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Sarahs Garden Patch of Heaven #1 uite by accident Sarah King has fallen in love But this love is forbidden and could cost her everything she holds dearTucked into the majesty of Pennsylvania's Allegheny Mountains is a garden Sarah King has been nurturing for years She never feels alive than when she is alone with her thoughts and her Creator among the delicate rows of plants But then duty calls her away from her beloved garden and into a world she knows little aboutGrant Williams a handsome young veterinarian has left the city to open a rural practice among the Amish Within minutes of meeting shy but feisty Sarah King he is captivated by herAs their feelings grow for one another Sarah insists they can never be together Marrying Grant would mean being uprooted from her home her family and her community Throughout the cold Pennsylvania winter with her garden tucked away until spring Sarah begins crafting a uilt that illustrates her pain Can anything lasting blossom from a love that's forbidden

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  1. Renate Renate says:

    This book has the best romantic tension I have ever read although technically I listened to it on audiobook The author builds such an incredible attraction between the two main characters and even though the story is really pure you could feel the heat between them the potential That being said I did get a little frustrated with the male lead for what I felt was his irresponsible behavior towards the heroine I feel that he could have been a bit honorable and less pushy and about halfway maybe two thirds through I experienced a strong desire to punch him in the gut and tell him to back off and uit leading her on and pressuring her if you care about her you jerk But the ending was really satisfying and seriously the attraction between these twoI could feel it I almost got uncomfortable during one of their private conversations and felt like I was intruding on a really intense private moment and then I remembered that they were fictional people I applaud the author for her masterful ability to write such pure sexual longing Overall I definitely enjoyed the book despite wishing that someone would scold the male lead He turns out not to be such a jerk ;

  2. Lorie Lorie says:

    Sarah’s Garden by Kelly Long is the first book in her A Patch of Heaven series Sarah King is a 20 year old shy Amish woman who loves her garden Sarah’s sister who previously ran the family’s stand got married and Sarah’s parents decide that Sarah will take over the stand Sarah can’t imagine it since she is so shy and spends most of her time by herself in her garden Her father also decides that Sarah will make her sister’s soon to come baby its first uilt Sarah can’t imagine this either because her creativity has been limited to her garden and she gave up uilting a long time ago But Sarah decides to do her best in both While working her first day at the stand she meets an English man who she discovers is her new neighbor and a veterinarian It seems to be love at first sight for her new neighbor Grant Sarah likes him too As they spend time together they fall deeper in love but they know the love is forbidden She is Amish and will be shunned if she leaves the faith to marry him an Englisher So they must make some decisions about that love Read the book to find out what happensI’ve had this book for awhile and can’t believe I waited so long to read it This is the first book I have read by Kelly Long and I really like her writing style I really enjoyed the Amish details she brought to life in the story I really enjoyed seeing Sarah go from this shy garden loving girl to a very creative woman I thought it was awful that her parents made her run the stand with her shyness but as usual parent’s know best and it was really good for Sarah I also loved the uilting theme in the book and how it was compared to the creative of working a garden Sarah had used garden to help her relax and get guidance from the Lord I think eventually that she uses uilting in the same way and learns to love it The only thing I would have liked was a better description of the uilt It seemed like it was this awesome thing but I just could not picture it in my mind Overall I loved the book and can’t wait to read the second book in the series Lily’s Wedding uilt which comes out in March

  3. Beth Beth says:

    There is nothing like a long recovery to help distinguish in one's mind the difference between a good and bad author I've always been an avid reader of both Christian and secular fiction; but after these last weeks I'm thinking I am now an expert Sarah's Garden will top the lists It's a great read and I highly recommend it For me there are few authors who can compete at the same level as Francine Rivers Dee Henderson Mary Connealy and Karen Kingsbury but Kelly Long now places in my list of top ten Christian authors I'm not sure what some publishers want out of their authors but so many of the stories I've read contain one dimensional characters who drip fake sweetness and temperaments and who lack believable challenges and personality uirks One thread plot lines can be juvenile and one is reduced to feeling like a juvenile when authors continually repeat themselves And too often stories elevate a particular type of church to such extent Pharisees would be proud The publishers at Thomas Nelson obviously don't put out the average cookie cutter story They clearly allowed this author room to weave together a compelling dilemma in a setting and place where much can be learned and where all angles of a character's struggle between perceived right and wrong can be debated In reading Sarah's Garden I most enjoyed the humming bird analogy the high road souvenir involving a minor character and the author's accurate handling of the Amish setting and people without the usual posturing In the struggle presented I chose sides My side lost in the end but I was surprised to find I wasn't disappointed Sarah's Garden passed the Martha Martha test Was the book a complete waste of what could have been productive hours or did it provide inspiration understanding or a particularly precious reminder like the stories told in church small group or Sunday School? Lastly Kelly Long’s obvious trust in her readers is refreshing

  4. Bluerose& Bluerose& says:

    I really enjoyed Sarah’s Garden This is the first Amish book I have ever read though so if you’ve read a lot of Amish books my review might not be the best one to go by I loved reading about a simpler life and Sarah’s garden and uilting adventures It was a reminder for me not to place so much importance on worldly possessions I will always love my power and hot showers though uilting is something that I really want to learn about I love the stories that can be taken away from them After reading this book I want to go plan a garden for my backyard I never knew there was so many varieties of fruits and vegetables I saw many names I had never heard ofThere were moments of humor sprinkled in I absolutely loved the “snoring” scene I thought it was so funny and kind of sad at the same time If that were my husband and I found out he’d be in trouble I still had to laugh thoughGrant is a veterinarian so there’s lots of scenes with animals also I couldn’t help but cringe reading about the bats I know that if a person was to touch a bat they would go through some painful shots At least I know a family that had to go through that The characters in the book touch the bats like baby kittens It was interesting to read about all the different jobs and recreations of this book

  5. Heather Heather says:

    My first Kelly Long book was Lilly's Wedding uilt which I received in exchange for a book review I LOVED it It was instantly one of my favorite books So when I bought Sarah's Garden I had high expectations I enjoyed going back and reading the story of Sarah and Grant as they are referenced in the second book It helped to see the beginning of the story though by no means do they need to be read in order I liked this book but didn't love it I had trouble accepting that a young Amish woman would let certain things happen and go as far as they did knowing that a relationship between an Englisher and an Amish can't work unless she is willing to give up her lifestyle Outside of this hangup I did like the book I enjoyed the whole King family especially the brother LukeOverall Sarah's Garden lays before you an illustration full of imagery I would love to be standing in Sarah's garden looking over the beautiful sanctuary she has put together family love struggle strength and growth The seasons of the garden are a reflection of the characters lives and the beauty that sometimes we need to imagine will be there rather than looking at what is there in the cold of winter

  6. Barbara Barbara says:

    Sarah's Garden is the first in Kelly Long's Patch of Heaven series When the Amish Juliet meets the Englisch Romeo there are fireworks They come from two different worlds but can they make things work? Shy Sarah King sent to take her turn at the family's roadside stand grows over the summer than what can be raised in her garden Dr Grant Williams the new veterinarian to the Amish community tends to than just the neighbors animals as the months pass Can it work? Having read many other Amish fiction novels I have always been amazed by how innocent the couples are when they come to find that they are in love I was surprised by the passion shared by Sarah King and Dr Grant Williams Thank you Kelly for showing us that the Amish do have emotions than we've seen in other works

  7. Becky Pinson Becky Pinson says:

    I must say for an Amish book this was uite spicey Loved it Also my first audio book

  8. Lisa Lisa says:

    Parts of the plot and some of the descriptions of Sarah’s beauty were a bit silly but Amish Romance is my comfort reading and this had everything I could possible ask for It was so cozy and sweet I can’t get enough so I’m going straight into the next part of the series

  9. Rachel Brand Rachel Brand says:

    Sarah buries her shyness in her garden nurturing her plants with her God given gift and love of the land But when her sister marries and leaves the family farm Sarah has to step into her shoes and tend the vegetable stall Initially scared at the prospect of having to deal with people especially Englishers on a regular basis Sarah soon finds that she's enjoying herself Especially since Grant Williams the local English vet and her new neighbour continually visits the stall and becomes a close friend It begins to feel like Grant has always been part of her life and as Sarah spends many hours helping him plant a vegetable garden she realises that what she feels for Grant is than she's ever felt for any Amish boy But where can their relationship go? Sarah could never leave her community Could Grant ever give up his sports car and join the Amish world?Kelly really grasps the essence of the Amish way of life in this simple love story I felt like I was working with Sarah in her garden and walking beside her and Grant in the forest There was a true sense of peace despite the dramas occurring in the lives of the characters And I really got the impression that the Amish were welcoming loving people While some novels choose to focus on shunnings and people who find themselves pitted against the Elders in their community this portrayal was entirely different I loved the way in which the Amish welcomed Grant with open arms when he expressed his desire to become a vet for their community And they freely accepted his help in emergencies allowing him to drive them to the hospital or a friend's house if needed This was very different to other novels where the Amish avoid anyone English at all costsSarah and Grant's story isn't terribly complicated A girl falls for a boy that she cannot be with because of societal differences yet both yearn to be together Sarah's parents were surprisingly accepting of their daughter's developing relationship to an outsider and while they discouraged her they didn't actively try to stop them being together They could have banned her from seeing him but they let her make her own choices And while Sarah does have another love interest her best friend Jacob it is clear that Grant is the only man that she's interested in I appreciated that Kelly showed not only the blossoming friendship between Sarah and Grant but also their attraction to each other and the physical aspect of their relationship While the emotional and spiritual foundations of any relationship are always the most important a lot of authors forget about attraction and even simple hugs and kisses I'm sure that any reader will agree that the kisses shared between Sarah and Grant were not lustful but emphasised their love for each other and their desire to be togetherMy only minor complaints about this book would have to be that Grant initially appeared to be far too forward in his flirtations and that the situation with the Fisher farm was resolved a little too easily Grant is in my eyes clearly flirting with Sarah from their first meeting at the vegetable stand Something just didn't sit right with this and it made me a little wary of him to begin with I wouldn't have minded if their relationship had built up to flirtations but it seemed a little odd to behave in such a forward manner from the start I did warm up to him but this niggled me for a while As for the Fisher farm and the mystery surrounding that all the problems were resolved in a couple of pages near the end of the novel and it just seemed a bit too fast and too easy I thoroughly enjoyed this story and became so involved in the lives of the characters that I even shed a tear or two over their struggles Kelly Long is definitely an author to keep your eye on if you're interested in Amish fiction Not only does she understand her subject inside and out she creates characters that you'll wish you never have to say goodbye to 910

  10. Kristin Kristin says:

    I was really excited to read this series Kelly Long has a way of making me want to jump into a book and run away with a fictional character I have to say—she makes an Amish man sound pretty enticing I cannot believe how fast I’m reading through this series I gulped down this book and moved right on to the next which I finished in one day If you’re looking for Amish romance that is a little vivid in the romance department—Kelly Long sure has that area down pat It’s still tasteful but just a little bit sensuous

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