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Claiming the Forbidden Bride Nothing special Unusually this one took me ages to finish Loved the gypsy setting and both the hero and the heroine Harleuin Regency silk and scandal series Story about the sins of the father 20 years prior gypsy curse being visited on their children Wardal children nell nathan and rosalind; Hebden children Imogen Stephen Nadya gypsy half sister Carlow children Marcus Hal Honoria and Verity #1 The lord and the Wayward Lady Louise Allen Marcus and Nell’s story #2 Paying the Virgin’s price by Christine Merrill Nathan and Diana’s story #3 The Smuggler and the society bride by Julia Justice Hawk and Honoria’s story #4 Claiming the Forbidden Bride by Gayle Wilson Rhys and Nadya #5 The viscount and the virgin by Annie Burrows Monty and Imogen #6 Unlacing the Innocent miss by Margaret McPhee wolf and Rosalind’s story #7 The officer and the Proper Lady by Louise Allen Hal and Julia’s story #8 Taken by the wicked rake by Christine Merrill Verity and Stephan Not very good not very bad If you have nothing to do then you can read this book to pass your time After the disappointments of Book Three in the Silk and Scandal series this one was a return to form That's not to say I didn't like the previous book I did but I felt it had to make too many changes in the characters who had appeared in the other novels to make the story work This one is a return to form with the anti hero back on his revenge mission adding depth to the plot for the hero and heroine which are being focussed on in Claiming the Forbidden BrideThis book concerns a friend of Hal's from the Army although he's mentioned only in passing another of Lord Keddleston's godchildren Rhys Morgan a battle scarred survivor of Napoleon's wars He's returning home to an uncertain life keen to avoid the charity of his elder brother and the interference of his sister in law when he comes across a gypsy encampment and helps to save the life of the healer's childNadya Argentari is the half sister of Stephano Beshaly our series long anti hero she's also the tribe's healer and when Rhys's life is endangered she helps to break his fever so setting up the conflict and romance between themI thought this was a believable romance Rhys is a younger son so although there is stigma in falling for a gypsy the outcomes weren't necessarily going to be as difficult for him Nadya is fiercely independent and determined to not follow in her mother's fate by falling for an outsider There were small irritating niggles though things which weren't explained during the telling of the story and people who suddenly appeared without warning but overall it was an enjoyable and easy read It's a good story unfortunately it wasn't engaging I was sorely disappointed with this book Gayle Wilson's Heart's Desire is my all time favorite romance novel I have read and enjoyed a number of Ms Wilson's works; however this one was not one of them I suppose I am always waiting for another hero like Dominic Maitland to come along but in my search for such a hero I fear that I am doomed to be forever disappointed Rhys Morgan is definitely not a hero who could fill the Duke of Avon's boots and although Ms Wilson's writing is excellent per usual the story is far fetched and lacks the emotional intensity that I have grown so fond of in her earlier works ROMANY MISTRESS OR SOCIETY BRIDEBattle scarred and jaded from the Peninsular War soldier Rhys Morgan is in the market for a bride But the simpering debutantes on the Marriage Mart don't rouse his interest let alone fire his blood Whereas dark haired dark eyed Romany beauty Nadya Argentari has a strength and passion to match his own If he took her as his mistress no one would blink an eye But if Major the Honorable Rhys Morgan were to marry her it would be the scandal of the year Claiming the Forbidden Bride is the fourth title in the Silk Scandals series and it was a decent read but it felt a littlemeh The usual intensity that I’ve come to associate with Wilson’s work was missing and it left the plot feeling a little airy fairy There are some plot points that aren’t resolved ones that don’t play into the series plot and while I don’t think everything little bit should be tied with a bow one or two lines to resolve this issue would have gone a long way to leaving me feeling satisfied at the end of the book Renee wwwireadromancecom The fourth book in Silk Scandal series Didn´t really catch me as the others they didn´t connect with each other and their love didn´t feel plausible More of a filler and you got some background on Stephano and his Romany side The ending was great though worth reading this one through

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