Sexy Orchids Make Lousy Lovers: Other Unusual

Sexy Orchids Make Lousy Lovers: Other Unusual Relationships Another round of intriguing animal behavior descriptions I m going try lemon juice as a mosquito repellent this summer thanks to this book If you like watching nature shows, this book is a good start for reading nonfiction or you can try her previous volume. starts out good, quickly deteriorates the writing isn t great A follow up to Headless Males Make Great Lovers, read this only if you felt unfulfilled after the first book Basicallyexamples of weird and interesting animal and plant behaviors Still a great read for science nerds I really liked this one Fun to read, though sometimes I thought the author made too many conclusions without adequate consideration of significant factors Fun read about quirky plant and animal behaviors Another non fiction read. Vampire bats that regurgitate blood for roosting buddies Mosquitoes that filch honeydew droplets from ants Reptiles that enforce chastity on their lovers with copulatory plugs Capuchin monkeys that use millipede secretions as mosquito repellent The natural world is full of unusual relationships, and negotiation between life forms striving to survive is evolutio [PDF / Epub] ✅ Their Language of Love Author Bapsi Sidhwa – and negotiation between life forms striving to survive is evolutio Not as compelling as I felt it should have been, it does introduce some interesting natural world relationships.

About the Author: Marty Crump

Marty Crump is a behavioral ecologist who works with tropical amphibians in the areas of parental care, reproduction, territoriality, cannibalism, and tadpole ecology She has published several books on her research and experiences in tropical areas such as Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina One of these books, In Search of the Golden Frog University of Chicago Press, 2000 chronicles her unique experiences in Costa Rica s Monteverde Cloudforest, where she collected data on the now extinct Golden Toad highlighted in this module She acted as a mentor to the authors of this module, since her research is invaluable when profiling the Golden Toad species Marty received her Doctorate degree from the University of Kansas in 1974 and is currently an adjunct professor at Northern Arizona University.

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