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The Doctor's Surprise Family When Kat O'Brien saw the rain soaked stranger pull up on his motorcycle her instincts went on red alert Except he was no stranger He was Dane Rainhart hometown war heroand Kat's girlhood crush Now the single mother was intrigued than ever by this sexy powerful man who was already bonding with her sonAfter being wounded in the line of duty Dane needed a place to mend—and hide away from the world Instead the haunted military doctor was falling for the much too attractive widow and her boy Perhaps it was time they both faced the past and took a second chance at happiness—together

10 thoughts on “The Doctor's Surprise Family

  1. Alicia (is beyond tired of your *ish) Alicia (is beyond tired of your *ish) says:

    My thoughts on this book can be summed up with why and howI love youMe How?I love youMe Seriously HOW?This can't work I'm leavingMe But WHY? Maybe talk to someoneThis moment changes everything we can be happyMe Wait what WHY?? Why this one and not sigh Never mindNot about the HeroHe's a good manHe's a good manMe OMFG HOW? Even if you think the one thing he did didn't change that the other thing definitely does GAHOdd side note The amount of food they wasted in this book was really annoying to me They would take maybe a couple of bites get into a serious conversation and then end up throwing it away I think I noticed it because a subplot was that the Heroine was having financial issues and yet they'd all waste food every Single Meal If you're having money issues stop throwing out full mealsIt's too bad This was a story with a lot of potential I liked that they were suffering from actual problems and that the hero was actually scarred and damaged instead of some ridiculous situation that doesn't seems all that bad But the huge balls dropped in storytelling and everything being wrapped up just so saccharine sweet brought down the story a lot for me 25 stars

  2. Caro Caro says:

    This was a pretty good read and I'd go with 3 12 stars I definitely liked the characters the story line and all the personalities There were a few moments when I might've wanted to knock some heads There were emotions humor a pinch of steaminess some good growth within the characters fun touching parts and a good and a little sappy HEA An enjoyable read that tugs a little at the heart but leaves you with maybe a little watery smile Enjoy

  3. Holly Holly says:

    Although there were parts of this story I liked overall I was disappointed in the lack of spine shown by the heroine and the way the hero constantly clammed up and refused to speak

  4. Coral Coral says:

    25 stars

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