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  1. Ladyacct Ladyacct says:

    A typical HP in that the Heroine has no backbone around the Hero and he is the wrong end of a dog with diarrhea Just sayingsometimes though you have to read that kinda stuff to remind yourself that guys are sometimes not good for you no matter how great the orgasm I finished the read so it was okay but sometimes I do get tired of the regular scenario of Hero horse's butt Heroine Innocent no backboneJust sayinNo typosediting issues

  2. Lisa Kay Lisa Kay says:

    I usually love the Pygmalion or Makeover theme but Riccardo is kind of an ahat in this one breaking it off too many times changing the understanding of their relationship working or otherwise too many times Alternating between cavalier snarky possessive patronizing to downright cruel at times Angie is also suppose to have ESP with regards to his sister's history At least she learns to speak up to him Still I'm not sure I would have stayed his secretary let alone his lover Acceptable groveling scene at the end and good epilogue though

  3. MaryD MaryD says:

    First the blurb has nothing to do with this bookI picked this up from a book exchange at my doctor's office and I wish I hadn't It was really really frustrating for me that someone who was supposedly so intelligent as Angie was had no backbone Seriously? And for Riccardo to use his secretary like that granted it was with her full cooperation and not think there would be repercussions is unbelievable He was way too arrogant and unlikable to me The revelation of the origin of the red dress put it over the top for me The only redeeming part for me was the celebrated sponging while Angie was delirious with the 'flu While I liked the scene where Riccardo finally confesses his love for her I don't think that he really grovelled enough for me

  4. Emona Emona says:

    The Italian Billionaire's Secretary Mistress was both explosive and a sensual journey with one determined and demanding Italian boss which takes alpha to a new level For some this book might seem offensive because Riccardo Castellari was blunt had his own set of opinions determined and demanding with his secretary Angie In the beginning his demeanour and the way he spoke t was somewhat difficult to comprehend but in the end it was brilliant that he would come to loveFrom the moment she was asked to be his secretary when he moved her from the typing pool she admired and soonloved him She was challenged by the Italian successful billionaire and worked very hard for him making sure she was the very best secretary ever from planning his schedule to typing his memos to making his coffee and buying gifts for his family As much as they worked well together and she knew he appreciated her skills he really didn't see her for who she wassweet warm caring as a woman because she knew he considered her as a plain JaneRiccardo made sure he chose well the new replacement for his secretary and he was glad because Angie was the very best and catered to his every need He didn't want someone fawning over him or trying to get into his bed He wanted efficiency and that's exactly was she had so he counted on her Now on the eve of the office Christmas party he surprises her with the most beautiful designer red silk dress she's ever seen and asks her to wear it to the company partyRiccardo has never seen Angie as anything other than his mousy secretary—until she flaunts a silky red dress that hangs on her every curve Now he doesn’t just look once but twiceHe sees that she's not mousy at all she's full of curves and his desire escalates especially when he gives her a ride home after the partyThe chemistry explodes between them in her apartment and her very sexy boss ends up spending the night with her however making it very clear he doesn't want to repeat it he doesn't do love or marriage and this leaves Angie heartbroken After the holidays she realizes that she needs to get another job not only because she's embarrassed she's also hurt And then the unthinkable happens he is relentless in his sexual pursuit in the boardroom and suggests they go to his sister's wedding in Tuscany and continue their affair and upon return to England she can move on and work elsewhereAngie was helpless to refuse one night of exuisite pleasure with Riccardo But back at work her cheeks are burning Mortified she tries to resign Apparently Riccardo has other ideas—in order to leave Angie must serve out her notice as his very personal mistressLastly the ending of the story put a smile on my face Riccardo travels across half the world to find Angie and is so matter of fact about his love It’s sweet and so very fitting for themTheir journey is of course rocky and at times hurtful but overall it is exceptionalSpoiler Alert Heroine is not a virginIt's of no surprise that this book made the USA Today Bestseller ListBut I do wish that Romano too has a story

  5. Lisa (Remarkablylisa) Lisa (Remarkablylisa) says:

    This is my first time reading a harleuin that was dated so far back I picked up this copy today at the thrift shop thinking it will be the regular standard billionaire harleuin presents book I was hoping for but my oh mytimes have definitely changed Not saying that back then in 2010 when this book was publishing was a bad thing It was great to read a harleuin that didn't have a heroine turn into a submissive and fall into her boss's arms And it was also a nice twist to have the boss not be so demanding and arrogant right from the beginning towards the end However this story was messy Readers weren't sure of what the characters really wanted because of their actions and the ending was fairly disappointing It felt rushed

  6. Vintage Vintage says:

    The hero hah is a complete and total cruel bully Any woman fictional or otherwise that falls for him is either an idiot or a masochist or bothNot enough groveling to redeem himHis brother's a jackass too no surprise there

  7. Kristalys Kristalys says:

    1 Did I liked the resolution? Cliche2 Had a good plot twist? Which one?3 Where Characters personalities relevant? Noup they we conscious than usual but still not enough4 Did it had Intelligent dialogue? Mej 5 Did the Story had coherence? It was all over the place6 Would I read it again? No7Did you skips over at some point? Yes8 Did you consider DNF? Yes9If it is a whole serie would you consider reading it? NoI did not enjoy the experience so mucha as I have others

  8. RomLibrary RomLibrary says:

    Riccardo Castellari has never seen Angie as anything other than his mousy secretary until she flaunts a silky red dress that hangs on her every curve Now he doesn't just look once but twiceAngie is helpless to refuse one night of exuisite pleasure with Riccardo But back at work her cheeks are burning Mortified she tries to resign Riccardo has other ideas in order to leave Angie must serve out her notice as his very personal mistress

  9. Lorna Davis Lorna Davis says:

    Powerful love storyI chose the ratings because it was heart stopping with great storylines It was written beautifully with all the twist an turns of the story I would definitely recommend book to friends and family

  10. elstaffe elstaffe says:

    Did I buy this book because the title had FOUR count em 4 tropes in it? Yes yes I did Will this be the book that teaches me the lesson of don't do that self? probably not but it really ought to

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