Invasion Magic The Gathering Invasion Cycle #1 PDF/EPUB

Invasion Magic The Gathering Invasion Cycle #1 The Phyrexian nightmare begins Dominaria faces its biggest threat an invasion by its greatest enemy an attack planned for eons by merciless foes No one is exempt from their terror No land is safe from their onslaught In the shadow of the Phyrexian horde Dominaria has but one hope the Weatherlight and her crew The time has come to defend hearth and home from invasion

  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • Invasion Magic The Gathering Invasion Cycle #1
  • J. Robert King
  • English
  • 09 August 2014
  • 9780786914388

10 thoughts on “Invasion Magic The Gathering Invasion Cycle #1

  1. Chip Hunter Chip Hunter says:

    As the title implies INVASION finally chronicles the long expected attack on Dominaria from the Phyrexians out of Rath If that sentence doesn't make sense to you this book probably won't either To get the full story is no simple matter however You should start with the anthology Rath and Storm then go on to the Artifacts Cycle including The Brothers' War Planeswalker Time Streams and Bloodlines followed by the Masuerade Cycle including Mercadian Masues Nemesis and Prophecy Finally if you really want to get the full story read the preuel The Thran Then you'll be up to speed with the story so far Some of those books are good most are only decent and a couple of them are down right bad So you'll have to make up your own mind about whether you're willing to give this story as much time and attention as it demands I'll tell you that the only reason I have kept with it so long is that I simply can't admit defeat and not finish a story Also I am a glutton for punishment Anyway INVASION finally tells the story of the Phyrexian attack which is something we've been anticipating and preparing for over the last bunch of books With so much build up priming my appetite for this book I couldn't help but being somewhat disappointed in the execution While it is undeniably exciting with plenty of action dramatic events and highly emotional moments the story just didn't live up to my hopes The characters behave completely predictably many parts of the book seemed rushed and too much of an effort was placed on telling about every part of Dominaria With a very limited amount of space King tried to tell a hugely complicated story that involved nearly all of Dominaria and many central characters The result is a hectic and off putting reading experienceThat being said the story is still not complete with two books in this trilogy apparently detailing further battles between the armies of Phyrexia and Urza's defenders

  2. Michael T Bradley Michael T Bradley says:

    J Robert King is a good writer and puts in some wonderful flourishes see my notes if you can for a few nice moments but overall is hampered by I don't know The necessities of the genre? What WOTC told him he had to put in there?The plot starts off with a rehash of Mercadian Masues which seemed unnecessary at best and confusing at second best but at least it's a linear narrative with the Weatherlight crew vs Tsabo Tavoc the boo hiss Phyrexians Then they fightAlso many many other characters fight My favorite character in the whole saga of MTG so far Teferi pops in for like three pages like he does and the character that shone for me in this book was I think again Barrin Barrin's emotional arc was about the only thing that really shone through as real to me I don't know why it got only as much screen time as the other 'oh shit I have seven pages total to try to convey this tragedy and its effects on others' plotlines but it worked YMMVUrza is full on 'needs of the manyinhuman' here which I dig I'll admit I'm getting pretty excited to be done with the Weatherlight crew I might make it through this final ish trilogy wthem soon

  3. Scott Johnson Scott Johnson says:

    This felt rushed The entire story was nothing but now Phyrexia is invading and we're trying to fight back This might be fine but it felt like we were just constantly jumping from set piece to set piece One instance that comes to mind is near the very endUrza suddenly assembles the planesvengers of whom the only known name was Freyalise says it's going to take 2 weeks in a time bubble on Tolaria to train to use the titansand then literally fade to black cut to 2 weeks real time later on the next lineIt's not inherently problematic but it happens constantly and it makes the entire thing feel hurried with no strong thread holding it all togetherAlso of note is I finished this in under three hours The shortest book previously was about 4 Not sure exactly what that means but it's definitely a change

  4. Iain Iain says:

    Perhaps owing to it's focus on one long battle I found this book rather boring and difficult to get through Which is unfortunate since it contains significant events for Urza and the Weatherlight's crew

  5. Cees Cees says:

    Bombs should take less time to make than soldiers so why not bomb the entire battlefield before sending your soldiers if they were gonna destroy the place anyway?

  6. T.S. S. Fulk T.S. S. Fulk says:

    25 starsAn okay tale but I just didn't care about any of the characters I care about their MtG cards LOL and the war just went on an on

  7. Kim Kim says:

    Truth be told I would give the book closer to 25 stars maybe even 275 but I rounded down because that cover art is downright ugly I almost felt embarrassed reading it in publicThis book starts out in the throws of action and doesn't let up for over half the book and it is distracting I had to force myself to read the first 160 pages The battle scenes were well written especially King's descriptions of the skirmishes of the Weatherlight but the fact that from page one the reader is mired in some sort of battle makes this book hard to get into It could just be that it differs so much from the formula laid out from the previous Magic the Gathering books which generally had a narrative arc that built up to an epic battle at the end But with the beginning of the book jumping from the invasion of Benalia to the invasion of Yavimaya to the invasion of Shiv etc etc there is no real plot for the reader to latch onto until about page 160I also found it distracting having read all the books in order and having not heard from Gerrard and the gang for three books before this one about what was going on at the beginning Are they just coming back from Mercadia? I wasn't sure and had to go try and look it upThe last half of the book however almost makes up for the convoluted first half You finally get a lull in the action and there is finally some narrative The battle for the Caves of Koilos is a really well written battle scene that becomes a surprising page turner though well written end fight scenes from King are something I've come to expect having read his other installments in the franchise And he ends the book on uite the cliff hangerAlso between Prophecy and this book I just feel bad for Barrin

  8. Tyler Tyler says:

    Love every scene with Barrin battle or notThe fight scenes with Multani are excellent I had mixed feelings about the sections with the weatherlight crew and Eladamri Liked the scenes with Agnate and ThaddeusThis book does a great job establishing the real scope of this world wide invasion A lot of books say its a worldwide invasion and there are only one or two battles going on It is really cool to see all of Urza's plans finally come to fruition after literally thousands of years of preparation

  9. Jacob Suson Jacob Suson says:

    I'm a gigantic fan of the whole arc as it feels like a pivotal point in the development of the universe The entire series at least for a long time before and after revolves around the events of this book and two others in the same arc If you like fantasy that isn't your typical dungeons and dragons style concepts then you'll enjoy this

  10. Adrian G. Adrian G. says:

    A very interesting book for being a tie in You don't have to be a fan of MtG to love it These yellowed pulpy pages tell an epic thrill ride is girded with a tight plot and stocked with with surprisingly deep characters This series introduces one of my favorite antagonistic races of all the Phyrexians

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