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Gladiator's Prize This book was surprisingly good I wasn't expecting too much from it so it was a surprise for me Darius has finally found his life mate but he had to kidnap her in order to get her When he finally had her he couldnt believe who K'rilla really was K'rilla was a very strong woman and I like her strength In her society she was almost considered an old maid because she hadn't found her life mate and she had given up until Darius took her Very good short uick read and the chemistry between the two characters was good ilove joannas stories this one was excellent but much too shortsaul is a gladiator and after his fight he claims krilla so to speak kidnaps hershe is an engineer that has worked on his fighting ship he is a warrioras well to fight the war there is a major breech in the ships weapons and she is the only one who can fix itshe escapes her room where he told her to stay solves problem and they take off into the universeto fight together i wanted to see how they fought and settled into a happy life but it ended too uicklooking forward to rest of this series is really hot and sexy picture the alpha in only a loincloth Good for a novella Wish it were longer and that the author was still writing new stories in the series The overall series plot is unfinished with the Federation still at war with the Empire The couple in this novella and in one or two others of the series also have unfinished stories Good enough for what it was Interesting premise Decent sci fi feel It really would have benefitted from being much longer A book in the Saurellian Federation seriesAdmiral Saul Darius is a warrior trained to fight and take what he wants—and he intends to possess the lush sensual woman he’s spotted in the arena standsThe last thing Master Engineer K’rilla d’Pecoraio wants is a lifemate But when a battle hardened gladiator claims her as his erotic prize she finds herself in a war of her own—surrender to his will or fight to save the world she holds so dear She’s on his ship at his mercy completely under his powerOr so he thinks Great book Best of the Surrelian Federation series in my opinion Would have given 5 stars if it were longer Read worse Another very good very short read I will say that the pricing for this ebook was a bit wonky 5 for 57 pages is just plain cray However I paid it figured the excess could just be considered a tip in exchange for so many fun reads engaging characters As far as the story is concerned I didn't feel a significant connection with the characters Then again who would? It was 57 pages for crying outloud There was a cool techy segment that I did not get at all but the detail was impressive and there was a clear sense of building tension It seemed that we got glimpses into upcoming problems in the war that was interesting Lastly it was fun to get a story that actually featured two Saurellians under the old system Really enjoyed this short very sexy story Due to price and length would have rated it 35 but as Goodreads doesn't do a half star system rounded it up to 4 as it merits than 3 Considering the length of the book the author did a good job of packing in lots of information and hot hot sex scenes so it can be read successfully as a stand alone if you haven't been following the series Loved the two main characters and it was really refreshing to read about a strong woman who knows what she wants slightly older character Will definitely be getting the other books in the series Recommended I do like a bit of romantic sci fiA 38 yr old Saul Darius Admiral of the space fleet about to go into battle is astounded to finally meet his lifemate when she presents him with the laurels of a planetside tournamentAnd 35 yr old K’rilla d’Pecoraio the top Weapons Engineer on the planet is kidnapped by the Admiral right out of the Arena She is taken to the flag ship of the navy and the bonding beginsOf course things go wrong on the ship and only she can fix itWill have to look into this world a bit

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