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Maudiegirl and the von Bloss Kitchen Nobodyand the whole of Boteju Land agreedcould cook like Maudiegirl She wielded a wizard's wand not only in the kitchen but also over domestic problems however large in magnitude; from predicting the sex of an unborn child to knowing than a dozen ways to cook eels; from cutting a goat in the right way to setting failing marriages straight; from nursing the ailing to health to keeping the best kitchen Maudiegirl had a solution to every little problem Her home was her castle and the kitchen her domain In the fourth serving of his Burgher chronicles Carl Muller reverts to his favourite family the von Blosses of his first Burgher' book The Jam Fruit Tree A hungry family and a wonderful cook a kind paedophile a cantankerous mother in law a disloyal husband good for nothing uncles prudish Pentecostals Dunnyboy's exhibitionism Sonnaboy's show of strengththe author captures the hallmarks of the von Blosses' days and ways in his uintessentially irreverent witty and heart warming style Grandmama's Kitchen features many of Maudiegirl's famous recipes making the book a treat not only for Muller fans but also for the senses Muller tells his tale with a gentle humour often bordering on tenderness but couched in the vigorous rugged localese Almost immediately we find ourselves empathizing with Muller's roistering band that sins and prays with eual zest' Business Standard

  • Maudiegirl and the von Bloss Kitchen
  • Carl Muller
  • 07 May 2015

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  1. Philip Philip says:

    Maudiegirl Esther Kimball’s first husband Campbell died on the voyage to Ceylon Her second Kimball succumbed to malaria She then married Cecilprins and became his tower of strength This is how Carl Muller describes for want of a better word – the heroine of Maudiegirl And The Von Bloss KitchenThe book continues the story the author began in the award winning The Jam Fruit Tree a tale of Burgher life in Sri Lanka If “heroine” was a slightly inappropriate description of Maudiegirl then “story” is certainly not a description of this book’s plot Simply put the book presents a picture of life within the Burgher community an island within an island It illustrates but does not lead Read it for an experience not a journey Nominally Dutch but Sinhalese speaking Asian born but with European aspirations the Burghers are a wholly integrated race apart The names survive – Van Der Poorten Caspars etc – but the identity is merely confused Whose isn’t?Most of this Burgher family’s life revolves around food and sex not always in that order Sustenance and procreation occupy most of the time with recreation – usually in the form of sex – taking up the rest Maudiegirl is the pillar of the household probably of the community She brings people together solves problems disposes wisdom and occasional rebuke via her cooking She has a recipe for every occasion Her meals can cure ills solve problems offer advice and her cooking skills are recognised throughout the Von Bloss family even the community The cooking’s unfamiliar and complex mix of influences European Asian Dutch English Sri Lankan Indian and American reflect the community in which they live and its place in the worldA woman who can’t conceive eat too much fish Need something stronger Stewed eel works wonders Only wonder what Dunnyboy expose himself in public Big thing Worries sisters Eat pork pie Daughter need baby Need hammering Make plum pudding dried fruit only butter a pan boil or steam for four hours Problem solvedCarl Muller’s style is pithy occasionally playful often funny always earthy sometimes vaguely embarrassing He sails metaphorically close to winds and occasionally obfuscates via the inclusion of unexplained un translated Sinhalese words and phrases He makes no excuse for this and invites the interested reader to find a Sinhalese speaker to help translate this world language and explain and thereby intensify the experience and promote communication between races and cultures So thereMaudiegirl And The Von Bloss Kitchen this part novel part cookbook thus records the day to day reflects life and opens a window onto a perhaps uniue culture that is in no way special There is no plot no obvious seuence of events only everyday life as it predictably and unpredictably unfolds It is also a superb cookbook recording the recipes of an expert cook And refreshingly whatever she cooks and in whatever style no one ever seems to dislike anything pick at their food uestion its authenticity count its calories or even mention omega 3 It’s the food of a living culture

  2. Marisa Wikramanayake Marisa Wikramanayake says:

    While a bit crude for some readers I found this book nostalgic to some degree informative and uite often hilarious and accurate For of what I thought check out the full review

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