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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • The Tavern on Maple Street
  • Sharon Owens
  • English
  • 03 July 2015
  • 9780515141412

10 thoughts on “The Tavern on Maple Street

  1. Kim Kim says:

    I can’t wait to read of her books ⭐️⭐️

  2. Janel Janel says:

    This book was a good companion to me over the past several daysIt got me through the waiting room at the Dr's office kept me occupied when I got a flat tire on the expressway and had to wait for my husband to rescue me and helped pass the time while I waited for my highlights to develop at the hairdressersIt was a sweet witty book that felt like a friend The story takes place in Belfast Ireland and follows the lives of the people that inhabit the Tavern on Maple Street Lily and Jack are loving couple in their late 30's who own the tavern and have been hiding out from society and their families in their own little corner of the world tuning everything out One day they get notice that a developer is going to build on the site and the beloved pub is slated for demolition This turn of events causes them to fight the good fight and give it a real go by hiring staff that through circumstances board there and results in them opening up their little world a bit There were lots of lessons and bits of wisdom in here and charming characters The tavern setting gave me real sense of small town Ireland and transported me to another place while I was reading it There's not a ton of action here and maybe some might find it a little slow but I enjoyed it If this book were a movie it would be shown at the local art house theateruirky charming with lots of heart And happy endings all the way aroundCheers

  3. PrettyFlamingo PrettyFlamingo says:

    This was the first of my festive reads this year I started it in November and was led into the festive season along with Jack and Lily Beaumont and their preparations for the holiday season and a complete life change in their home city of Belfast The heart of the story is the tavern itself It doesn’t really have a name and is simply known as Beaumonts to everyone that freuents it The description of the tavern was so vivid that it reminded me with astonishing clarity of a pub from my student days This pub was long and narrow with a bar on the right and booths on the left and a few tables in between and I well remember my time there with various people of the day and even heard the juke box playing in my head while reading Jack inherited the genuine Victorian tavern from his uncle and he and Lily love their calm and serene lifestyle there This is soon threatened by a property developer wishing to build a shopping mall and knock down the tavern And at Christmastime too What a ScroogeJack and Lily have been together since the mid 1980s and now in their late 30s know all about separatist troubles which indeed played a part in their getting together and although this is part of Jack’s back story it is not dwelled upon The pub is the centrepiece for the stories of the ensemble cast that come in work there or in some cases outstay their welcome Jack and Lily decide to fight back and hire four barmaids to drum up business The way this works out is hilarious; all the four girls; Bridget Daisy Marie Trudy are as different from one another as it’s possible to be and the inevitable cat fights start but gradually they find a way of working together crowned with one of the best Christmases ever I wanted to give Lily a shake and tell her to stop being such a mug at times I found the stories of the four barmaids interesting and poignant too and Lily seemed to come from another era David was Daisy’s “young man” and Gerry had just begun “walking out” with Trudy It was uaint and charming Though it didn’t have the ending I had hoped for like all Sharon’s books this features wonderful characterisation and it is to her massive credit that she succeeds in all of these by presenting an alternative Belfast full of uirky characters beautiful buildings and strong friendships And I have to thank Sharon for introducing me to the works of John Lavery I would really recommend this as an undemanding read but one with depth particularly through the lessons learned – and taught – by the variety of characters I could feel the warmth and glow of the pub as I read along

  4. Ape Ape says:

    My 2010 bookcrossing reviewThis one has been sitting around a while So I thought I would finally get it read and picked it up late this afternoon I've now read the first four chapters and I honestly don't care what happens to the characters whether they manage to save the pub or not or what the mystery the back blurb refers to is This is polite wooden writing with two dimensional stereotyped characters and a non thrilling plot I am getting picky in old age A few years ago I would have forced myself through the whole book But these days I am thinking I have a very big TBR pile full of potentially much better books a pile I am always adding to so why waste my time on a book that I clearly have no interest in?

  5. Craftnut Craftnut says:

    Wallbanger I got so annoyed with this book The character of Bridget is so self centered and the Lily character is such a doormat that I wanted to just slap both of them silly Writers that just pile on stupidity after stupidity irritate me to no end The premise of the book saving the tavern from distruction isn't really explored The tavern owners Jack and Lily just decide to take on help and work harder before it is demolished The final resolution was too idiotic for words Don't bother with this one there so many better books to spend your time on I felt mine was completely wasted If I could give this book a minus 1 rating I would

  6. Amy Amy says:

    I thought it was cuteit reminded me of Maeve Binchy in a way It does take place in Ireland which I like Cute story

  7. Diane Diane says:

    A wonderful and cozy little story

  8. Jenny Jenny says:

    Sharon Owens has a way of weaving a story of intertwined characters in the same fashion of Maeve Binchy I hope she writes

  9. Rob Rob says:

    I loved the concept of the little old pub set back in a uite street in Belfast It didn't let me down there I do think the author over stereotyped a number of the characters so you will need to look past that The ending is somewhat predictable but if you are looking for an easy light read and you enjoy all things IrishNorthern Irish you will be happy you went with this book Don't expect too much and you will enjoy it

  10. Michelle Hofacker Michelle Hofacker says:

    I love stories set in Ireland This one was so nice all the way through I could do without the language alcohol and immorality; but the story itself was nice and entertaining

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The Tavern on Maple Street Beautiful Lily Beaumont and her husband Jack are owners of a genuine Victorian tavern situated on one of Belfast's few remaining narrow cobbled streets It's a favourite among the locals who love the uiet atmosphere good beer and simple food Then one day Dublin based developer Vincent Halloran arrives with big plans for Maple Street The other traders are keen to sell up and retire but Jack and Lily aren't ready to call `time please' on their beloved tavern Instead Lily hires four pretty barmaids to bring in the customers Enter pint sized man eater Bridget lazy art student Daisy neurotic Trudy and painfully shy Marie And if the stakes for Lily and Jack weren't already high enough there's a secret about the Maple Street tavern that has yet to be discovered A secret that will redefine the meaning of love friendship and family in the most surprising ways

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