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An Improper Holiday Hmm I wasn't really sold on Nicky and Ian For one I'm not a big fan of reunited lovers and I just wanted romance from them then what I got The sex was hot though not up to the usual kinky standards that I'm used to seeing from this author I really liked the secondary characters and the overall plot even though it was entirely predictable I would also love to read a story about Lewes or Simmons 35 stars It is when I read books like this one that I realize we are grateful to be in the 21st century where being attracted to the same sex is acceptable than it was in that day and ageThis was to me a beautifully written story about the joys of two men coming together sharing pleasures denied by the era they live in and finding a way to be together without discrimination To me this was a story I would say is about Soul mates and no matter what they found their way back to each other and forsaking what obstacles were thrown in their way in the past and present Truly amazing story Typical hot Mitchell in an historical setting I didn't like it as much as her full length books but the chemistry was good the historical setting not overly detailed for someone not usually a fan of historical books this is great and a lot of fun I’ve enjoyed Ms Mitchell’s writing on a fair number of occasions and “An Improper Holiday” is no exception This is a lovely sweet holiday story for the agesIan Stanton has returned from the Continent alive but sadly no longer whole Having lost an arm to the war he is at loose ends in his life As a younger son and having been forced to resign his commission he has no set path before him When his brother the new Earl of Rayne calls him into his office Ian can image nothing but the worst Even his imaginings though can’t compare to the horror he feels at the order his brother expects him to followLord Amherst has a plan and his family’s annual Twelfth Night gathering is the perfect time to put it into action Nicky has been in love with his best friend for years and knowing Ian will be forced to escort his sister Charlotte to the event will give him access Even the long silence between them while Ian was on the Continent couldn’t end his ardor While what they had before was only boyhood fumblings Nicky has put their years of separation to good use and is ready to claim his man Now if only his prey will climb on boardThis book is just lovely Even as short as it is though not too short you still get a strong sense of the history Ian and Nicky share having grown up together There’s a bond there that just won’t disappear no matter the time distance or social conventions in between them Having read a fair number of historical romance novels I enjoyed the fluidity with which Ms Mitchell placed her characters within the time line I really felt I knew when in history we were and enjoyed the terminology she chose to engage that helped bring a bit of color to the novelIan and Nicky togetherwhat can I say pure sweetness and light I loved Nicky’s conspiring to get what he wanted and push past Ian’s understandable hesitations Ian is so clearly the voice of the times and the fear of breaking social norms He really struggles internally with what he wants and what society says is right and proper In his world there just isn’t a way to make things work Go Charlotte for being genius It’s a winwin Nicky’s abandon and hedonism is the perfect foil for Ian’s prudish pride Together there is such heat and a not so small dose of heartThis review wouldn’t be complete though if I didn’t mention how absolutely beautifully I felt Ms Mitchell handled Ian’s injuries I really felt for him and the pain he still feels at the loss of his arm This book isn’t long enough or really even written to be angsty enough to go heavily into a dark place with it but Ms Mitchell puts just enough of the true emotion that Ian is dealing with into his reactions to truly take us there For the type of story this is I felt her blend of tones was perfection indeedOne last small note I have a small personal place in my heart reserved for RegencyHistorical romance rakesthey’re just so delicious Julian my love I hope some day Ms Mitchell lets you fall because goodness you will fall hard And it will be beautifulLoved it uickly lapped it all up I am fully sated in gooey happy Christmas type holiday cheereven if I am reading this in the middle of the summer A wonderfully written story with phenomenal characters a lovely historical back drop and some hot smexy happily ever afters Well written but not my cuppa Thought the addition of Julian to the party and Nicky's complete acceptance of him in spite of what he knew about Ian's sensibilities was ridiculous and I couldn't like Nicky after coming to the fact that he had whored around extensively in Ian's absence and with Julian no less The fact that Julian was an overt ass to Ian wasn't improved by his later heroics Seemed to me that Nicky should have loved Ian for who he was but in the end really wanted to change him into just as big a slut as himself Fantasizing about a ménage even before any relationship is rekindled? Marrying Charlotte? Oh No Just No I felt for Ian through the whole story The lies deceit of of own sister and the supposed love of his life? Spying on him? Sending him to see his sister in the way he saw her? Tactless and tasteless It's supposed to be a happy ending but I could not warm to Nicky for clearly not wanting Ian as he was honor duty and all I fear Julian might end up being right about the months wager at the end and that's sad The thing is I never really enjoy Historical stories English is not my native and I find hard to connect to a story using old language that I don't really care about So I end up not caring for these characters Maybe it's a nice story but it's hard to feel it when I basically struggle to like the writing I think I will stick to contemporaryfuture thank you very much An Improper Holiday by KA Mitchell was a charming historical romance read I do think an accurate historical depicting a gay relationship is a particularly difficult thing to do and there is only a certain amount of scope But I think the book was well executed and a very sweet read This author consistently delivers the goods and this gem is no exception Totally sexy reading and the story has one particularly intriguing secondary character that totally deserves a HEA too He followed all the rules until one man showed him a dozen ways to break themAs second son to an earl Ian Stanton has always done the proper thing Obeyed his elders studied diligently and dutifully accepted the commission his father purchased for him in the Fifty Second Infantry Division The one glaring shameful marvelous exception Nicholas Chatham heir to the Maruess of CarleighBefore Ian took his position in His Majesty s army he and Nicky consummated two years of physical and emotional discovery Their inexperience created painful conseuences that led Ian to the conviction that their unnatural desires were never meant to be indulgedFive years later wounded in body and plagued by memories of what happened between them Ian is sent to carry out his older brother s plans for a political alliance with Nicky s father Their sister Charlotte is the bargaining pieceNicky never believed that what he and Ian felt for each other was wrong and he has a plan to make things right Getting Ian to Carleigh is but the first step Now Nicky has only twelve nights to convince Ian that happiness is not the price of honor and duty but its reward Perhaps it's a bit early to be reading Christmas themed stories but this one insisted I read it now Short sweet and steamy at the same time this Regency era novella about two young men rekindling their forbidden romance after five years apart during Twelfth Night festivities at an aristocratic family's manor was a very enjoyable though occasionally frustrating mostly due to Ian being a stubborn idiot read Pleasant This was well written and enjoyable

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