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Just Friends? Silhouette Special Edition He was the most infuriating man But on television it was a different story There Evan Taggart came off as handsome Confident Single A state the reality show played up a little than producer Leandra Clay planned All too soon women with the same thought in mind marriage started invading their small town in droves So now it was payback time Evan's ultimatum to Leandra masuerade as his fiancee or he was walking and her career in television was toast The choice seemed easy at the time But this Evan didn't act like the childhood friend Leandra remembered Who knew he could kiss like that Or that his slightest touch could set her skin on fire Just friends Stay tuned

7 thoughts on “Just Friends? Silhouette Special Edition

  1. Saly Saly says:

    35 starsAnother nice one So the book opens with the heroine getting married to the hero's close friend That is where we learn that the hero has feelings for her Fast forward years later the loss of the heroine's daughter led to her divorce and her withdrawing from her family heading to Europe Now she is back to shoot a show and not liking the attraction she feels towards the hero Once again another great entry in this series I liked the hero uite a bit how caring he was towards animals and his niece and everyone really He was a genuinely nice guy The heroine on the other hand was just running away from her pain

  2. Teresa Teresa says:

    4 stars Continuing with the Clays we have now moved on to the next generation and the children of the Clay brothers are all grown up Leandra Clay Jefferson and Emily's daughter has come back to Weaver to film a reality show starring childhood friend Evan Taggart who is now a vet in Weaver She has avoided coming home so as not to face her family and the tragedy that is still haunting her and has thrown herself into her work Evan lost Leandra once when he didn't let his feelings for her be known and he is determined not to let it happen again This story had me crying at Leandra's heartbreak and smiling at the HEA she deserves Another great read from Weaver Wyoming and I love how all the characters makes this place feel like your home but these books can all be read as standalones although you would be missing out on the dynamic of the family and town if you don't read them all Good recommended read

  3. Sarah Sarah says:

    back to the Clay family 3I'm yawning as I write this 5pm and I'm exhausted I blame a 6am wake up call and I've been go go go the whole timeBut I loved this book I enjoyed reading about Evan and LeandraI remember a brief mention of Evan with Lucy in that book and I'll admit at first I was expecting him to still be wanting Lucy or something but nope not at allI love the end when they all are at Suire's 85th birthday 85 wow Suire and they were all Leandra's in love with Evan and no one was surprised that she was nor were they surprised that Evan loved her Everyone knew that Evan had been in love with her for years everyone but herI loved the story A lot

  4. Jodi Jodi says:

    I just really enjoy the Clay family I don't find myself getting tired of them as the series goes on This one was a bit strange since it started the Return to Double C Ranch and now the kids from the original books are all grown up It seems odd to see the Clay brothers as graying and becoming grandparents But i still liked this one just as much as the originals

  5. Linda Linda says:

    Another great book from Allison Leigh It is part of her Return to the Double C Ranch series

  6. Andrea Andrea says:

    This was a really ok kind of read it did have me crying my eyes out at the end This is the second time I've it and I still enjoyed it

  7. MBR MBR says:

    Wasn't what I was expecting An okay readMy review

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