Saving Allegheny Green MOBI á Saving Allegheny Epub

Saving Allegheny Green Ally is a nurse She is a caretaker She feels responsible for her family her mom aunt sister and nephew since her father died Her sister Sistine has fallen in with a bad crowd It makes Ally crazy but she cannot do anything until Sissy shoots her boyfriend in the foot They cops are called by the TV preacher next doorThe sheriff Sam Conahegg shows up He is a hottie Ally notices him She has not dated in so longAlly ends up finding two dead bodies both boyfriends of Sissy's Sam has an arrest warrent out for her Ally needs to find out who is really behind these murdersI liked this story I was hoping it was a series but it's not The first Lori Wilde book I readand I LOVE it Set right in my backyard of Weatherford Texas I liked the characters and the situations that they got themselves into and the ending was entertaining My only problem is that I felt there should have been More to the relationship between the two main charactes info on the sister on the main male character's background Also I think that the addition of the alternate ending to the back of the book was not a good idea The alternate ending was horrible I really don't think we needed to know it But overall this was a good book I just wanted to know I actually enjoyed this book Allegheny Ally Green has a bit of a complex where she feels responsible for everyone in her family She has to learn to let them stand on their own even when her sister is suspected of murder don't think Miss Marple is in any danger of losing her crown Extremely silly Interesting with great characters HEA left at cliffy but very well done Move over Miss Marple…Allegheny Ally Green has spent her entire life being the voice of reason in Clover Leaf Texas Between her family and her nursing job at the local hospital Ally's hands are too full for things like everlasting love and personal fulfillment After all when your aunt chats with the deceased and your sister shoots her cheating boyfriend in the foot someone has to pay the bailThen dead bodies start turning up—including her sister Sissy's ex And when Sissy herself becomes the sheriff's number one suspect it's up to Ally to save the day yet again… All she has to do is track down a murderer save her sister avoid any romantic notions involving the sheriff and find a life of her ownSimple really

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