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Territorial rights Silhouette desire CALL OF THE WILD — Forced to share an office with the science department's new darling Doug Traxler Meredith found that her year teaching literature was a nightmare She never knew what she might find floating in formaldehyde on her desk Now to her horror she had to hike with Doug's ecology class all summer Nature Girl she was not but when Doug dared her to come down from her ivory tower and meet the demands of the wilderness she accepted the challenge She found that far than her pride was at stake Doug had opened her heart as well as her mind to the world around her Meridith is a respectable literature teacher who is totally devoted to two things in her life her brother and her job She definitely hates macho men oozing sex appeal than they could chew especially Doug Tracler the new ecology doctor who is making her teaching days living hell While he is sharing her office not only he leaves nasty things in the office but also nags her mercilessly and consistently by insinuating that she has no knowledge of life other what she reads in books When the summer vacation finally comes along she is relieved from his presence However when she grudgingly accepts accompanying her brother's fiancee to a trip to a remote island for her thesis about wolves she discovers she is in the same ferry Doug was in with some of his students and going to the same island No way would she ever waste three weeks of her lovely vacation bantering with him so she decides to go back home Doug on the other hand is not welling to fulfill her wish She was in his territory and he wants to give her lessonsA lovely book Enjoyable to read till the end even though I would have liked it better if the hero admitted he loved her before she did My first romance It will always hold a special place on my bookshelf It possibly doesn't deserve 5 stars but the memory does X Angelina I always like it when starchy characters get un starched

  • Territorial rights Silhouette desire
  • Melissa Scott
  • English
  • 02 April 2014
  • 9780671495466

About the Author: Melissa Scott

Scott studied history at Harvard College and Brandeis University and earned her PhD in comparative history She published her first novel in 1984 and has since written some two dozen science fiction and fantasy works including three co authored with her partner Lisa A BarnettScott's work is known for the elaborate and well constructed settings While many of her protagonists are gay lesbia

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