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    Ross Graham has sworn off love after having his heart broken This of course just paints a target over his heart to help cupid get his aim just right He goes to Scotland to find out about his mysterious family background and gets mixed up with the heroine Cassie and her appalling brother Jamie Jamie wants to sell Cassie off to the highest bidder in order to get a brother in law to pay off his gambling debts Since Cassie would sooner eat her own hair than let her brother auction her off to his cronies she needs to escape and her only hope however improper it is it ask is Ross Written a couple of years earlier than the other Joanna Maitland books I've read and I noticed the prose isn't uite as good as the later books But the story is highly enjoyable and kept me gripped Maitland keeps a good balance between the romance story and the adventures the characters have to go through to finally find their happiness

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Bride of the Solway RESCUED BY A HANDSOME STRANGERIf Cassandra Elliott does not escape from the Laird of Galloway she'll be forced into marriage or confined to Bedlam Desperate she turns to Captain Ross Graham and begs for help in a most unladylike mannerFleeing across the Solway Cassie and Ross cannot be distracted by a desire as wild as the Scottish hills When Cassie is kidnapped Ross realizes exactly what this spirited seductive woman has come to mean to himbut will he find her in time to tell her

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • Bride of the Solway
  • Joanna Maitland
  • English
  • 07 September 2015
  • 9780373306008

About the Author: Joanna Maitland

I am a Scot born and raised in Glasgow one of the friendliest places in the world Unfortunately there were not many career opportunities in Scotland at the time I left University and so I migrated to London Living in England didn't stop me from hankering after the glorious wildness of the Scottish mountains and lochs but short visits were the best I could do I have always been a history fa