Get Rommel The Secret British Mission to Kill Hitler's

Get Rommel The Secret British Mission to Kill Hitler's Greatest General In summer 1941 Erwin Rommel was Hitler's favourite general he had driven the British out of Libya and stood poised to invade Egypt He seemed unbeatable So the British decided to have him killedThe British opened their counter attack with a series of special forces raids the first ever operation by the newly formed SAS Rommel was one of the targetsMichael Asher reveals how poor planning and incompetence in high places led to disaster in the desert and how fantastic bravery and brilliant improvisation enabled a handful of men to escapeClassic real life adventure written by best selling desert expert and novelist Michael Asher

10 thoughts on “Get Rommel The Secret British Mission to Kill Hitler's Greatest General

  1. Allyson Allyson says:

    So far a little tediousIt got a little better but not significantly Too many needlessly detailed descriptions of who did what when The best parts were about undercover agents

  2. Ruth Morgan Ruth Morgan says:

    The old English SAS are tough bastardsA good read

  3. Andrew Andrew says:

    Fascinating page in history but rather difficult to read the prose

  4. Indah Threez Lestari Indah Threez Lestari says:

    627 2015Operation Flipper was simply a disaster that good enough to be written in confusing detailsSkenario penculikanpembunuhan Rommel ini boleh dibilang kebalikannya cerita The Eagle Has Landed nya Jack Higgins deh P

  5. Miroslav Fiala Miroslav Fiala says:

    Knížka provází hodně vymezeným úsekem druhé světové války v Africe Popisuje zformování SAS a atentát na Rommela Hodně zajímavé téma které mohlo být provedeno o trošku lépe Ovšem i tak mám tuto knížku hodně rád

  6. Peter Peter says:

    It was OK but a bit long winded

  7. mixal mixal says:

    Basically just history no first person account in other Asher's books he actually tracks the history himself and describes his experiences This book lacks this perspective

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