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Dark Hunger HE'S EVERYTHING SHE FEARS Reporter Annabelle Armstrong will go to any lengths to deliver a story even track down uinton Valtrez a man she believes is a coldhearted assassin Yet the truth about the darkly sensual uinton is even shockingand the overwhelming desire he ignites is one she vows to resist SHE'S EVERYTHING HE CRAVES uinton has fought his demonic powers since he was a child Now using his gifts for the good of national security he can't let himself be distracted by the beautiful determined Annabelle But his need for her is sudden fierce and could soon cost Annabelle her life For a wicked enemy is out for vengeance a demon who wants to draw uinton into a life of pure evil and is willing to use Annabelle as bait To save her uinton must achieve the near impossible tame the sinister force that is both his inheritance and his curse before it claims him forever

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Dark Hunger
  • Rita Herron
  • English
  • 04 July 2016
  • 9780446199483

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  1. Shannon (Giraffe Days) Shannon (Giraffe Days) says:

    uinton Valtrez is half human half demon Raised by monks to harvest and control his chi and his powers to battle demons he now works for Homeland Security and is a sniper assassin on the side He kills bad guys without remorse and is happy to live the life of a lonely recluseIn Savannah Georgia for All Hallow's Eve a time of year when the veil between the mortal and the demon worlds is thin uinton sees CNN reporter Annabelle Armstrong who's after the real story about uinton When a bomb suddenly explodes and all hell breaks lose with old world vultures descending on the scene they both stop to help people which is when Annabelle sees uinton lift a beam off a man without touching itAnnabelle receives a text message telling her there'll be another bomb in another city; teaming up with uinton they go to Charleston where vultures have gathered and begin tracking down the bomber and whoever is behind the series of attacks While they hunt uinton and Annabelle feel the attraction between them growing but he wants nothing than to relieve his lust and she isn't sure what uinton is but knows he's dangerousAs the lord of the Underworld and uinton's father Zion orchestrates events through his Angel of Death uinton must fight his dark urges and embrace his powers and his good side or join Satan's army of evilOkay so I totally burst out laughing writing that last sentence but since it's very apt I'll leave it I don't often give a 1 star rating to a book and I always feel a bit mean about it but I can't in good conscience do otherwise I'm a big fan of paranormal romance but this is joining Susan Krinard's Chasing Midnight Brenda Joyce's Dark Seduction and Stephenie Rowe's Date Me Baby One More Time as worst paranormal romance books I've read to dateThis book is so laden down with clichés it's sinking into bog From the title to the characters to the prose every cliché is here sometimes even contradicting themselves That's not my biggest complaint though Actually all my peeves with this book are tied An even worse problem is Herron's extreme case of Dramatic Sentence Syndrome These are those short sentences that are used to dramatic effect standing alone as their own paragraph A few used sparingly can heighten tension and ratchet up the anticipation and also alert you to the importance of what came before When like Herron you use ten on every page they not only lose all their effect but drive you INSANE It was worse than Michelle Sagara in Cast in Shadow Dark Hunger was a chore to read and the only reason I finished it was because I owed a review when I really wanted to just throw it at the wall Written better it could have been good The sex scenes were decidedly unsexy being brief lacking in emotional engagement and were incredibly boring The characters were often suddenly possessed of knowledge they had no way of knowing and conversations were disjointed with characters making leaps of connection and other missing glaringly obvious ones uinton is the classic Byronic paranormal romance hero all big and dark and brooding who vacillates between I want Annabelle I'm so hot for her to I must keep my distance or she'll be hurt because of me often coming to the decision not to seduce her only to turn around and well seduce her With his hairy chestThis book brought out the snob in me I admit it It tested my patience time and time again and I lost all respect for Herron when I came across irregardless Yes you read right She also used umbrage instead of homage the two have uite different meanings I also had problems with the assertions about vulture behaviour they don't bring death they're just very good at finding it because they're scavengers and I don't think there's been any case of a serial killer having Asperger's syndrome I'd think that Asperger's would rule them out from the role rather than encourage it Being socially deficient doesn't mean they want to hurt people I can imagine that than a few people might feel insulted or offended at this as wellSo a very disappointing book bordering on the ridiculous

  2. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Dark Hunger is the second book in The Demonborn trilogy I would have to say so far Dark Hunger is much darker and gritty than Insatiable Desire If I had to categorize this book I would have to say it is urban than paranormal While I instantly fell in love with the prior book and knew that it was the start of a great new series by Rita Herron I did take pleasure in this latest offering in this series but just not as much as I did Insatiable Desire Though I do believe Forbidden Passion the last book in this trilogy will be really good uintan Valtrez is a skilled assassin He is good at what he does but that might have something to do with the fact that he has demonic powers No one knows about uintan or so he thought CNN television reporter Annabelle Armstrong will go to great lengths to get the scoop for a top story It is All Hallows Eve a night when evil can roam freely amongst humans While out doing some recon uintan senses a pretense near by when he turns it is herAnnabelle Before he can confront her as to why she is following him a boat full of partygoers is blown upAnnabelle knows uintan is hiding something and she aims to find out what it is uintan and Annabelle will have to team up if they want to stay alive The Dark Lord of the underworld wants uintan by his side to rule even if it means eliminating Annabelle from the euation

  3. Melindeeloo Melindeeloo says:

    Seuel to Insatiable Desire half angeldemon brother number two uinton is an assassin for a secret government home security agency allowing uinton to channel his demon side's need for death into his sanctioned 'kills' The heroine is a reporter Annabelle who has been fed some hints on uinton's occupation and is looking for a story but the two come together when an otherworldly killer appears to be behind suicide bombing in three of the most haunted cities in the SouthI liked Dark Hunger and the second demon brother much better than the first brother Vincent and Vincent's story uinton even as an assassin was just likeable for some reason What I didn't like about the story and Herron did this in the first book too was that uinton has a sexual encounter with two ladies who are not the heroine early in the book My own uirk but this always puts me off a bit in a story that is supposed to be a romance I think this type of attempt to up the erotic content dampens some of the potential build up of sensual tension between the leadsI bought Dark Hunger used I didn't really like the first book that much and hadn't planned on buying this one at all but after reading Dark Hunger I will likely look for the final brother's story Forbidden Passion coming March of 2010

  4. Trisha W. Trisha W. says:

    Book three comes out April 2010 Even knowing this I started the book and loved it You do not need to go in order to understand the book and enjoy it I am going to go back and read book one though I loved the series and everyone in it that I want of them I can not wait for book three to come out next yearI loved how this book was a romance and paranormal suspense all in one book It kept you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what would happen next Annabelle and uinton are the perfect couple if you ask me if you can get past the fact that he has special powers and is a demonborn I was surprised on how sexual this book was after reading the description I was looking for just a suspense paranormal I have to say I was shocked at first at how much raw sex was in this book but I think that it totally fit into this book and made it even better

  5. Paranormal Romance Paranormal Romance says:

    When her mother died and her father abandoned her in his grief the heroine turned her focus and devotion to uncovering the truth Single minded in her pursuit of a story she's turned her sights on an assassin and disclosing him to the world The hero has lived a life of solitude Spending his childhood in the company of monks who near tortured him in their pursuit of training him to fight his demons the hero has grown up believing that he is better off alone He always had and will always have the dark cravings for sex and violence thanks to his demon father but he's channeled those urgings into a functional life well function as much as a sex driven assassin can be He kills bad guys for the government and is pleased with his work He has a code he lives by and though his life would be considered lonely to other people to him it is the perfect life Then he meets her The stroy hungry sexy reporter who seems to be gifted in throwing him off balance and distracting him two very dangerous things in his profession The day they meet face to face is the day that a terrorist attack laced with strong demonic presence forces the two to come together in a bid to prevent further attacks The hero is first ordered to kill the heroine as her persistance in exposing him is dangerous to the organization he works for But he can't do it Not just because of his own personal and confusing feelings towards her but because she is not evil But she must be forced to see reason Her thirst for the truth is likely to see her killed But she is driven and worse she is intelligent and clever able to keep him on his toes and be a very skilled investiagtor which is something the hero needs It seems they are always one step behind this evil force and people will die if they do not find a way to stop it The last thing he needs is to catch feelings for this woman He's already got to deal with the knowledge he has not only 1 but 2 brothers who suffer from the same darkness as he does He tried to convince himself it's just sex and nothing but the idea of her hurt or killed because of her association with him is something that disturbs him greatly And he's willing to sever ties if it means the woman he loves is safe from the dangers that surround himThis book did not match the fire and passion of the previous book While the first book had sexual tension and repressed feelings of love this book I felt only held sexual attraction and at best mutual caring and companionship I didn't much feel love betweeen these two characters Sexual awareness? Hell yes The hero was a sex fiend but he's a demon so who can blame him? The heroine however was surprising in her sexual agressiveness They also at times and clearly at the end had a caring relationship and it was obvious that they had developed past just desire and into something deeper But I never got love I got friendship Which i mean could have worked in a fiction novel NOT a romance Sadly I was a bit bored with the overall plot as well It was a frantic search for answers to prevent mass killings but it was rather slow in pacing considering and it got repeatitive I also had a problem with the characters Not so much the hero because he was such a complex mix or good and bad I enjoyed the play of dark and light in his personality and the fact that he would be both He was a killer and he enjoyed it but he also used that craving for violence to kill bad guys He was antisocial and untrusting of everyone around him but at the same time he was uick to help needy people affected by the attacks even when it risked his exposure And he cared for the heroine even though he convinced himself he wasn't capable The heroine was the problem First off right off the bat I HATE reporter characters I find them obnoxious and oblivious to common sense and reason The 'thirst' for the truth ALWAYS leads them into making stupid decisions and they arrogantly believe they are entitled to answers This heroine was no different SHe was supposedly so clever yet she openly and aggressively targeted a known killer and didn't think for a second that her life would be in danger because of it If not for the heroes moral code she would have been offed in the first chapter She was horribly dull as a character too She didn't have any real substance to her and other than her very open sexual desires she was very background Overall I found this book a bit of a downer which is sad because I so liked the first book Perhaps this author will redeem herself wth the 3 installment

  6. Cinnamon Cinnamon says:

    I love a good paranormal romance and the latest book to fit that description definitely did not disappoint DARK HUNGER by Rita Herron was a wonderfully passionate story full of suspense and uite a bit of tasty action Although this is the second in The Demonborn series I believe that it could do uite well as a stand alone novel Rita Herron is the latest on my list of authors to keep an eye on and I can’t wait for the next The Demonborn to be releaseduinton Valtrez has been battling his darker side for all of his life Coming from a past full of pain and suffering with small spots of light and hope thrown in he learned uickly to detach himself from emotion and feed his dark side without letting it consume him uinton is Demonborn although he doesn’t yet know the specifics of it He lives his life as a trained assassin picking off the people at the heart of the chaos and destruction in the world He has nobody to care for and nobody cares for him That’s just the way he likes itAnnabelle Armstrong is a beautiful blonde haired reporter She has a tendency to catch men’s eye but most recently it’s uinton eye that spots her Led by tips from a mysterious person Annabelle is on a mission to discover exactly who uinton is Based on her information she views uinton as a murderer and will do anything she can to expose his vicious man All her plans change however when uinton turns out to be anything but human and his darker side fades to allow her to see a bit of the goodness underneath Now she’s faced with a choice expose him and risk his life and hers or follow her heart and her body by giving herself to himNot every Romance out there does a great job of integrating the romantic element into a captivating storyline Herron did just this in DARK HUNGER Throughout the story we were led on a search to figure out which city the Underworld was targeting next how to stop them who these mysterious people are that are popping up in uinton’s life and who uinton will decide to be when the time comes to make a choice The story was complex with many different aspects to keep the mind occupied while the romance flowed freely throughout The passionate scenes when they did happen were uite steamy Herron has a wonderful way of creating beautifully written love scenes and yet still encompassing this hot spark between our two main characters throughout other parts of the book Even something as simple as a glance between uinton and Annabelle became full of desireAs I mentioned earlier DARK HUNGER is the second in The Demonborn series; however I wouldn’t let this deter you from picking up the book I always recommend reading a series in order and would recommend that again here but if for some reason you wanted to jump ahead and just start with DARK HUNGER I think that Herron’s backstory is suitable to understanding DARK HUNGER without having read Insatiable Desire Even a fantastic romance with beautiful scenes and a tension filled plot wouldn’t be terrific if the characters were duds I’m happy to say that Herron created depth and complexity in uinton and Annabelle Both characters have history that we slowly get to discover complex feelings and emotions that play out in their actions and of course an unexplainable hunger for each other Sometimes we’ll see one great character and the other either the male or female doesn’t live up to that complexity In the case of DARK HUNGER it seems that Herron was fairly euitable with Herron creating strong characters in both her male and female leads It’s no secret that women read Romances than men but I think in DARK HUNGER Herron has created a book that can appeal to both sexesFair warning time This book most definitely has adult themes and adult scenes I would give this a sensuality rating of 4 and recommend it for adults due to the language and graphic content Also some of the scenes might seem a little gruesome These are few and far between but they are there I also wouldn’t say that they are gross by any means but on a scale of 1 5 with 5 being some Resident Evil fun I would put DARK HUNGER at a 3DARK HUNGER was an entertaining book that occasionally had my heart pounding in anticipation and other times had my heart pounding as steam fogged up the windows Seriously I think steam may have actually come off of the pages The action was intense; the plot full of tension and Herron ensured that the characters really came to life If there are lovers of passionate Paranormal Romance out there this is the book for you

  7. Annie Annie says:

    uinten Valtrez a demon born man raised by monks after his mother ridden with heartbreak and pain leaves him at the doorsteps of his protectors uinten being body and mind trained by monks served time in the military and is now part of a secret Homeland Security team called the Ghosts He lives and breathes to take out and eliminate the evil in this world including his own kind demons feels no remorse for his kills he’s dead inside empty only the walking shell of a demon born man His fate is sealed to walk alone in life he’s dangerous and evil follows him as he knows he is being hunted by his evil father Zion the leader of the underworld Then one night he happens upon a woman so alluring he can’t resist meeting her eye she’s beautiful than anything he’s ever seen and then it happens A terrible explosion killing hundreds of innocent people and the start of a chain of events that will thrust him and this woman togetherCNN reporter Annabelle Armstrong is hard on a case one’s she been working for a while and she now has a name A killer a man supposedly working with Homeland Security but she knows he’s there is to this man and she is determined to track him down to find out the truth Is he the assassin that is responsible for the killings of terrorists or is he than meets the eye? What she doesn’t count on is the alluring appeal this man has the powerful sensual draw that will take hold of her own body and mind to the point of seduction and surrenderDo demons really exist? How about ghosts? Does the dead really roam the earth at night feasting on innocent human prey? These are all uestions that have crossed our miniscule minds at one time or another especially if you’re a fan of the paranormal This book will take you into the world of the unknown a world where demons do exist where shape shifters are real and what about the infamous ‘City of the Dead’ we love and know as New Orleans Do creepies walk in the night? Does Voodoo exist is it even possible?If you love paranormal then this is a must read and you’re going to love it The author takes you into the world of the unknown the unseen well to most of us anyway I don’t discount anything personally I’m not saying I’ve seen anything remotely close to demons or ghosts but I do believe wholeheartedly in Heaven and Hell so is the possibility not real?This author has written a superb story with good solid characters that will draw you in and immerse you into their world to keep you glued to the pages of this book The book flows at a great pace no hang ups and the editing was exceptional The uestion you will ask yourself will be ‘Is this really fact or fiction’?I loved it story and would like to read in this series I’m really interested in Dante’s story and also Vincent’s story with his clairvoyant wife mateYes this is an older book with the first publishing in 2009 but hey a buck and Dollar General and Nathan Kamp on the cover; I just couldn’t resist purchasing this one and giving it a whirl I’m glad I did as it proved to be a great read

  8. Kelly Moran Kelly Moran says:

    Author Rita Herron is an award winning author of than thirty suspense paranormal and contemporary romance novels including A Breath Away The Eye Witness In a Heartbeat Last Kiss Goodbye Say You Love Me Don’t Say a Word Marry Me Maddie Collecting Evidence Under His Skin Undercover Avenger Epiphany Silent Surrender Silent Night Sanctuary and Up In Flames In 2007 she was nominated for two Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Awards including a Career Achievement AwardCNN News Reporter Annabelle Armstrong doesn’t believe in the paranormal She deals in cold hard truth black and white and she’ll do anything to deliver a story So when she’s sent to track down uinton Valtrez a man long suspected of being a coldhearted assassin the truth is even shocking than she expected uinton has been fighting his demonic powers since childhood Now working for Homeland Security in a private Ghost Cell he uses his powers for good Neither one can afford the overwhelming desire they feel for one another nor can they afford the distraction Demons want to draw uinton into a life a pure evil and are using Annabelle to do it After investigating a series of attacks seemingly directed at them they must work together to achieve the impossible or lose everythingThis book is listed as Book Two in the Demonborn Series with Insatiable Desire coming before and Book Three’s title and release to be announced I was especially intrigued by this story because to me it was a strong romantic suspense with paranormal elements I found the characters and their actions to be highly believable and relatable The setting which takes you through areas of the south such as Savannah Charlestown and New Orleans was well crafted and researched The plot flowed smoothly drawing you in at every chapter until the end This is not a series that you need to read Book One before attempting the second I liked that we were able to get inside not only the heads of the good guys but the demons as well I will never look at a vulture the same again and I fear I learned way about them than I desired I can also truly appreciate an author who can fashion in great humor where appropriate It’s no surprise why Rita Herron has been capturing readers for as long as she hasDark Hunger by Rita Herron is another winner for her fans and a fine welcome into the paranormal romance genreKelly MoranAuthor and Reviewer

  9. Nely Nely says:

    Dark Hunger is the second in Rita Herron’s Demonborn Trilogy In it we meet uinton Valtrez uinton is not your average man he’s half human half demon and can hear your thoughts He was orphaned as a child and was raised by monks who helped train him in controlling his powers in order for him to battle the demons that would eventually taunt him into turning evil and returning to the underworld He presently works for Homeland Security as a deadly assassin part of an unacknowledged division in the government He is able to balance his darker needs by killing bad guys he does this without any remorse and is happy with his lifeAnnabelle Armstrong is a reporter for CNN and she has one mission to expose uinton Valtrez for the killer that she knows he is She has received various mysterious tips and they all lead to the same thing uinton is a bad guy and a murderer and she will do anything to get the scoop even if it means getting closer to him in order to achieve her goal But as bombs start going off in Savannah Charleston and New Orleans it is up to uinton to discover who the culprits are behind these evil acts As Annabelle starts uestioning his motives and his humanity she is put in a position where she’ll have to choose between exposing Vincent or following her heartuinton and Annabelle were both very strong and very likeable characters I loved how they both did everything in their powers to fight the attraction that they feel for one another but in the end they could not stop the inevitable Although uinton is described as a half demon for some reason he did not come off as a dark character on the other hand I found it endearing that he had such soft spot for Annabelle As for it being part of a series I can definitely say that you do not need to read the first book Insatiable Desire although these characters do have cameo appearances It was very easy to read and just as easy to understand this demon infested world they were living in Ms Herron does a fantastic job in keeping the reader anxious to see just what will happen next She intertwines all the action with just enough romance to keep you satisfied I loved the scene with the surveillance camera P Very sexyIt was intense action packed and full of steamy scenes that will have you turning the pages uicker just to get to those juicy moments All in all this is fantastic reading for you paranormal romance lovers

  10. Gaby Gaby says:

    SynopsisA paranormal thriller and love story Rita Herron introduces us to reporter Annabelle Armstrong whose current assignment is to uncover the mystery behind the dangerous uinton Valtrez Annabelle suspects that uinton is a killer but must follow him to find proof The night that they meet uinton surprises her Not only does Annabelle find herself deeply attracted to him but she watches him save lives during an emergency uinton isn't what she'd expected but she has enough sense not to get romantically involved with him As it becomes apparent that the first emergency was a bomb attack Annabelle works with uinton to find the killer before destruction followsuinton Valtrez is painfully aware of his demon blood He has been subjected to training and discipline to overcome his dark side since he was a orphaned as a child uinton chose a job with a secret government agency that maximizes his skills and innate talents When Annabelle Armstrong tracks him looking for a story she becomes a risk to his secrets and his group uinton is ordered to kill her But uinton rebels and saves her insteadThrow into this mix uinton's father the demon Zion who wants his sons to join forces in his play for power Zion authorizes his minions to take action that will force uinton and his brothers to accept their heritageReviewAs a paranormal romance Dark Hunger is full of action and suspense Throughout the novel both Annabelle and uinton battle their attraction to each other uinton doesn't come across as a dark character despite the warnings and his history It may be that Annabelle softens him or that he hasn't realized his good side I found uinton's slow self acceptance to be the most interesting part of the book and look forward to the next book in the seriesWarning Dark Hunger has a number sexually explicit scenesPublisher Forever August 1 2009 320 pagesCourtesy of Hatchette Books Group

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