Prescription for Romance ePUB Õ Prescription for

  • Paperback
  • 215 pages
  • Prescription for Romance
  • Marie Ferrarella
  • English
  • 04 April 2016
  • 9780373654994

4 thoughts on “Prescription for Romance

  1. Maura Maura says:

    I read the first book in this series uite a few years ago and didn’t realize it was part of a connected series Now I’ve come back and read the first one and realize it’s all centered around the life and loves of employeesfamily members of the Armstrong Institute for Fertility This one starts with Paul Armstrong the head doctor in charge of the institute along with his CFO twin brother Derek and his sister Lisa The institute has suffered some devastating rumors and has struggled with public perception lately which is why Derek brings on public spin doctor Ramona Tate Paul isn’t thrilled with this decision at first not liking Ramona’s nosiness and persistence but she’s skilled and easy on the eyes So he agrees to keep her on Ramona couldn’t be pleased since she has ulterior motivesshe’s an investigative journalist determined to uncover the scandal of the institute and all its secretsand she’s looking for a potential sibling resulting from hre mother’s egg donation so this sibling can donate bone marrow and save her mom’s life Then Paul catches her in the archives he’s angry but when they get locked in things turn passionate Even once they’re out things continue and the two fall into love But what will happen when Paul learns of Ramona’s deceit?This was an average read for me Neither of the characters were very exciting and they had next to no chemistry other than some stray thoughts about how hot the other are Attraction does not necessarily eual chemistryas such when the consummation scene occurred it kinda felt out of the blue rather than having build up Also I didn’t much care for Ramona as a personmaybe because she set out to deceive Paul without really getting to know him or maybe because she had every intention with Paul’s help of violating patient confidentiality and tracking down a sibling who may or may not know she’s from a donor eggunderstand the motivation and all but seemed a bit selfish Also pretty sure the donor egg recipient could sue the pants off the institute for revealing that info to Ramonabut that wasn’t really mentioned I absolutely did appreciate the fact that Ramona knew that she was lying accepted it and owned up to the conseuences of it She didn’t get on Paul for not listening or giving her a chance to explain she knew she was in the wrong completely and didn’t blame someone else when it bit her in the ass Paul was justifiably pissed and Ramona knew she deserved that I just wish their resolution had been a bit drawn out and that discussion or something had happened As it was Paul forgave Ramona VERY uickly it felt like it even though time had passed and next thing you know they’re talking marriage before even having a date

  2. Samantha Samantha says:

    I skimmed this book heavily Nothing bad about the writing but I hated the female love interest I will probably try this author again

  3. PWRL PWRL says:


  4. J Coulter J Coulter says:

    ga suka endingnya perasaan kok kayak dipaksain gitu ya?

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Prescription for Romance Undercover reporter Ramona Tate was on a mission But Paul Armstrong the gorgeous head doctor of the Armstrong Fertility Institute was a serious obstacle to unearthing the famous facility's secrets And now Ramona was falling for him What would happen once he found out who she really wasPaul's mission in life was to run the prestigious Boston clinic and uphold his family legacy His new PR manager seemed intent on undermining his authority at every turn Then why was he finding the outspoken blonde so hard to resist Settling down wasn't on the workaholic doc's short term agenda Until Ramona made him start yearning for a family of his own