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Simpsons Comics Matt Groening creator of The Simpsons delivers big time laughs to your front door with a brand new comic collection you can order to go Set out for the open road as Simpson mania sweeps the nation and Homer Simpson becomes the tastemaker and trendsetter for all that's hip cool and chic in the world Ride the waves with Grampa Simpson as he relives his days as a starry eyed surfing stuntman and soldier of fortune Head for the rolling hills of Scotland and meet Groundskeeper Willie's estranged brother Make room and make way for Nelson Muntz when he becomes a part of the Simpson family Then Krusty the Clown loses his way and his identity when a tragic accident leads to a loss of his legal rights And then while chaperoning Lisa's class on a trip from sea to shining sea Homer takes to the highway and weaves all over the map with his own hysterical history of America

10 thoughts on “Simpsons Comics

  1. Quentin Wallace Quentin Wallace says:

    I've said something similar in previous reviews but the thing about the Simpsons Comics is that every volume is fairly similar However in this case that's a good thingThe art always looks just like the animation from the show and the stories always manage to capture the spirit of the shows as well You do get comic book centric storylines in the comics of course but the humor is always thereI think if you're a fan of the show you'll be a fan of the comics

  2. Willa Willa says:

    I love this Simpsons Comic I love how it shows different stories of all of the Simpson Family Homer Marge Bart Lisa and Maggie though it doesn't have a story of Maggie since she is a baby It is probally my favorite one out of all of the Simpsons comic books because it is the funniest one

  3. Katya Vinogradova Katya Vinogradova says:

    As always great stuff Especially enjoyed the story about Nelson managing the Simpson house

  4. Daniel Daniel says:

    The Family Circus testing of different costumes is funny enough Yellow Crush Bart and Grandpa go surfing Lisa in the Middle Middle child syndromeadopting Nelson is hilariousFinally the one sheet maps are wonderful Bartopia Homerzona Margefonia and People's Free Republic of Lisaland

  5. Emily Emily says:

    A nice lil throwback

  6. Daniel Garcia Daniel Garcia says:

    I because just read look like movie same book wow different cool place or trip fun sport not reason likely that look like family who show you

  7. Ashley Ashley says:

    SynopsisAmerica’s Favorite Family is in a new medium This collection creates 4 all new stories that involve our favorite yellow family Homer becomes the spokesperson for all that is hip Grandpa tries to surf the family takes off to Scotland and Krusty’s identity is stolen With a road map tailored for each member of The Simpsons Family this book delivers laugh after laugh without cease The Simpsons Comics Hit the Road by Matt Groening creator★★★★Genre Comic BookHumorRelease Date 2008Source Half Price Books – BoughtOn My Shelf YesI’m not sure if you already know this about me but I love The Simpsons I’ve been watching them since I was 11 13 years if you care about that sort of math I watched them damn near religiously in middle and high school every night at 2200 That’s when they were on TV It was a nightly ritual for me for sure I love these goons This was the liberal show that young me needed and adult me still does too Even now I watch this family all the time especially since FXX on Cable plays the show all the timeThat’s all besides the point though and pretty unnecessary Sorry for my rant Anyway on to this comic collection I really enjoy reading Simpsons comics and pick them up every chance I get They typically do a good job capturing the satire and art of the show This comic was no different I laughed out loud so many times and was anxious to find what the next jokedevelopment would beThe writing found inside these pages was incredibly comparable to the show The character voices came across clearly and each Simspon or towns member acted true to character I loved reading this adventure and I especially loved the road maps drawn and included for each family member They were probably the highlight of the comic for meThat being said I didn’t think the title of the collection fit well with what was inside Basically the only thing it connected with well were the drawn maps which coincidentally also did not fit super well with the other content and the one story about Scotland It may seem like a silly complaint but it feels pretty valid to me for some reasonLastly as mentioned above the art of Simpsons comic books is almost always on point This collection passed the test with flying colors in my eyes literally? double pun? The style and coloring were directly comparable to the show and were really well doneSo why 4 stars instead of 5? I was waiting for that “wow moment” but it never uite came Overall though this is still such a fun read for any Simpsons fan and I like so totally recommend checking it out dudeReview originally published on my Wordpress blog Dreaming Through Literature

  8. Kilbourne Kilbourne says:

    look out harry potter because this is a very good book because it is a mix of comedy and adventure so if you like one of them you will love this because it is the best book EVER i think that if they combine all of the simpsons comics they will be the #1 book that year but anyways back to the book so this is about alot of different stories of the Simson family doing crazy things

  9. Seth Taplin Seth Taplin says:

    Recommended by my 10 year old Mildly entertaining but pretty derivative stuff for a Simpson's fan

  10. Will Maclean Will Maclean says:

    it was a good book to read in a short period of time The book is a little longer then most simpsons books but i would recommend it to any one

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