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Mere Thermodynamics Presenting classical thermodynamics as a concise and discrete whole Mere Thermodynamics is a perfect tool for teaching a notoriously difficult subjectAccomplished teacher Don S Lemons introduces the physical theory's concepts and methods and uses them to solve problems from a broad range of physics He illustrates at a gentle pace not only the fundamentals of the subject but also advanced topics such as the relationship between the second law of thermodynamics and entropy He highlights the intellectual structure and history of the discipline and explores the logical conseuences of each of the famous three laws Lemons explains and develops the first two laws and their corollaries the methods and applications of thermodynamics and the third law as well as non fluid variables euilibrium and stability and two phase systemsThe book features end of chapter practice problems an appendix of worked problems a glossary of terms and an annotated bibliography It's almost but not uite an explanation of the principles of thermodynamics that would be accessible to people without mathematical or physical background

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