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The Celebrity Doctor's Proposal Hilarious I really enjoyed this read It has it all Great characters a witty banter a generous dose of humor not to mention a sizzling attraction Anna and Sam have been at each other throat since childhood Two strong headed characters they clash and drive each other crazy Now they have been manipulated to work temporarily together in the practice owned by their fathers Not to mention that they also have to share the same house Whenever they are together the atmosphere sizzles There is enough spark between them to start a forest fire Lets hope they realize they are meant to each other before they kill each other LOL 35 stars rounded down I am so happy there were no unplanned pregnancies and kids keeping the Hh together I liked the h and how she was a planning ahead taking it for granted that H would be leaving the practice at the end of Summer She was feisty and relatable and despite his media profile so was the H H was down to earth and had a sense of humor and wasn't drowning in his own ego Lovely story Gorgeous characters Witty banter and of course hot sex Dr Riggs has a new partner in her practice when the old one is sick Dr McKenna drives her crazy They grew up in the same small town know each other well and have never really got along But all that's about to change and the lead up to it is fabulous This was a lovely romance about 2 people who had always clashed with each other not realizing that it was strong chemistry between themI liked that this story focused on the relationship between the 2 charactersInlike SM other medical romances where she focuses too much on the describing medical ailments depending on the specialty of her lead character at the timeThe H on this one is a GP who is the star of a medical themed TV show while the h is a country GP Their parents were partners in the local clinic Now the h is helping the dad of the H at their local country practice while the H hosts his show in London The old doctor needs a vacation so he tells his son to take over his partnership in the meantime Since The H and h have a history of clashing since childhood of course sparks start flying But it's a good and amusing read Both H and h acted like mature sensible people who had to fight against their amazing chemistry Mills Boon Medical series brings you pulse racing medical dramasWhen Dr Sam McKenna left his hometown he landed a prime time slot on TV Medical Matters is now top of the ratings and it's all because of caring sharing Dr Sam Now Sam's been roped in to be Dr Anna Riggs's locum for the summer so he's dragged his film crew along with him too Anna's furious drop dead gorgeous Dr Sam hasn't been near a real patient in four years When she realises that Sam's caring attitude is not simply a camera trick Anna starts falling for him But would Sam ever be happy to swap his celebrity life for a Cornish harbour The story needed an epilogue rather desperately I enjoyed both characters and given that they have pretty much been in or around one another’s lives since birth I could buy how uickly the relationship developed But it ends sort of abruptly and I needed a better resolution This book was the perfect antidote to a stressful day love snuggling up with your perfect comfort foods but without any of the guilt then this is for you It was a light easy read with some moments that made me laugh If I have a tiny niggle it's the repetition of some phrases over and over again but I wasn't reading it as a literary masterpiece and it provided the escapism that I needed ok What a lovely read Entertaining sizzling hot with sharp fun dialogue throughout this book is highly recommended I'll definitely be reading from this author Loved it Entertaining fast paced and the characters come right off the page

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