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  1. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    Here is a love story to my liking No I cannot start with that it will be misunderstood It is a love story and Second try Here is a story that captures the attraction that in the blink of an eye can spring up between two people If you have felt this you will know what I mean and recognize the feelings They’re physical emotional and all engulfingThat is not enough either The novel has The story captures the tensions of family relationships Emotions are felt as electricity How is this achieved? Through the prose Through what the characters say to one another The prose is stunning The prose makes the bookDH Lawrence with just a few select words gets across the contradictions that lie in what a person says feels and thinks Here is one example with one word the word hush repeated several times Lawrence conveys uickly that one should not be thinking saying or feeling what the person is thinking saying or feeling What society demands of a person is conveyed too the book is set after the First World War in the English Midlands We are served up a rector's familyand a gipsyHere in this short novel Lawrence draws places and people superblyThe story exudes the joy of life if one dares to grab it It skewers social conventions and hypocrisy I like how the story conveys without being explicit strong sexual attraction I like how the story ends—hinting at what the future may holdThe version I listened to is the author's unaltered manuscript discovered in 1930 after his deathOn buying the audiobook I was told the narrator would be Georgina Sutton but it wasn’t We are told both at the beginning and at its end that Margaret Hilton is the narrator Perhaps the narrator uses two names? This is possible since many narrators do this In any case Margaret Hilton does a fantastic job Her pacing and where she pauses are perfect You want to have time to suck on the author’s words This she gives you Her tone of voice is perfect If you choose to listen to this novel I recommend you listen to Margaret Hilton’s narration The narration I have given five stars The recording I listened to is done by Recorded Books It has the release date 12 27 13 and the title has a “y” instead of an “i” in gipsy It has a red cover with a white suare in the middle showing two figures standing between two trees I picked it up at Audible in the US Hope you can find itETA Audiblecom has now corrected previously incorrect information Margaret Hilton is the correct narrator of the audiobook Sons and Lovers 1 starLady Chatterley's Lover 1 starThe Virgin and the Gipsy 5 starsThe Ladybird 5 starsLove Among the Haystacks TBRThe Rainbow TBR

  2. Vit Babenco Vit Babenco says:

    The Virgin and the Gypsy is a rather short novel but it is deep and as turbulent as a whirlpool and it is the uintessential DH Lawrence “When the vicar's wife went off with a young and penniless man the scandal knew no bounds Her two little girls were only seven and nine years old respectively And the vicar was such a good husband True his hair was grey But his moustache was dark he was handsome and still full of furtive passion for his unrestrained and beautiful wifeWhy did she go? Why did she burst away with such an éclat of revulsion like a touch of madness?”DH Lawrence knows the answer – he is one of the most experienced swimmers in the dark undercurrents of human psycheEveryday life may easily turn into a prison – a cage of despotic upbringing a gaol of conformity a dungeon of religion an oubliette of conventionalities“In his eyes she was just brazening out the depravity that underlay her virgin tender bird like face She who was Cynthia had been like this a snowflower And he had convulsions of sadistic horror thinking what might be the actual depravity of She who was Cynthia Even his own love for her which had been the lust love of the born cowed had been a depravity in secret to him So what must an illegal love be?‘You know best yourself what you have got’ he sneered ‘But it is something you had best curb and uickly if you don't intend to finish in a criminal lunacy asylum’‘Why?’ she said pale and muted numbed with frozen fear ‘Why criminal lunacy? What have I done?’”And to escape this suffocating prison of everyday living we need some cataclysmic flood some emotional uake to save us and set us free

  3. Duane Duane says:

    I have read almost everything DH Lawrence wrote loved all of it and thought I had seen his best that is until I picked up this short novel It was found and published after his death and in my view it may be his best work His characters especially his female characters are some of the best in English literature and that doesn’t change in this little jewel of repressed passion and temptation 5 Stars

  4. MihaElla MihaElla says:

    A lovely manner of rendering a lovely tale Short enough but oddly interesting And I was surprised to find myself immersed in a sort of happy version of George Eliot's famous novel The Mill on the Floss Well that is to say not in the whole body of the text but especially the ending A good read while I am still patiently chewing on these two simple sentences Be braver in your body or your luck will go and Listen for the voice of water ;

  5. Greg Greg says:

    This is why God gave us writers Literary perfection Adding this to my all time favourites listExtended reviewThe Virgin and the GipsyFirst published 1930List of charactersChapt IVicar's delinuent wife CynthiaYoung penniless man who Cynthia took off withArthur Saywell the vicarrector aged 47 yearsLucille and Yvette the vicar's two young daughtersThe Mater Granny the Vicar's mother over 70 yearsAunt Cissie the Vicar's sister over 40Uncle Fred the vicar's brother aged 40Chapt IILucille now nearly twenty oneYvette now nineteenThe Framleys Gerry Somercotes Lottie Framley Ella Framley Bob FramleyLeo WetherallLady LouthJoe Boswell the gipsy served in Major Eastwood's regimentGipsy woman fortune teller big swathy wolf like black hairElderly gipsy womanMrs Fawcett finely formed 'little jewess' rich bourgeois aged 36 divorced Simon FawcettMajor Eastward big blonde man athletic driver with Mrs FawcettAunt LucyAunt NellAunt Aliceuote p19 'It is very much easier to shatter prison bars than to open undiscovered doors of life As the younger generation find out somewhat to its chagrin'P 64 'Yvette did not tell the rector or Granny about the Eastwards It would only have started a lot of talk which she detested The Rector wouldn't have minded for himself privately But he to knew the necessity of keeping as clear as possible from that poisonous many headed serpent the tongue of the people'P 68 'The rector heard about Yvette's intimacy with the Eastwoods and she was somewhat startled by the result She had thought he wouldn't care Verbally in his would be humorous fashion he was entirely unconventional such a frightfully good sport As he said himself he was a conservative anarchist; which meant he was like a great many people a mere unbeliever The anarchy extended to his humorous talk and his secret thinking The conservatism based on a mongrel fear of anarchy controlled every action His thoughts secretly were something to be scared of Therefore in his life he was fanatically afraid of the conventional'There is an interesting conversation between father and daughter on pages 68 to 71 The rector sneeringly describes Major Eastward as 'the mauereau' Yvette doesn't know what that is 'but felt the poison of the rectors fangs'I looked up 'mauereau' mackeral slang from Frenchmauelel mod MAUEREAU elle broker whence also makelare A procurer or procuress; a pimpThe section on p72 hits the same note reference mental approach as Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man'Outwardly she remained the same It was part of her game While circumstances remained as they were she must remain at least in  appearance true to what was expected of her'P73 'Yvette lashes out in a mood of irritable depression shutting Lucille and me out We're nothing but outsiders in this beastly houseThe rector was the perfect fascist Threatening his daughter with the criminal insane asylum if and when she protested her independence'P74 The Gipsy 'Being of a race that exists to be harrying the outskirts of our society forever hostile and living only by spoil he was too much master of himself and too wary to expose himself openly to the vast and gruesome clutch of our law He had been through the war He had been enslaved against his will that time'Lawrence's genius reminds us that there are alternatives to live in mind and body than to the line of conventional establishment expectations and rules The voice of the great sub culture

  6. Maan Kawas Maan Kawas says:

    A very beautiful short story by D H Lawrence that shows his mastery in describing and displaying the complex nature of the human drives relationships and sexuality It is a daring story that like many of his novels addresses the hidden forces of the sexual drive and repression on person which are pivotal in a materialistic world A major theme that is reminiscent of his major novel “Lady Chatterley’s Lover” is the role of the primitive forces namely sex in the human life and existence which brings satisfaction and meaning to people’s life in the modern world According to Lawrence modernity as well as industrialization affects human’s relationship and social life to name a few I loved the skillful depiction of the characters the dynamic and dramatic plot and the ups and downs in the life of the family I particularly loved the relationship between Yvette and the gypsy Jo and the non verbal communication and mutual chemistry between both of them It is a story that attracts your attention from the first page and makes you unable to leave it until you have reached the last page Finally although this is a short story but it is full of layers of meaning that one may discover upon reading it than once

  7. Marija Marija says:

    The first DH Lawrence story I read was The Rocking Horse Winner a tale I found uite disturbing His posthumous novella The Virgin and the Gypsy I think is eually disconcerting in terms of imagery and implication Yvette is unhappy with her current situation She’s a rector’s daughter and is forced to cope with Mater her domineering grandmother and spinster Aunt who consider her the reincarnation of her treacherous Mother All Yvette desires is to have some peace and freedom to pursue her goals Picture a combination of Isabel Archer and Ursula Brangwen She’s passionate her main desire being to find someone with whom she could fall desperately in love She’s not especially enad with the boys she knows from the town; she’s unsatisfied There’s a dominance issue She feels that she has power and influence over them than they have over her But then she meets the gypsyThe power this gypsy holds over Yvette was what I considered disturbing and creepy The moment he stares into her eyes boring into them she becomes mesmerized and no longer has any voluntary control over her actions She becomes his pawn to do with as he pleases I can sort of understand this gypsy mystery and influence from the stories my mom told me about the gypsy children she met when she traveled in Ireland But the strange thing is the implication that he’s not a born gypsy This was the life he chose after serving in WW1—his way of coping with the post traumatic stress Another thing I didn’t uite like is that she knows he has a gypsy “wife” and children When she asks him how many children he has he again peers into her eyes and responds “Say five” —basically insinuating five babies he knows of To Yvette this revelation is negligible and doesn’t seem to matterAnother aspect of the book that was eually disconcerting is the book’s take on aging Initially the descriptions were fine there was even some humor interspersed across the text However the descriptions of Mater become so increasingly surreal and macabre that it was rather hard to mentally visualize And to tell the truth I’m glad of it; it’s definitely not a picture I want to have in my mind’s eye I recently read Hardy’s The Pursuit of the Well Beloved and The Well Beloved a book that also describes aging and decrepitude but in a completely different manner Hardy adds humor to the descriptions but there’s still respect there Here age is completely trashedNevertheless the ending is uite unexpected and it redeemed the book for me The little note and the visual picture it produces makes a great contrast to the image that’s portrayed across the novella A great use of irony Loved it

  8. Renée Paule Renée Paule says:

    An incredible multi layered short story such an ingenious ending if you read it carefully

  9. Kkopp Kkopp says:

    A very simple story elegantly told The elegance grows out of an amazing level of skill at deploying language in an incremental layered way; Lawrence literally titrates his depiction of the various characters or scenes taking a word and repeating it in different contexts over a page or several pages until his portrayal achieves the desired level of completeness before moving on to the next person or scene I was mesmerized by the technical mastery which perhaps only works when the story remains so simple an allegory of passion prejudice and provincialism A model for writers by a master

  10. Hannah Hannah says:

    So Lawrence is obsessed with female sexuality? So he uses uite lurid prose to describe how we should run off and find a penis to worship? I am not sure if I'm supposed to like him or revile him all I know is I both enjoy his writing and find it frustrating at the same time and wherever I become too frustrated I have to remind myself of what he was trying to achieve a state whereby men and particularly women could be honest about their sexuality Yvette the heroine may come across as being hopelessly naive and downright annoying at times but I still enjoyed reading this and found it uite powerful in places The ending was rather abrupt though but I suppose that is to be expected from a novella

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The Virgin and the Gipsy The Virgin and the Gipsy was discovered in France after D H Lawrence's death in 1930 Immediately recognized as a masterpiece in which Lawrence had distilled and purified his ideas about sexuality and morality

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