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Colony Lifetimes ago the generation ship Willflower set out manned by the cream of humanity on a mission to colonize the stars But by the 10th generation things are starting to go badly wrong The only man who can save the ship is astrophysical Dr Piers Morton Only he's not an astrophysical engineer he's not a doctor he's not even Piers Morgan and all that remains of his body is his head his spinal column and absolutely nothing else Better yet somebody on board is trying to kill what's left of him 375 starsuick read overall really enjoyed the plot and world building Wasn't sure I was going to like Eddie at the beginning but he definitely grew on me throughout the book However without a doubt Apton Styx and all the Styxs were collectively my favourite characters I hope they all live long happy confused livesI would say that the ending felt a little rushed and I would have appreciated it a lot if the conclusion had been conclusive Eddie O'Hare perennial loser switches places with CP Gordon a genius level social scientist and embarks on a voyage to the stars aboard the Willflower a colony ship designed to take the cream of the crop on an extended voyage to another world Eddie ends up in deep freeze and awakens ten generations later appalled at what's become of the crewSo I bought this because Rob Grant was half of the team that wrote Red Dwarf While Colony feels like an exceptionally dark episode of Red Dwarf it's just not the same For one thing there isn't a whole lot of humor and what there is seems forced While I got a few chuckles I feel like there was a reason the partnership was called Grant Naylor and this book perfectly illustrates that It's as if Dough Naylor ran off with the joke book and left Grant with what was left over This feels like a Red Dwarf plot that wasn't funny enough to make the cut I'd give it a 25 if I could but not a 3 Starts rather well and remarkably relevent would have liked Mr Grant to develop the theme rather Also needs a few hundred pages This book was read as light relief following a few heavier novels and as such it worked for me Not as funny as I would have hoped but certainly entertaining enough and with an interesting sci fi conceptplot The ending felt a little rushed and left me wanting a little closure What Grant and Naylor did well in Red Dwarf and especially in the spin off novels was create great anti heroes people the viewerreader felt great affection for in spite of them being everything a hero shouldn't be There are glimpses of that here Eddie the underdog being the lead we are asked to root for

  • Paperback
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  • Colony
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  • 05 July 2016
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