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Not Suitable for Family Viewing Robin has everything a girl could want Thanks to her mother—the internationally beloved talk show host Mimi Schwartz—Robin’s got the money the means and the connections to make even her wildest dreams come true So why then does she choose to sit alone in a dark room watching endless reruns of you you and MimiDon’t ask Robin She doesn’t know—not at least until the bizarre discovery of an old high school ring propels her to ditch New York for a tiny Nova Scotian fishing village In her uest to solve the mystery behind the ring’s origin Robin finds than a renewed joie de vivre She discovers love the truth of her own background— and the shocking secret that helped make her mother a star

About the Author: Vicki Grant

Arthur Ellis Award◊ Best Juvenile 2006 uid Pro uoRed Maple Award Not Suitable For Family ViewingCBC Young Canada Reads The Puppet Wrangler

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  1. geekgirl geekgirl says:

    ohmigod Please read this book Please? I started it on a whim on my lunch break the book I brought with me really wasn't doing anything for me so I ditched it and picked this one at random from the stack I have stashed on my desk for reading emergencies yes I am that nerotic about reading This habit came about after a couple instances during which I realized I'd left home with nothing to read and had a mini panic attack while having to pretend to be normalI couldn't put it downWaitlet me put that another wayI COUDLN'T PUT IT DOWNIt was amazing I fell completely in love with Robin the main character a teenage girl who has everything a girl could possibly need except for any kind of family affection as she discovers one tiny flaw in her mother's otherwise flawless life It's a shock for her to find that her mother a world famous talk show host think Oprah is hiding something when she has made her career out of putting her entire life on display so Robin decided to start diggingFor her it's an effort to become close to her mother whom she isn't close to at allIt's exciting the writing is amazing It's funny it's frightening and it's sweet and romanticAmazing readPlease read itPlease geekgirlPS The cover really doesn't capture what this book's about I don't know what the cover should be but this isn't it It makes you think it's going to be completely about a teen romance and while there is some of that and it's adorable that's not what the heart of the story's about please read it

  2. Elle Strauss Elle Strauss says:

    Funny clever and CanadianRobin is likeable in her brashness and self effacing way and a character that really grows on you as she peels back the layers of who she is and where she’s from The love interest Levi is the kind of guy who brings the best out of her and a guy you just can’t help but like and sort of crush on Mixed in is the uest to unravel a family secret which is paced well and surprising

  3. Victoria Victoria says:

    25 30 starsI thinkI think this book is one of the ones that just isn't for me I spent the majority of my time extremely confused and a little offended? I don't know why I kind of wanted to smack Robin about 3 out of 5 times she did anything First the way she acts depressed in the beginning I'm not entirely sure if she is considering how she acts Now I'm uite intimately associated with how depression works and if that was what the author was going for I feel like she didn't really get it right If it wasn't I feel like it's kind of a mockery to those who do suffer from it I liked the mystery but it seems a bit cliche which usually never happens with me I'll read a trope I love about 50 million times but I knew what was happening while at the same time I was uite confused lol I don't really think a book has ever done that to me I knew where the plot was going but at the same time I really didn't understand what was happeningRobin just didn't seem like a real person she wasn't relatable which I'm assuming is what the author was aiming for some of her dialogue was uite funny though I don't understand how she just up and leaves for Nova Scotia withoutreallytelling anyone? I actually don't even really know how old she is Levi's character is just way too convenient for my liking though I get the whole parallel thing but idk it doesn't sit well with me Mimi is a whole nother story I just I don't understand how she view spoiler shared custody of a child with a man who wasn't her fatherI get that the secret had to be a big deal but if she hated the man so much then what was with the sharing custody?? OR with the accidentally stealing Rosie's wallet or accidentally never giving the money back or accidentally being the daughter of that man Like it's just idk too many things had to have gone exactly right for this to have happened hide spoiler

  4. Michelle. D. Michelle. D. says:

    Ehh It was OK It's a good waste of time I have to say I really like the relationship between Opal and Levi It was cute THe whole plot of the story was OK Wasn't all that great Just a rich girl who is looking for some answers But you know Selena? I find it so weird that she was like yelling at Robin and then helped her when she asked I dunno Maybe the author just wanted it like that This book is a Silver Birch book And I think it won't win There just wasn't something in it that made me like it enough to give it a higher rating I mean it could have been better in my opinion Anyways if you want to pass the time read this book

  5. Sabhie Sabhie says:

    This book started off very uirky but uickly became an intense story Events unfold very smoothly Very easy to notice the character development Really cute story I really wish some parts were longer and detailed view spoiler When the big reveal of Mimi's family history came I felt the story began to move way too uickly Not enough time to absorb the details in fact not very many details at all It seemed like a very generalized part of the story as if the author was now rushing to complete the book hide spoiler

  6. Lucy VK Lucy VK says:

    Light funny and enjoyable This novel has an interesting and unusual plot but it's not really presented in the best way I felt like things were happening too fast in terms of timeline which took away from the story in my opinion The characters were great which is a definite plus I think this is a great read for a summer afternoon as it's short and has a good storyline but it's not a page turner in the classic sense

  7. Sarah Emsley Sarah Emsley says:

    I'd read all Austen's books a million times I practically knew them by heart I'm always interested in characters who say things like that I really enjoyed this novel and I'm glad I picked it up right after I read Vicki Grant's newest book Short for Chameleon

  8. Kailyn Kailyn says:

    35 stars such a cute and easy read Really enjoyed the characters and the plot twist at the end was good

  9. Diana Dang Diana Dang says:

    Robin is filthy rich because her mother Mimi Schwartz is a big time TV host One would expect her to be popular and surrounded by famous people Instead she coops up in her room and watches the re runs of her mother's show episodes without giving a care in the worldWhen she finds an old picture of her mother she decides that she will go off to discover who Mimi really is Packing her bags to leave New York City she lands in a small town in Nova Scotia Canada As she tries search for her mother's real identity Robin unexpectedly runs into romance and the buried secrets that made Mimi a celebrity todayVicki Grant is a favourite Canadian author of mine I absolutely love her novel for preteens uid uo Pro which is full of delightful humour that kids and adults can both enjoy Most of her novels however are for reluctant readers which are all uite short and simple So when I saw Not Suitable for Family Viewing I had to get itCompared to uid uo Pro there was not a load of in your face humour Instead the funny stuff were done subtly I love the atmosphere of this novel as it is very contemporaryI pitied Robin in the beginning and there were a couple of times where she lightly touched my nerves but overall I loved her as a character She is very realistic and I liked how instead being the type of person who uses her mother's fame to her advantage she is very withdrawn and knows that those who befriends her uses her Her relationship with pretty much her only friend Selena is uite tight Although Selena acts like she doesn't care she comes around in the end to aid an old friendI found Robin's time in Nova Scotia to be very charming and new Her first meeting with her boyfriend to be Levi was absolutely hilarious Their relationship is absolutely adorable and not overexaggerated It was nice for once to see that a novel was not wholeheartedly based on the romance because the main story was trying to find out who Robin's mother really isNot Suitable for Family Viewing is such a page turner where contemporary book fans will devour it in an instant The ending will take readers by surprise and glee for that it is done amazingly well with uniueness and love A recommendation for all girl readers and realism fans

  10. Canadian Children& Canadian Children& says:

    Reviewed by Rachel SeigelRobin Schwartz should be happy With famous talk show host Mimi Schwartz for a mom she’s got everything she needs to make her dreams come true So why then is she sitting alone in the dark watching endless reruns of her mom’s show? When the bizarre discovery of an old high school ring sets her off on a uest to solve the mystery behind its origin Robin finds herself in a tiny Nova Scotian fishing village where she discovers love the truth of her background and the startling secret that helped to make her mother a star Vicki Grant’s latest novel for teens is part mystery part romance and a humorous and thought provoking read Readers will be immediately intrigued by Robin She has money and means and the opportunity to be happy but she appears to be deliberately miserable She is friendless uninterested and sarcastic and she can barely bring herself to get up off the couch As the novel progresses readers discover that Robin is much deeper than she appears She struggles with body issues and despite having “everything” she feels lonely and abandoned by her mom As Robin gets further along in her uest to solve the mystery of the ring she discovers a great deal about herself and is finally able to forge a tentative connection with her mother What really makes this novel work is the humour that Grant infuses into the story With so many heavy issue based books on the market for teens it’s refreshing to read a book that makes you laugh out loud without becoming silly or losing sight of the message Excerpts from Mimi’s talk show lead into each chapter and they are both revealing and entertaining Teens who are looking for a lighthearted and entertaining read will enjoy this novel and thanks to Grant’s mastery will come away having learned some valuable lessons as well Canadian Children's Book News Winter 2010 Vol 33 No 1

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