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How to Be Fashionable or Consume Like Me Published in 2003 and available free online Andrew Coulter Enright shares an ironic but aesthetically pleasing guide to being an artistwriterthinker read as hyper cool while being totally uncool in Brooklyn Want to know all of the tricks to looking hip but not played out This is your bible The graphic design is amazing including the choice of the brown inked typeface If you read this book you are sure to recognize parts of yourself in its pages It is sometimes laughably unclear whether you should feel honored or slightly embarrassed at this recognition of self amid the trends This will continue to be an lasting record of the twenty something creative scene pre recession and post 911 From a TIME Magazine article published 992003Andrew Coulter Enright 24 whose book How to Be Fashionable or Consume Like Me captured the ethos of this generation as it exists in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn NY You're talking about people who have creative pastimes or careers and are interested in fusing lots of different parts of culture together The Creative Underground doesn't have the catch to it but it's a little accurateFrom a NYTimes article published 2152004'How to Be Fashionable or Consume Like Me'' an irony rich collection of Jenny Holzer like epigrams for the style obsessed that include ''Eat Edamame'' and ''Wake up on a stranger's couch Later realize it was an Eames original''The Tyntpress publisher of ''How to be Fashionable'' has a manifesto on its Web site that proclaims its intention to make books by young artists that express ''our view of popular culture'' ''free of the preciousness that attaches itself to projects like Visionaire'' without ''creating fussy little books'' in a ''punk rock ethos''The bound book the company's first effort is a limited edition that is already sold out but you can print it from the company's Web site which is certainly nice and punk rock y though the fact that ''How to Be Fashionable or Consume Like Me'' has a corporate sponsor the boutiue Thompson Hotels group is not

  • Unknown Binding
  • 54 pages
  • How to Be Fashionable or Consume Like Me
  • Andrew Coulter Enright
  • English
  • 15 October 2015

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