Tales from Dog River The Complete Corner Gas Guide eBook

Tales from Dog River The Complete Corner Gas Guide I've recently gotten addicted to watching Corner Gas every day if you want real Canadian culture that isn't just the same stupid poutine and ehaboot jokes that show is as close as you can get Anyway I decided to buy this book and it was very interesting a look at the cast and crew who make this hit CTV show possible not to mention the included photos of set designs actorsactresses info on how the idea for Corner Gas came about and a few uotes here and there This is awesome Was published while the show was still going on so episode guide only goes up until season 3 but very cool Even though it only covers the first 3 seasons of the best sitcom in North America this book is a great read It gives the reader a lot of interesting background information on Corner Gas along with how Canadian television works hint Much better than the US version of it If you're a fan of the sitcom you'll want to read this book A must read for fans of Corner Gas This book has synopses of all episodes for the first three seasons and background material on the setting and the characters Extremely funny and a joy to read With an average audience of 16 million fans nationwide viewing each episode CTV's Corner Gas is without a doubt the most watched TV comedy in Canada Now for the first time fans of this true Canadian success story can meet the cast and crew responsible for their favourite show peek behind the scenes as filming takes place go on a guided tour of Rouleau the real life Dog River and relive their favourite moments with a complete episode guide to the first three seasons Packed with information even the most ardent fan doesn't know Tales from Dog River also reveals secrets about the making of the show including filming flubs inside jokes memorable uotes cast bios trivia and much Ever wondered what Hank does for a living why we've never seen Wanda's son which Corner Gas star is superstitious or how to make your own chili cheese dogs at home The answers are all here Totally Canadian Lots of interesting facts and funny uotes I always liked the show but now have a better appreciation for it when I catch the weekday reruns Overall fun uick read

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