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Her Best Friend Complete waste of time and money I don't care as much about the money but I wish I could get the three hours of my life back Maybe I'm just weird but I didn't find anything about the writing extraordinary as so many readers here have indicated I thought the writing was mediocre at best There was no story development other than the constant longing by the heroine for the hero and the constant longing by the hero for his wife I never got how or why the hero decides to stay with the heroine Certainly it was NOT because he fell in love with her because there was never any indication of that whatsoever in this book At best the heroine was second best and a choice of last resort for the hero's battered pride He knew he would lose her friendship if they didn't proceed to something and he knew he could not forgive his wife for her betrayal so he settled for the heroine because what the hell else was there to do She loved him after all go with the path of least resistance view spoilerHello almost at the very end of the book right before the hero is about to go to the heroine he feels the emotional pull and shared history with his wife as he is embracing her hide spoiler I learned category romances can be very very good despite the embarrassing covers that take romance readers back twenty steps in our fight not to appear as the stereotypical simple minded bon bon eating non discerning readers of literatureI also learned that Sarah Mayberry rocks I wish I had the ability to uantify the exact ualities that differentiate writing techniues that allow one book to be multi faceted and filled with emotional poignancy and another to be flat Alas I fail Needless to say Sarah Mayberry's writing is smooth She manages to find the exact right balance between action dialogue and reflection Very good category romance about two lovely people who grew up next door to each other all their lives This is the first Superromance of SM's that I have read She usually does the Harleuin Blaze line instead I hope that she does Superromances because I liked how the focus was on the story and the characters versus the rather forced mental lusting in the SM Blaze that I readMy primary beef with Best Friend Romances is that most authors TELL me that the HH are BFs not SHOW me Not so here The HH are both 30 years of age in the story the hero is waiting for his divorce to finalize after a yr of separation from his soon to be ex and I definitely got the feeling the HH will always love each other and be each other's BFs no matter what comes their way when I finished the book I also liked how the soon to be ex who is obviously a selfish manipulative woman isn't totally villainized despite the horrible things she did Full Review at Her Best Friend Paperback by Sarah Mayberry This might be a misleading score I didn't like the book not because it was poorly written or anything I just couldn't get past the subject matter I found the whole they liked each other as teens but a different girl came on to him so he went with her thing just too sad Even getting together now didn't save it for me I couldn't help thinking about John Greenleaf Whittier's words “of all sad words of tongue and pen The saddest are these 'It might have been'” Uninteresting contrivances keep the couple apart I wanted better relationship interactionsSTORY BRIEFAmy has loved uinn since she was 14 She is now 30 She never showed her feelings He has never known her feelings He dated another married and is now in process of divorce His wife cheated on him Amy needs legal help and calls uinn’s wife but uinn answers the phone He gives her advice and then shows up to help her at a public hearing Amy doesn’t know uinn is getting a divorce She wants to avoid being with him because unreuited love is painfulREVIEWER’S OPINIONI wanted something meatier The set up was ok but too much vague communication going on They each feel attraction but they don’t let the other know Then after she makes a move he tells her it was a mistake This happens twice His thinking is he desires her but he has nothing to offer her They work in different cities and his divorce isn’t final He won’t have sex with someone because of those reasons One of the rules of writing is to have characters act in accordance with their motivations and aims He is not doing that The author wants them apart This was no funI was further annoyed that three times the couple began hot and heavy kissing that would have led to sex when Amy’s mother arrives saying hello anyone there Again this was the author wanting them apart and couldn’t figure out how to have the couple do it so she had the mother do it Three timesLisa comes to town and wants to help with the rehab Amy should have said no uinn should have said something Lisa and uinn were in the middle of an unfriendly divorce Allowing Lisa to join them and spend time with them was too soap opera ish for meA secondary story that was interesting was Amy purchasing and renovating an old theater She had conflicts with local politicians and an unscrupulous real estate developer who wanted the theater That was the better part of the bookDATAStory length 241 pages Swearing language moderate including religious swear words Sexual language moderate Number of sex scenes 4 includes 3 interrupted scenes Total number of sex scene pages 8 Setting current day Daylesford Australia Copyright 2010 Genre contemporary romance What's a girl to do when she's secretly in love with a friend and he's married to someone else She gets over it That's what Amy Parker has done Rather than lose her best bud uinn Whitfield with an ill timed crazy confession of affection she's taken the smart route She's eased away from him Just enough to get past the unreuited bits And you know it's working Until the day uinn announces he's now single That's right He's single And he wants to hang out With her Get reconnected the way they used to be Oh this is so not good for Amy's euilibrium Daily doses of uinn remind her of everything she loves about him But if he's freeand she's freewell maybe the time has come for one of those crazy confessions Her Best Friend is a wonderful book It combines my favorite theme friends to lovers but also my least favorite one unreuited love Amy has loved her best friend uinn since she was fourteen But then Lisa moved to town and became a part of their trio and it was Lisa uinn dated and subseuently married Amy kept uiet through out sad as well as happy for her friends She learnt to hide her feelings around uinn She dated and even moved on but that love never really went away So for the past 18 months she cut of that contact with her friends to be happier She threw herself in fulfilling her dream of owning and restoring the Grand theater Things go south and she calls Lisa for help and instead ends up talking to uinnthey are lawyers uinn we find out is going through a divorce Lisa cheated on him for 2 years Things went south for them because of Lisa's ambition in life uinn has not told Amy about the divorce so when he comes to town suddenly at the Council meeting Amy is surprised and asks him about Lisa uinn comes through for Amy and she gets the Grand and seeing the amount of work it needs he volunteers to spend his vacation helping her Amy is initially not in favor of this as in the past few months her defenses against uinn have eroded because of not being in contact with him and when she finds out about Lisa she feels guilty as well as hope uinn wants to get back his friendship with Amy The uestion here which comes is about friendship when things happens between them there is this uestion in uinn's mind does he want to loose his friendship with AmyWe also find out that things between uinn and Amy were not one sided during their teens but uinn chose to keep Amy's friendship rather than gamble it on a relationship I loved the way uinn got Amy he knew when she was lying I loved how Amy shouted on uinn and took care of him The drunken confession of Amy's feelings made me cringe and happy in eual measures The book was so well done I will read of her Super romances nowRating 45 I'm not sure what I didn't like about this story but I had to push myself to finish it Maybe I'm just not a fan of the best friends turn to lovers I always end up rolling my eyes through most of these type of stories This story had pretty good reviews so I gave it a shot I can see why people liked this story the author has a talent with characterization but the plot just didn't work for me 45 starsYet another gem from Sarah Mayberry This is exactly the type of contemporary I love It isn't flashy or dazzly It doesn't have Navy SEALs jumping out of planes and stalkers behind every door It is a good relationship drama that hits on a lot of themes unreuited love the value of friendship and betrayal and trustThe set up of the story is very well done Amy and uinn grew up together practically from the crib They were always the best of friends Then Lisa came along and the three of them became the three musketeers teenagers who did everything together Amy fell in love with uinn when they were 14 years old but it was Lisa who was the bold one and got his attention It was Lisa with whom he moved from a platonic relationship into a boyfriend girlfriend relationship throughout high school and college And it was Lisa that he married with Amy standing up for both of them as their 'Best Person' But Amy never fell out of love with him and she subsumed her pain under a mask of happiness She still loved both her best friends but it was hard for her to be with them so over time she slowly through careful neglect removed herself from their lifeBut uinn is back and he and Lisa are divorcing SO now whatThis is a great premise and it is the type of a plot that I just adore It is a story that a good writer can wring a lot out of and a reader can sit back and sink into As in another book of hers I read The Best Laid Plans Mayberry executes this story brilliantly Amy and uinn don't just fall into each other While Amy has always been hyper aware of uinn uinn is allowed to slowly become aware of Amy as someone other than just 'Ames' his best friend And Lisa although she is the architect of her marriage's downfall isn't made into an out and out villain She is portrayed as someone who really didn't know what they wanted and screwed up seriously Mayberry also allows the three of them continue to negotiate the fluid lines of their friendship outside of the romance As uinn reflects on his divorce he mourns the loss of Lisa his friend and much as the loss of Lisa his wife Amy as much as she is disappointed in Lisa for hurting uinn doesn't choose sides in their marriage problems knowing that that is a boundary she can't cross And in a master stroke the thing that prevents uinn and Amy from getting together right away even when uinn finally acknowledges that he is attracted to her is his fear of losing her as a friend as well This isn't a contrived obstacle but a very valid consideration he needs to make before he embarks on changing the tenor of their relationship He's already lost that with Lisa he was terrified of losing it with AmyAnd I was also glad to see that when Amy reflects on how different their lives would have been had she been the bold one and made the move at the age of 14 instead of Lisa uinn doesn't go there He acknowledges that things may have been different but he was in love with Lisa even though he no longer is This is the type of nuance and adult storytelling that makes the contemporary novel my favorite subgenre but issadly not found very often I knock off half a star because the ending felt rushed I know this is because of the book length constraints in the Superromance line but I can't help but lament how much richer the story would have been if it had another 100 200 pagesHighly recommend

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Her Best Friend
  • Sarah Mayberry
  • English
  • 05 May 2014
  • 9780373783717

About the Author: Sarah Mayberry

Sarah Mayberry was born in Melbourne Australia and is the middle of three children From the time that she first “stole” paper from kindergarten and stapled it together to make “books” Sarah has always wanted to be a writer In line with this ambition on graduation from high school she completed a bachelor of arts degree majoring in professional writing then sat down to write a book When ins