are some memorable scenes but not as many Islas continues his fictional depiction of the Angel family living on the border between Mexico and the United States He focuses on Josie Salazar the only divorced woman in the clan and on her aunt Jesus Maria the guardian of the clan's chronicles and its moral standards

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