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Where Girls Dare 'So cadets how's the morale''High Sir' we boys and girls screamed in unison'Should we tighten your training' 'Yes sir give us ' 'Good' he said Then whispered to the chief instructor'Tighten their discipline Toughen their scheduleI've never seen such happy cadets This is not a party'They entered the Officers' Training Academy at Chennai with a single desire—to be Officers in the army Soon they discovered it was going to be an uphill task literally They fought they bickered they cried and they raised hell But they also learnt They learnt to take push ups and punishments front rolls and figures of eight strict discipline and night marches in their strideWhere Girls Dare is a hilarious and entertaining story of what happens when fifty two lady cadets LCs train alongside four hundred Gentleman Cadets GCs some of whom believe that girls in the army is a bad idea Finally a book by an Indian author who actually knows the rules of grammar and diction This book is a welcome departure from the Chetan Bhagat school of SMS lingo and the where's that dictionary again writing of Jhumpa Lahiri It had an interesting story line no unnecessary romantic plot and was easy to read Would recommend its a hilarious feel good fun booki will recommend it to anyone needing a laugh its a heart warming story of army girl cadets in training n their whacky fun ways n perspective at life totally un put downable Hillarious A perfect read on a lazy afternoon awesome booktruly a must read nice read very realistic book surprisingly excellent grammar with no hinglish dialogue or sms jargon overall an entertaining book I loved the simple style and narration of the plot Neatly written in a manner that describe first hand experience in a military academy Loved it great one hilarious but catchy Very amateurish writing Though the idea behind the book was intriguing and promising fresh lady cadets LCs at the Officers' Training Academy set along the lines of Enid Blyton's popular boarding school series StClare's Malory Towers Naughtiest Girl the writing left a lot to be desired

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