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  1. Richard Richard says:

    Amazing; the 71st Inspector Maigret novel read all in their order of publication Penguin Classics have commissioned for them to be re issued in order with modern translationsMaigret and the Wine Merchant was one I had previously read and returning to it again I was struck by the similarities with recent books in the seriesThe investigation comes immediately upon completing a senseless murder and there will be some similarities when an important businessman is shot outside a house of ill reputeThe death of the Wine Merchant follows Maigret’s usual approach getting inside the victim’s mindset and understanding the world in which he movedPage 29; “ When he reached uai des Orfèvres the wine merchant was still in his thoughts an indistinct presence he was trying to bring to life He was certain the once he knew him better he would have no trouble identifying his killer “There is always seems to be great emphasis in Maigret novels regarding the weather Here we have a good deal of fog which at times reflects the muddled thinking in the investigationI remember reading a uote that Henning Mankell was a modern crime writer of a new breed as he introduced medical ailments to his detective Wallender I think diabetes well think again Simenon often has Maigret under the weather and his faculties are inhibited here as he fights off a raging temperature throat infection yuk give me a Soother rather than my throat being painted or perhaps early man fluGreat police procedural with realistic motives and a victim it is hard to feel he didn’t deserve his fate Perhaps when someone is killed who engenders such antipathy and ill feeling the motive is clear but the number of suspects too many to interview

  2. Jim Jim says:

    This is one of Georges Simenon's later mysteries it was published in 1970 but it is every bit as good as his masterpieces of the 1930s Maigret and the Wine Merchant is the story of the murder of someone who needed murdering Occasionally as in several of his earlier books we see the Chief Superintendent sympathizing with the murderer than the victimThe interest thing to me if that Simenon himself was something of an ogre somewhat like his murder victim Oscar Chabut Both Simenon and his murder victim were Casanovas and borderline rapists My late friend Norman knew personally a woman who had been raped by the mystery writer So I think that in a sense Simenon was writing about himself and allowing himself toward the end of his life to be judged harshly by his police hero Jules MaigretAbout halfway through the book we have a good idea who the murderer is The problem is finding him That is all the curious since the murderer is tracking Maigret not to do him harm but to have someone to talk to Eventually the two meet and and read the book and you will see what happens In all it is a very satisfactory ending

  3. Sparrow Sparrow says:

    This is a book about having a cold—the way your world becomes smeary with phlegm as you blink sneeze When you’re sick all of Paris is sick –if you are Maigret trudging down the Rue Fortuny into the “biting north wind” seeking the killer of Oscar Chabut a wholesale wine merchant whose business was ironically named “Le Vin des Moines” the wine of monks Oscar died walking out of a whorehouse His mistress—whom everyone called “the Grasshopper”—is the only person who wept for him We learn all this by the 68th page Is this mystery novel an attack on capitalism? I say yesThe biggest suspense of the book “Will Maigret overcome his cold?” Sorry I can’t reveal the ending

  4. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy Jayaprakash Satyamurthy says:

    A much later Maigret with mentions of record players televisions and computers the only concessions to its 1969 composition date Some good atmosphere but a mystery that solves itself in a rather pat manner One wonders what if anything the analysis of the victim's obsession with sexual conuests says about Simenon

  5. Sharon Barrow Wilfong Sharon Barrow Wilfong says:

    Another good mystery by the French master Georges Simenon Briefly a wine merchant is murdered Maigret must find out who did it That of course is the premise of every murder mysteryWhere Simenon makes the mystery genre his own is how he develops his story his characters and the psychology of a murdererThe wine merchant is a case study by himself As Simenon interviews the people who knew him he finds a man who felt that since he could not make people love him he could at least make them hate him This he went about doing with great effectiveness He made men hate him by sleeping with their wives He made the women hate him by treating them like dirt He made his employees hate him by doing both of the above and acting as loathsome as possibleThen there are the others The wine merchant's wife who decides that her husband is who he is and she will live her life to the fullest in spite of him Taking her own lovers she uite happily lives her life with him and without him too when he is deadThere is one young woman who loves the murdered man even though he treated her as callously as everyone else Why? It was all she got and she accepted thatSo who murdered him? Is there one person who has motive than the others? Or less stable a temperament? Maybe other pressures that finally push him or her over the edge?It turns out there is but you must read the book to discover whoThis books was a good entertaining read but also thought provocative as I thought of the reasons people might allow themselves to be used abused and then someone who decided otherwise

  6. Gary Gary says:

    Tightly focused compassionate study of a criminal

  7. Laurence Giliotti Laurence Giliotti says:

    Maigret and the Wine Merchant Maigret and the Wine Merchant by Georges SimenonThe Victim Narcissistic domineering abusive and unnecessarily cruel His business and personal relationships have but one message 'I am great and powerful and you are nothing'The Suspect Weak lost and adrift submissiveThe Investigator Suffering the flu uninspired relying of standard procedure to grind the investigation slowly forwardThese elements as is often the case with Simenon are merely the table upon which he serves delicate tidbits morsels never enough to gorge oneself but to stimulate the senses What is obtained depends on the breadth and depth of experience the reader brings to the tableuite satisfying

  8. Monica Monica says:

    I enjoyed it uite a bit This was my first Maigret and I went in knowing only that he was a French detective It took a few pages for me to get that the novel was contemporary to the time it was written the early 70’s So in a way it feels like a slightly modern Poirot had Poirot settled down and stayed on the force Of course it would have been set in Brussels What I most liked was the sympathy he seemed to have for the criminals He remembers that they are human as well and treats them accordingly while remembering who they are and what they are capable of I will read

  9. Jim Jim says:

    Another Maigret mystery this published 16 years after the previous book I just read Maigret and the Man on the BenchI also enjoyed this especially the respect he shows the murderer once he is able to interview the personHowever what are the chances of in the course of these two books published years apart a the place where the money was hidden was the same in both books and b inMan on the Bench the main character has lost his job but does not tell his wife and in Wine Merchant another main character has lost his job and does not tell his wife Makes me both want to read the entire series to find other examples like this as well as not want to read any

  10. Iain Iain says:

    Surprisingly relevant today in the Me Too era given the victim's attitude towards women Yet another minor gem from Simenon

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Maigret et le marchand de vin The richest wine merchant in Paris is found dead shot in front of an elegant house where discreet clients are in the habit of renting rooms for discreet purposes Everything seems to point to a crime sparked by jealousy But Maigret is surprised to find a curious absence of shock or grief in the victim's family and colleagues and further investigation into the life and habits of the murdered man reveals some singularly unlovable traits

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Maigret et le marchand de vin
  • Georges Simenon
  • English
  • 13 December 2016
  • 9780156028448

About the Author: Georges Simenon

Simenon was one of the most prolific writers of the twentieth century capable of writing 60 to 80 pages per day His oeuvre includes nearly 200 novels over 150 novellas several autobiographical works numerous articles and scores of pulp novels written under than two dozen pseudonyms Altogether about 550 million copies of his works have been printedHe is best known however for his 75