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Images of Pastoral Care Classic Readings This book is an edited volume of works that have predominated over the past several decades in contemporary pastoral theology Through the writings of nineteen leading voices in the history of pastoral care Dykstra shows how each contributor developed a metaphor for understanding pastoral care Such metaphors include the solicitous shepherd the wounded healer the intimate stranger the midwife and other tangible images Through these works the reader gains a sense of the varied identities of pastoral care professionals their struggles for recognition in this often controversial field and insight into the history of the disciple Images of Pastoral Care includes readings by Anton Boisen Alastair Campbell Donald Capps James Dittes Robert Dykstra Heije Faber Charles Gerkin Brita Gill Austern Karen Hanson Seward Hiltner Margaret Zipse Kornfeld Bonnie Miller McLe Jeanne Stevenson Moessner Henri Nouwen Gaylord Noyce Paul Pruyser and Edward Wimberly

About the Author: Robert C. Dykstra

Robert C Dykstra is the Charlotte W Newcombe Professor of Pastoral Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary where he earned both the MDiv and PhD degrees A native of Minnesota he is a lifelong member of the Presbyterian Church USA and an ordained Presbyterian minister He served for a number of years as a minister youth minister hospital chaplain and pastoral counselor His academi

10 thoughts on “Images of Pastoral Care Classic Readings

  1. Aleah Aleah says:

    As with any compilation of essays some are much stronger than others More good than bad although a couple were laughably bad Still a helpful and creative use of metaphor to capture diverse aspects of pastoral care

  2. James Collins James Collins says:

    The book is a collection of nineteen essays written by various religious scholars Dykstra’s purpose in putting the compilation together was to help readers determine their pastoral self identity To do so he organizes the book in three sections or “images” The big takeaway for me was understanding how these images helped me to become conscious of my own pastoral self awareness Since reading Images of Pastoral Care I do find myself to be conscious of the differences in the way different ministers approach problems I now understand that clergy just don’t have differences in style but also have differences in pastoral self understanding Images of Pastoral Care should be read by all seminary and CPE students

  3. Alan Londy Alan Londy says:

    For anyone interested in a serious study of the intellectual and spiritual foundation of pastoral care this books is essential reading I did not find all of the essay compelling but reading each of them was an important part of my learning

  4. John Connolly John Connolly says:

    I found this book to be an incredible composition of a multitude of different perspectives on pastoral care It does not go very deep and to anyone particular topic but gives you a great survey of some of the great perspectives in the field of pastoral care; well worth the read

  5. Caleb M Caleb M says:

    Some interesting concepts Sometimes helpful Sometimes repetitive

  6. Bob Munson Bob Munson says:

    One of my favorite books on pastoral theology It is an anthology of metaphors such as Wounded Healer Living Human Documents Wise Fool and that inform modern pastoral care A favorite of mine from the book was Circus Clown Great read

  7. Kira Austin-Young Kira Austin-Young says:

    A collection of essays compiled by Dykstra illuminating different images of pastoral care Personally I found some of the images helpful than others for my ministry as is to be expected I particularly like how Dykstra balanced traditional and masculine images with feminist perspectives by pastoral theologians like Miller McLe A great introduction to these theologians' work

  8. Daniel Seifert Daniel Seifert says:

    Pastoral models help us become conscious of how our pastoral self understanding informs our praxis and conscious of the fact that differences in the way pastors approach problems and needs are not merely differences in style but in pastoral self understanding

  9. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    It is a good collection the arena just was not my cup tea

  10. A.L. Stumo A.L. Stumo says:

    Good collection of older images

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