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Flashback 4 ½ stars Romantic SuspenseA uick spicy fun read featuring a firefighter as sexy as all get out an independent soap opera actress ex flame smoking between the sheets action and an arsonist on the loose adding some mystery and suspensewhat's not to love? And although it's a Harleuin Blaze story meaning short and steamy it's got a well developed plot and Jill Shalvis pens realistic dialogue It's a fast read featuring a hot firefighter that is sure to heat you up 4 ½ stars For reference here is the correct series orderFlashpointFlashbackHeating Up The Holidays When Firefighter Aidan Donnelly is called out to another fire her never expects to be rescueing the one that got away from a burning boat Mackenzie Stafford was the one woman who got under his skin and when he couldn't figure out where he wanted it to lead he walked away Years later Kenzie has not forgot he broke her heart and vows not to let it happen again I was really disappointed in this one kind of all over the map This one was ok Second chance romance between the couple amidst a bit of suspense Good pointsThey have crazy chemistry and the sex scenes are hotThey are trying to catch an arsonist which they do so in the end so not a cliffhanger Another hot oneThis book adds to the story begun in Flashpoint The arsonist still seems to be at work even though the suspected arsonist Blake is dead Blake's sister Mackenzie is in town to prove his innocence Her only problem is firefighter Aidan Donnelly He broke her heart six years before and now she is determined to get revenge Read Flashpoint first and then read this onefollow this one up with Heating Up the Holidays for Cristina and Dustin's story it is the first in the anthology Love the firefighters 😃Jill Shalvis is one of my favorite writers She has a way of developing characters that seem like real people I want to be friends with these people I want to live in their world's This book has a lot of suspense which I really like Now I have to read the other one that goes with it No one writes characters better than Jill Shalvis They slip into your heart from the first paragraph This is book 2 of the Firefighters dualogy and you'll want to read Flashpoint which is #1 first to get the whole story In a way I enjoyed Aiden and Kenzie's story better than Zach and Brooke's but I thought that there was a little too much steaminess Aside from that the mystery of the arsonist continued on from book 1 and that kept me engaged The description of Aiden's house interestingly enough was maybe the most memorable part of this book I'd like to live there Firefighter Aidan Donnelly has always battled the flames with trademark icy calm That is until a blazing old flame returns—in the shape of sizzling soap star Mackenzie Stafford Aidan wants to pour water over the unuenchable heat between them But that just creates steamKenzie is not the delicate fragile female she looks like She has one clear objective and nothing will stand in the way of her goal—well nothing but the red hot touch of a certain dangerously sexy fireman that is Firefighter and actress 'He broke her heart many years ago and now that he sees her again he knows he screwed up GreatI like this book because it kept you interested in finding out who was behind what was going on Totally interesting

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