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  1. Book Binge Book Binge says:

    I've never been one that was interested in the whole BDSM scene and I can't say that I'm at all interested in it now but I did find it very interesting to read about in this story My eyes kept getting bigger and bigger the I read on in this story because I couldn't for the life of me put myself into Stella's shoes and do what she does with Ulricand then FarisThe story centers around Ulric Stella and Faris Faris holds himself responsible for an attack that was made on their colony and Ulric wants to help his friend get over it all by bringing him into the inner sanctums of his home To the outside world Ulric is this big strong man who takes orders from no one He's sure of himself and he's capable of keeping everyone safe but when he sheds that coat and enters Stella's domain his every move caters to Stella He is her slave and she is his masterStella is sure in her role as Ulrics master she knows what is expected of her and she knows how to take care of Ulric and she genuinely cares for him There are roles that are played and Stella is strict in playing them and with the introduction of Faris into their little game it throws the whole dynamic and Stella off The story centers around this She has to go back and re do the work she's done on Ulric and then she needs to train FarisThe story was short but I was very much intrigued by what was going on I think it was mostly due to the fact that I was interested in seeing this kind of world come to life I have no idea if this is the norm in a BDSM relationship but it was interesting to see anyway It was a pretty good read and though it was a short read it was still pretty good and hecka steamyGrade 35 out of 5This review was originally posted on Book Binge by Rowena

  2. Sally Sally says:

    For Stella being a dominatrix is what she was always meant to be She revels in the power it grants her and appreciates the sexual gratification it provides She also cares deeply for her submissive who needs the emotional release she provides A highly placed negotiator Ulric wields a lot of power and lives under constant stress Being with Stella allows him to give up that power and to be freed from responsibilityIt also provides him with an opportunity to not only free his protégé Faris from those same stresses but to justify exploring his lust for the handsome virile young manThe key to this story is the interplay between the three characters The introduction of Faris to the well established BDSM scene unsettles everyone It forces Stella to re break her sub even while she trains their newbie It forces Ulric to relearn his place at not only Stella’s feet but Faris’ as well Finally it forces Faris to not only learn the role of a switch submissive to Stella and dominant to Ulric but to accept the reality of sexual arousalThe bondage scenes here are well played – elaborate rehearsed and very sensual – and the rediscovery of sexual arousal and gratification is extremely rewarding Definitely recommended

  3. Katherine Katherine says:

    Mistress Rules was way too short for me to love or hateIn a direction I really liked that Ulric knew who he was inside and outside the walls of his shipI think that Stella could have been a greater character if wasn't by Faris I felt like she was an emotional crutch for Ulric and now him She's the thing to keep them sane and togetherSince there's not much background in the characters I couldn't feel the love they professed Say I love you is easy Feel that on pages is notI'm kinda disappointed because I was looking for a greater book Bolder Bigger which this one was notI hope that someday Christine d'Abo make a extended version of this book Even being sci fi it could be GREAT

  4. WillowBe WillowBe says:

    If I could have given it two and a half stars i would have I actually liked it but the story was tissue thin I wouldh ave liked back story character development story arc I mean they were pretty good characters But it was just basically wall to wall but on paper so they were kind of wasted I can't enjoy their activities if I don't feel a connection As it was I just wasn't feeling it though again I'm sure that most people would find the sex scenes pretty hot They were good but just didn't do it for me

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  6. Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog) says:

    Damn check out that cover

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Mistress Rules When Faris steps into his friend and mentor's inner sanctum he doesn't expect to find Stella a leather clad Dominatrix He can only watch as Ulric the most powerful man in the sector drops to his knees and throws himself at Stella's mercy Faris must decide whether to walk out the door leaving his friend behind or to put himself into the hands of a woman who demands nothing less than his absolute surrender Ulric knows Faris holds himself responsible for the devastating attack on the colony outpost If Faris doesn't learn how to forgive himself the young man will be on the road to emotional disaster His only hope is to convince Stella to bring Faris into their lives as another submissive Ulric must now put his feelings for Stella on the line while holding tight to the man he desperately wants beneath him