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Sinful Addicted #21 I JUST FEEL CHEATED Now THIS was the perfect ending I was dying so badly to read in Sinful Definitely everything I needed to rate this book higherBut the truth is the author decided to take this epilogue out of the book so I wont be rating the book any higher now that I have read it For me they were 2 different reads very clearly separated I'm so happy I read the epilogue thoughI still believe the author did things wrong well not the author but her publisher The epilogue was taken away so a last sex love scene could take place I think the book had already plenty of that and this epilogue would had made a much better ending for the book than that last scene the author chose instead of the epilogue So I'm rating the epilogue with 5 stars but the book with 3 And I'm devastated because the book had a huge potential but it was wasted How different it would have been if the Epilogue was the actual ending of the book and not what really did happened Why fix what went wrong? It would have been better if things have gone like this in the first place and not publishing this epilogue later trying to make it better I FINALLY found the epilogue I don't feel any better after reading it Am still pissed about the ending of Sinful To me this epilogue felt like spraying perfume to cover up the stink SPOILERSYes he finally puts a ring on it But who cares He had already married someone else and had a son with her so any child Matthew and Jane have together now will never earn his title Ugh And he was married for years before he was granted a divorce from his first wife all the while keeping Jane as his mistress steam coming out of my ears now So of course they are ostracized during that period of sinful living But I'm suppose to be okay with that since they have three yes 3 friends who will talk to them?? Matthew's best friend and his wife and Jane's geriatric former employer I don't know about you but I would not want to live in the shadows and be considered a pariah by the community for But apparently it's all good for Matthew and Jane since sarcastic sigh they have each other Matthew was a sinful man sinfully handsome and sinfully in love with Jane He was surrounded by peace and love He had a feeling that at last he was something than sinful He said to Jane Thank you Jane for putting me back together For making me whole For never giving upSinful is the story of two damaged souls who find love and redemption Unfortunately the epilogue was not included in the book Right now I'm filled with such a sense of completion Sinful deserved a beautiful epilogue Here is the link including an explanation why the epilogue was not included in the bookhttpwwwscribdcomdoc37301220Si Reviewed for THC ReviewsUnlike some readers I was satisfied with Sinful but when it ended I couldn't help feeling like there was story to tell I'm so glad that I already knew this epilogue existed and even grateful that I was able to get my hands on a copy since the author has dropped out of sight for the last three years In her introduction to the epilogue Charlotte Featherstone explains why it wasn't included in the book It seems that upon turning in the manuscript to her editor she was over her word count Honestly I don't know why this should have made a difference to her editor since Addicted was approximately fifty pages longer than Sinful even with the epilogue still attached but she doesn't expound on that Her editor also thought that having two love scenes in such close proximity to one another would dilute them therefore she was given a choice to either drop the final love scene in the main part of the story one that was pivotal to Matthew's growth and keep the epilogue or keep that climactic love scene and drop the epilogue She opted for the latter If there truly was no other choice then I'll admit that I believe Ms Featherstone made the right one because that last love scene in the book was absolutely necessary However I really disagree with the editor on the dilution part If anything this final piece of the story only made the entire thing that much stronger because it shows a true and solid HEA for Matthew and Jane Many readers were frustrated by the non traditional HEA in the published version of Sinful and I really can't blame them I personally still loved it and was willing to overlook it but if I'd read it without knowing about this epilogue I probably would have marked it down a bit on the star rating I really think the book would have gotten much better ratings probably a 4 star average if this epilogue had been includedThe Sinful Epilogue was an exuisite HEA ending to Matthew and Jane's story It's everything I could have hoped for them and I love that Matthew's heart is so much lighter now that he's no longer tortured by his past Jane has brought healing and wholeness to him and all of the people who tormented him are now out of the picture in one way or another It's just him Jane their children and their good friends Lindsay and Anais and their family Matthew is the perfect doting and protective father always looking out for his childrens' well being Five years later he and Jane are every bit as passionate and in love as they ever were and now that Matthew isn't uite as emotionally intense there is a new playful weightless and joyful uality to their interactions that would have seemed nearly implausible at the end of Sinful This was the ending that really made my heart soar in the way I wanted it to when I finished Sinful but it didn't uite get there So overall the Sinful Epilogue was perfect in every way I couldn't have asked for a better finale and yet there's still to come with the A Very Sinful Valentine novella which I can't wait to read 425 Stars Where the hell was this ending during printing? On the Cutting Room Floor image error My reviews are mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookYes This epilogue gave me all I needed to feel at peace But at first I’d like to thank Charlotte Featherstone for being so honest about what happened and also knowing we who loved Sinful so much would definitely want to see our Matthew and Jane happy So thank you very much Ms Featherstone for providing us with itJane and Matthew is seen here 5 years after Sinful And yes they’re finally married Matthew has become the Duke 3 years ago divorced his first wife who’s now in America He now lives with Jane Sarah and his son from the first marriage Edward A beautiful family something he never thought he’ll ever have I loved seeing him as the ‘protective papa’ and a delightfully wicked husband to Jane Jane is blissfully happy knowing her decision was just right for all of them Edward doesn’t miss his birth mother because to him Jane is his mother and Jane never gave him anything to doubt for I also loved seeing Anais and Lindsay with their two sons Jase and Samuel It was a sunny day they were all together and Well it was perfect And then Jane reveals what she’d been hoping for a long long time to be the mother of Matthew’s baby and I don't blame her at all since I want the position myself who’ll also be her own Her wish comes true Great epilogue with a hoooot love scene Ooh Matthew he’s delish pOh well just read it I grinned ear to ear while reading it and I know I’ll miss them for sure 5 happy starsPS I had this morbid curiosity about what happened to that dirty btch who hurt Matthew so much Nothing was mentioned but I guess it’s for the best It was already hard for me to tone down my unrestrained urge to see her killed or kill her myself zips her mouth shut PERFECTION Popular Ebook, Sinful Addicted #21 by Charlotte Featherstone There are many interesting things in this book, readers are very amazed by the contents of the book Sinful Addicted #21 by Charlotte Featherstone please download or read online here ➵ [Reading] ➷ El precio del Trono By Pilar Urbano ➪ – Sinful Addicted #21 by Charlotte Featherstone There are many interesting things in this book ➽ [Download] ✤ The Taking of Annie Thorne By C.J. Tudor ➲ – readers are very amazed by the contents of the book Sinful Addicted #21 by Charlotte Featherstone please download or read online here I couldn't have asked for a better ending

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