Eat Your Way to Parenthood PDF ñ Your Way to

Eat Your Way to Parenthood One woman's insulting and unverified opinions Steer clear Living in the 21st century we are too often seduced by the promise of instant gratification through the latest high tech medicine Indeed modern fertility management has made enormous strides in providing solutions for many infertile couples However for the majority of patients the cost complexity and invasiveness of this technology limits its application especially for those with minor or no obvious impediment to fertility Gabriela Rosa reminds us of the gift that Mother Nature has provided in a balanced and nutritious diet and how it provides the building blocks for a healthy sperm egg and baby This book is both a guide to the process of fertility and the basics of good nutrition as well as a manual of recipes that cleverly combine the scientific research with balanced tasty and nutritious ingredients This is an important work for couples wishing to conceive as well as for anyone who simply wants delicious and nutritious recipes

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