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Emergency Kit Emergency Kit is an anthology with many differences It is to begin with a book which gives prominence to poems rather than to the poets who wrote them It is truly international bringing together poems not just from these islands but from many parts of the English speaking world It is the first book to identify a strain in the poetry of the last half century which is characteristic of the 'strange times' we live in an age when as the editors note scientific discovery itself has encouraged us to 'make free with the boundaries of realism' It values imagination surprise vivid expression the outlandish and the playful above ideology and sententiousness It is in short living proof that poetry in the English language continues to thrive and to matter EMERGENCY KIT If you should want just one large anthology of recent poems I would recommend this one as it is both disturbing and exuberant and brings renown poets between the same covers as lesser known ones Actually strange poems for strange times Only a few are from known poets Many are from strangers Several I like very much but for obvious reasons the one by Hugo Williams called “When I Grow Up” is at the top of my list It goesWhen I grow up I want to have a bad legI want to limp down the street I live inwithout knowing where I am I want the diseasewhere you put your hand on your hipand lean forward slightly groaning to yourselfIf a little boy asks me the wayI’ll try and touch him between the legsWhat a dirty old man I’m going to be when I grow upWhat shall we do with me?I promise I’ll be goodif you let me fall over in the streetand lie there calling like a baby bird Pleasenobody come I’m perfectly all right I like it hereI wonder would it be possible to get me into a National Health Hospicesomewhere in Manchester?I’ll stand in the middle of my cubicleholding onto a piece of string for safetyshaking like a leaf at the thought of my suitcaseI’d certainly like to have a nervous ticso I can purse my lips up all the timelike Cecil Beaton Can I be completely bald please?I love the smell of old peeWhy can’t I smell like that?When I grow up I want a thin piece of steelinserted into my penis for some reasonNobody’s to tell me why it’s there I want to guessTell me is that a bottle of old Burgundyunder my bed? I never can tellif I feel randy any can you?I think it’s only fair that I should be allowedto cough up a bit of blood when I feel like itMy daughter will bring me a special air cushionto hold me upright and I’ll watchin baffled admiration as she blows it up for meHere’s my list nappies story books munchiessomething else What was the other thing?I can’t remember exactlybut when I grow up I’ll know When I grow upI’ll pluck at my bedclothes to collect lost thoughtsI’ll roll them into balls and swallow them Poems are such personal things and the early part of this collection resisted me greatly In fact it wasn’t until about half way through that it really hit its strideConnected by an invisible thread of themes so that each poem fits well with the next although not necessarily in the same way as before there is pleasure to be had in plotting the course I loved 51 of the poems and uite liked lot the hit rate was about one in two which is not bad at all What is most were poems and sometimes poets I had never before encountered The collection is subtitled Poems for Strange Times and was published in1994 Looking back from the era of BrexitPutin andTrump makes one yearn for such simple times again Visceral soulful selection A great way into poetry

  • Paperback
  • 306 pages
  • Emergency Kit
  • Jo Shapcott
  • English
  • 12 March 2014
  • 9780571223008

About the Author: Jo Shapcott

She was an undergraduate at Trinity College Dublin She is Professor of Creative Writing at Royal Holloway College University of London where she teaches on the MA in Creative Writing She is the current President of The Poetry SocietyHer Book Poems 1988 1998 2000 consists of a selection of poetry from her three earlier collections Electroplating the Baby 1988 which won the Commonwealt

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