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Light of My Eye In Light of My Eye Paula Jacues born in Egypt recreates the vanished world of cosmopolitan Cairo with remembered affection and amusing dialogue Her novel depicts the turbulent waning days of its once thriving Jewish community during the strange and ominous time between the collapse of the Egyptian monarchy and Nasser's rise to power At its center are the pre adolescent Mona Castro and her family whose lives and destinies the author evokes in a series of scenes that veer between poignancy and wit Mona's coming of age is marked by her youthful rebellion against her domineering mother Becky; the illness of the beloved family patriarch Joucky; and her half innocent dalliance with an older man a refugee from eastern Europe The surrounding ensemble of relatives whose family gatherings attempt to cope with a history that will overwhelm them shifts the focus from Mona's tale to a chronicle of a proud doomed family

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