Cullen's Bride PDF ✓ Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 251 pages
  • Cullen's Bride
  • Fiona Brand
  • English
  • 23 September 2015
  • 9780373079148

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Cullen's BrideI DON'T KNOW WHY I PUT MYSELF THROUGH THIS TORTURE Harleuins and Silhouettes aren't generally known for their good writing BUT I KEEP READING THEM Ugh This one was worse than usual And yet YET I still keep going back to Harleuins Stupid me huh? You can say that again I don't know what it is about them that pulls me Maybe it's just hope that one day one day I'll find another 5 star like that Contaxis or Bride or whatever its name was Maybe it's just because I enjoy reading about the tortured self deprecating TDH guys Maybe it's the sex Maybe this is the most likely one I just want something I can finish uickly something to read during times as these exam time see It's just that I so desperately miss reading during my exams and I suppose that ANYTHING would do even awful books like this one But in all fairness I LOVED the guy to bits Loved him loved him loved himI cannot express my dislike for the author's writing She was honestly one of the worst I've read There was no seuence or flow to the context or the conversations she put inappropriate words in EVERY sentence I'm presuming a thesaurus was put to great use and the writing just had 'WRONG' written all over it The only redeeming point was Cullen swoon My wonderful tortured abused amazing man I loved him AND I HATED LAUREL OR WHATEVER HER NAME WAS FOR BEING SUCH A BLIND SELFISH B I mean STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT HOW BAD YOU'VE GOT AND LOOK AT HIM WOMAN Look at how amazing a guy he is Look at how much he's willing to sacrifice for YOU AND THE BABY Look at how he's torturing himself look beneath the 'hard cold granite wall' he puts up I honestly hated her And not only that BUT SHE WENT ON ABOUT HOW SHE WAS WILLING TO 'FIGHT' FOR HIM And what does she do? Sit and complain and feel sorry for herself and tell herself that she WAS going to fight image error PREGNANT WITH HIS CHILD When Rachel Sinclair met former agent Cullen Logan she was all too aware of his dark past Soon though she was falling in love with him reputation or no reputation But Cullen wasn't so easy to convince even once she announced she was pregnant with his child DADDY WITH A PAST Cullen knew that being with him was probably the most dangerous choice she could make He also knew that the only honorable thing to do was marry her But being around Rachel made Cullen all too aware that the only thing dangerous than his past was the danger she posed to his heart Cullen took a little too long to get his act together for my taste His inability to see and acknowledge how his actions hurt the heroine until the bitter end made him seem selfish in my eyes Yes the ending was good but I hate it when a woman has to go through a pregnancy without the love and caring of a man It makes me want to remove the jerk's testicles with a spoon but this might be left over anger from Sarah's Child by Linda Howard because that is what this scenario reminds me ofI wish the couple would have had moments in the book where they were actually together and happy The hero pushed the heroine away every time she tried to get closer to the point where I was tired of seeing her feeling hurt and unwanted If the hero would have gotten his act together sooner I would have liked it much better So the story was okay but I wanted a hero who wasn't uite so screwed up emotionally but I guess in the end he was supposed to be magically better but I was disappointed that I didn't really see their relationship grow because he spent the entire book avoiding her Some parts of the book were good I liked the New Zealand setting and the interaction between Cullen and his men Cullen's Bride is the story of Rachel and CullenWhat a beautiful bookA slow burn romance between the ex special forces bad boy outcast of the town and the recently divorced and heartbroken town sweetheart They are instantly attracted to each other something which culminates into an explosive night after which the h ends up pregnant The H has had a tragic childhood and having been shunned by society finds himself unworthy of the h But with her pregnant he knows he would have to take responsibility and coerces the h into marrying himTheir cold marriage is riddled with attempts on their life saving a child victim and trying to resist mutual desire However when the pregnancy takes a dangerous turn will they continue to fight their feelings or give in and celebrate what they are blessed itIt started out slow but got really interesting and engaging in the second half Good dose of angst too Sweet epilogue sealed the dealExcited to read by this authorSafe45 I expected from this book Not bad fairly easy read I expected a little depth H does not cheat h's husband not the H left h for another woman She is divorced from her husband as the story begins It takes a while for H to commit to the relationship but he does not avoid his responsibility when h becomes pregnant His mother abandoned him at birth and he lived with an abusive father He rebelled but got his act together by joining the military 25 3 stars I just picked this book up on a whim but boy did Cullen win me over He is hot hot hot I loved the story of these two who don't expect to find love much less together If you like Linda Howard's earlier series books you'll love this one Wonderful Intense Second chance at love storyenjoyed it very muchthe only thing that disappointed me was Cullen leaving Rachel alonewanted them to spend some time togetherOther then this its a very good bookGood readRecommend it Fiona Brand is an author whose name gets associated with that of Linda Howard I have always heard that she has a similar writing style to that of one of my favorite authors of the romance genre and that is one reason why I picked up Cullen’s Bride to sample her writing And of course a lot of raving reviews of the book by my Goodreads friends had me buying my very first Fiona Brand and indulging in it as soon as I could27 year old Rachel Sinclair returns back to the small town of Riverbend after a divorce that had completely shattered with plans to turn her life around Now the owner of a hair salon Rachel doesn’t expect much trouble from her sleepy hometown until she experiences otherwise To her rescue comes 33 year old Cullen Logan Riverbend’s one time bad boy and outlaw turned military man and still an outcast in his hometownThe attraction that flares up between Rachel and Cullen is an immediate and a strong one at that one that Fiona weaves so cleverly throughout the story Rachel might have grown up with 4 overprotective half brothers who had tried to shield her from the reality that is life But Rachel is a grown up woman a woman who is determined in her efforts to live her own life on her own terms Even when all her survival instincts tells her to flee in the opposite direction whenever she is around Cullen her heart and other emotions that would like nothing better than to be claimed by the big tough and a little bit rough around the edges former bad boy wants nothing than to embrace him heart body and soulCullen is haunted by the very thought of sullying up the beautiful and dainty Rachel with his touch his distrust for himself something he has lived with for a long time But the need that takes a hold of him whenever he runs into Rachel is one that grows in its intensity from one encounter to the next until its very explosive against the wall culmination that changes both Cullen and Rachel’s lives foreverI love it when a book is filled with sexual tension that just grows exponentially until I can barely remember to breathe while reading And Cullen’s Bride turned out to be a book that delivered extremely well on that aspect from the very sexy Cullen Logan who just seems to fill up the pages with his mere presence He is what you would call a tortured and tormented hero whose childhood had been nothing but disappointment and his rebellious attitude as a teenager that had stemmed from his frustration with just how meaningless his life had been The military had been the one place where Cullen had fit in and it had molded him into a dangerous version of the man he had been one that is alluring because even with that iron clad control of his nothing can change the fact that underneath all that civilized demeanor lies a man who is wild in his passions for the right womanI loved Rachel from the very start From the way she pets and strokes the huge bear of a man who sends all her emotions into a tailspin to the way she stands up for what she wants and believes in and because Rachel knows when to advance and retreat in her mission to win the love of the one man who is reluctant to do just that made me fall for her big time She matches Cullen in every way and is exactly what he wants and needs even protecting him from the unjust voices in her hometown from making him feel unwelcomeTying up this story of need red hot desire with a reluctant hero and a determined heroine is a tad of suspense that just makes it a well rounded tale of romance very hard to put down The one thing that the Kindle version of this book could have used though was a good editor; seriously some out of this world editing errors throughout the book that kept hindering with my enjoyment of the storyIf you love a hot tortured hero who just makes your toes curl Cullen’s Bride is the book for you I seriously dare you not to dream that you are Rachel the minute the heat is on Rating4255Original review posted on MBR's Realm of Romance My uotes included below the review ZzzReally shaky foundation there was no sense in her martyrdom Love at first sight is ridiculous Felt like I was reading a Diana Palmer book Luckily I'm a closet DP fan so this was great Arrogant uber alpha male and somewhat less than spunky female I so wanted to tell Cullen to get over it andor tell Rachel to leave his butt in the dust

About the Author: Fiona Brand

Fiona Brand has always wanted to write After working eight years for the New Zealand Forest Service as a clerk she decided she could spend at least that much time trying to get a novel published Luckily it took five years not eight before Fiona wrote her first award winning novelShe has won the Australian Romantic Book of the Year award category section twice one of her novels was listed