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India Through the Lens Photography 1840 1911 Here in than 250 extraordinary photographs is a showcase of the fabled days of the British Raj India was at the vanguard of the explosion of photography and the early photographers both Indian and foreign mainly British who strove to document and reveal the landscapes peoples cultures and architecture of the subcontinent India Through the Lens reveals the history and importance of photography in India from the appeal of the panorama to the documentation of people places and princes The early Indian photographer Lala Deen Dayal for example was uniue in being embraced by both worlds that of the British and the world of Indian Maharajahs This book appeals to specialists and non specialists alike all those who love early photography British India and the romance of the Raj

2 thoughts on “India Through the Lens Photography 1840 1911

  1. Jeff Clay Jeff Clay says:

    A detailed insightful survey with beautiful images of the early days of photography in India Indiaphiles will love it for the pictures and trenchant narrative while photographers will appreciate the difficulty of executing the medium much less mastering it in a rough and relatively hostile environment

  2. Himanshu Bhatnagar Himanshu Bhatnagar says:

    A very expansive view of the photographers and the evolution of photography in India in the 19th century A must have for any photography enthusiast

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