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  1. Natalija Natalija says:

    Great story with original plot and wonderful characters Mason is a true hero brave smart sexy compassionate and Roz has a remarkable spirit and sense of humor They make a delightful couple and it was a true pleasure to watch them falling in love Read this you won't be sorry

  2. A A says:

    He so does have a white knight syndrome that he self diagnosed The h despite her extreme poverty never had stolen for greed but only for need or bartered for sex and the H is an excopPIBar ownerfuture politician In this fairy tale the H falls in love with an illiterate girl who he finds walking on the highway after her car broke down and she does a BE for staying the night in his bar after he gives her a job He gives her a job teaches her to read starts a search on her birth parents This fairy tales ends with him running for a senate and her married and pregnant of course

  3. Goddess Goddess says:

    “In the Shelter of his Arms” by Jackie Braun began as one of the most uniue contemporary romance stories I’ve ever read The heroine Roz Bennett was abandoned when she was three years old and found wandering downtown Detroit in only a diaper All her life she’s never known a home never known or trusted in love Her goal at the start of the story is to keep going west through the Upper Peninsula UP eh? to Wisconsin However her car dies and also ends up abandoning her in the middle of Nowhere Michigan during winter But along comes our hero Mason Stricker an ex cop ex private investigator who is back home to Chance Harbor for a second chance at life He makes it clear to the reader he has White Knight Syndrome and can’t help rescuing damsels in distress But despite all his internal struggles he swoops down takes Roz back to his bar and offers her a jobI was gripped by the beginning of the story – Roz seemed like she had nowhere else to go and I was anxious to continue reading until I knew she would be okay Even though she seemed street smart and savvy she didn’t have a car money or the means to get anywhere We also learn that because of a learning disability that was never really explained she never graduated from high school There were so many ways her life could have gone so many bad things that did and could have happened to her but readers only learned of a few Even though I know writers aren’t supposed to write too much backstory I felt like this story could have used a touch details to make it believablerealFor example Roz thinks about how she never prostituted herself for a place to stay or food We all have to do what we need to in order to survive no judgements from me if she did so what did she do? The only details the readers have is she dropped out of high school at 18 years old and started travelling but where did she go? What did she do? This all seems to be a mystery She’s 26 years old at the beginning of the story What’s happened in those 8 years? I don’t know need to know everything but those years when she was on her own shaped her goals and motivations as much as her childhood in the welfare system And knowing those goalsmotivations would have increased the conflict between her and Mason It almost seemed like heshe forgot every hurt heshe ever had and they fell in love too uickly Her instinct when people got too uickly was to run away to protect herself from love and the eventual broken heart but because readers don’t get those details then there wasn’t enough conflict keeping them apart and their HEA happens with 20% of the book left to go Ms Braun is an excellent writer and the beginning of this story certainly had me transported to those horribly damp Michigan winters that I don’t miss “In the Shelter of His Arms” taught me the importance of judicious application of backstory in manuscripts What an excellent read

  4. Kay Kay says:

    4 12 Stars Roz Bennett doesn't know her name or her birth date She'd been left nearly naked on the corner of Rosalind and Bennett in Detroit when she'd been a toddler of about three Having gone through the foster care system and turned out at the age of 18 she'd been living on the move all her life Until Mason Striker stops to give her a lift when her car gives it's fatal last cough of life The last thing Mason wants is to rescue anyone but he can't just leave her on the side of the road in winter in the middle of nowhere It's soon apparent that she has little or no money hasn't eaten in days and isn't dressed for the weather Mason is an ex cop ex private investigator moved home to his little home town off Lake Superior where he runs the family tavern Giving Roz her new name of Rose is easy Showing her that she's worthy of someone's love is the hard part especially since her instincts have always been to run before anyone gets too close to hurt herMs Braun gives us a heart wrenching and heart warming love story Mason and Rose are both vulnerable and fear love or rather they fear loving and then being rejected This is one of those poignant stories that you begin and then have to finish in one sitting I loved Mason's patience and the way he took the time to really see Rose and the fact that Rose had the smarts to realize that instead of having a huge chip on her shoulder that one would expect from her experiences I adored Mason's sister Marnie who has her own story next Well done to Ms Braun

  5. Sheri Sheri says:

    My grade C I was prompted to read this book because it won the 2005 RT Reviewers Choice for Harleuin Romance and had stellar reviews The premise is certainly different the heroine was an abandoned toddler spent her life shuffling though the foster care system and suffered substantial abuse there The hero is a guy who likes to rescue people and whose last relationship resulted in a major burn Rose's lasting effect from her experiences is low self esteem She is honest hard working grateful for others' generosity With all she'd been through she just wasn't complicated enough and honestly didn't have enough baggage I didn't get enough history on Mason to understand why he was such a Pollyanna Just born that way? I never really understood exactly who he was He was an ex cop for goodness sake We didn't even find out why he left the police force to become a private investigator The only life history that affected him was his ex girlfriend and how his association with her resulted in him being shot I didn't really understand why he was so drawn to Rose either Why this woman? What about her made him want to keep her forever? Why did his sister think they'd be a great couple from the very beginning? I enjoyed this but just wanted a bit from the characters

  6. Louisa Heaton Louisa Heaton says:

    I really enjoyed this book by Jackie Braun I was tempted into reading it when Jackie posted the first page or so on wwwchocolateboxwriterscomThe intro to the story had me hooked Here was Roz and Mason one very much in need and the other able to offer some help Roz was a tortured character one who carried a lot of baggage so much so she was being worn away by it and JAckie a rain painted Roz beautifully She had a sad past yes but you rooted for her as a reader Roz is an underdog but a survivor Mason on the other hand is the kind of nice guy we all hope we would run I to if any of us were in needThe story flowed easily and was a pleasure to read and when it's as easy as this you know a writer has worked hard to make it this way An enjoyable story

  7. Diamond Diamond says:

    فرصة العمر الأخيرة روايات أحلام #471تأليف جاكي براون تأليفتعرضت روز بانيت للهجر من أبويها وهي طفلة ولم تشعر أنها تنتمي يوما إلى أي مكانالآن بدأت تفكر أن الحظ يعاكسها من جديد فهي لا تملك مالاً وقد تعطلت سيارتها وسط الطريق في منطقة مجهولة ثم تم إنقاذها مايسون سترايكر الفاتن قدم لروز حبل النجاة منزلاً للإقامة طعاماً شهياً وعملاً عاملها كأنها امرأة مميزة جداً وجذابة جداً لم تحظ روز يوما بمعاملة مماثلة غذ لم يحبها أحد من قبل ولم يدللها أحد أو حتى يريدها أحد ودعاها حدسها إلى الهروب لحماية نفسها خشية حدوث أمرها يبدل ما تعيشه الآنحاولت جهدها ان تحارب حدسها فهي أخيراً قد وجدت حبها الحقيقي فهل سيضيع من يدها؟

  8. Carmen Insfran Carmen Insfran says:

    InteresanteLa historia es interesante Narra todo lo ue sufren los niños abandonados y lo ue implica vivir en orfanatos y esperar ue alguna familia te adopte

  9. Janet Janet says:

    Not too special Sort of held my interest

  10. Gail Gail says:

    This is a sweet angsty story It's not complicated just a lovely little romance and I liked it a lot

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In the Shelter of His Arms Abandoned as a child Roz Bennett has never felt she belonged anywhere Now just when she thinks she's lucked out again with no money and a broken down car in the middle of nowhere she's rescuedHandsome brooding Mason Stricker offers Roz a lifeline a comfy bed delicious food and a job He treats her like she's a very special very attractive woman Roz has never had that before; never been loved or cherished or wanted Her instinct is to flee to protect herself in case it all goes wrong She must fight that instinct in order to find her one true loveher Mason her home