Magickal Mermaids And Water Creatures Invoke The Magick Of

Magickal Mermaids And Water Creatures Invoke The Magick Of The Waters Stories of the Mer Folk especially Mermaids exist in nearly every culture around the world that sailed the oceans or large rivers Human like except for their iridescent scaly tails Mermaids and Mermen have fascinated humans for thousands of years Because the largest of these beings exist in the oceans most people are not aware that smaller versions of the Mer Folk live in inland rivers streams marshes and large or small waterfalls Like many other magickal beings the Mermaids travel easily between this world and the astral planes appearing only to those who truly seek to know them and learn their ancient powers Magickal Mermaids and Water Creatures brings these fabled creatures out of the storybooks and into real life through the studies of D J Conway Within the pages you will learn aboutThe secret powers of Mermaids and MermenDifferent water creatures and where you can find themHow to entice water folk for friendship and healthHow to avoid dangerous water folk

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Magickal Mermaids And Water Creatures Invoke The Magick Of The Waters
  • D.J. Conway
  • English
  • 26 January 2014
  • 9781564147844

About the Author: D.J. Conway

A native of the Pacific Northwest author DJ Conway has studied the occult fields for over 35 years Her uest for knowledge has covered every aspect of Paganism and Wicca to New Age and Eastern philosophies; plus history the magical arts philosophy customs mythologies and folklore In 1998 she was voted Best Wiccan and New Age author by Silver Chalice a Pagan magazine She lives a rather

5 thoughts on “Magickal Mermaids And Water Creatures Invoke The Magick Of The Waters

  1. Christopher Christopher says:

    There is enough about mermaids and other mythological creatures of the sea to satisfy any interested persons appetite There are some interesting meditation techniues and even some energy building rituals worth a look at as well She did mention or suggested that one should purchase a dried seahorse for one ritual which I don't agree with since they are an endangered speciesand this is why i took a star off Otherwise the book is uite interesting with some nice stories and well written

  2. Valerie Valerie says:

    Read this book way back as a youngling Trying to communicate with water spirts taught me how to get into a deeply meditative state which is a skill I’ve taken with me throughout my lifeAlso how cool are selkies amirite???

  3. Denielle Denielle says:

    This was a good introduction to magical water creatures Very easy read

  4. Peekablue Peekablue says:

    I've been fascinated with mermaids all my life I have recently been trying to collect as many books as possible for my personal library A couple of months ago my obsession turned to mermaids I ordered this book and another that mostly contained picturesIf you're looking for facts on mermaids mermen and other types of merfolk there are than you think this book is for youThis book contains several mermaid legends from around the world It covers the different types of water folk grouping them by the waters they inhabit Rivers Small Streams and Waterfalls Desert and Arrid Regions Who knew? Swamps Fens and Wetlands and finally Lakes There is also a section of other kinds of water creatures such as dolphins and hippocampusIn addition to these facts there are sections on how to contact merfolk and use water magick None of which I have tried yet but maybe someday Even if you find that a little ridiculous the book is worth it for the other information it suppliesThere are illustrations in black and white most from Clipart If you're looking for a book with mostly pictures of mermaids I recommend Mermaids Magical Beings by Elizabeth Ratisseau

  5. Emelda Emelda says:

    I'm not pagan but I was looking for obscure mermaid tales Alas there was only one Latin tale to read but it was an interesting read anyhow the parts that I didn't skip over It would probably be a super cute book if you were pagan and into water magick

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