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Single Dad Sheriff Yep I really enjoy reading books about single parents This book had two and in the end it was a great way to pass some time I think that the plot could have been better developed but it was a nice read to pass some time Miniseries Fatherhood Lisa Childs writes terrific lawmen characters In Single Dad Sheriff she offers divorce and child rearing issues from the view of Chance Drayton a single father struggling to regain order in his personal life He enjoys his duties as the Sheriff of Forest Glen a small town with some very interesting residents a few of whom are than willing to play match maker Chance's ex wife is making the custody battle extremely difficult and in order to spend time with his son Chance may be forced to move to Chicago where his former wife works When eight year old Tommy Phillips walks into Chance's office and asks for help in finding his own father Chance is immediately drawn into the boy's situation Tommy's mother Jessie has raised him on her own due to troubled relationships with her family and also with Tommy's father After her initial resentment of Chance's interference in her personal life she realizes that Chance is good for Tommy and the three of them become friends Chance realizes his attraction to Jessie is reciprocated but he tries to keep somewhat of a distance due to his custody issues with his ex wife Many readers who have gone through the heartache of divorce and child custody matters will empathize with Chance He's a good guy whose wife had an affair while he was deployed with the Marines and then she divorced him and moved away with their son Jessie has a whole different set of personal problems but she is a great mom who loves her son and puts his welfare above her own Two characters dealing with some tough life issues and hoping to find happiness together with both of their sons as part of their relationship The supporting players were interesting and I would like to also read their stories You'll root for this single dad to win his own HEA When little Tommy Phillips walks into the Forest Glen sheriff's office and asks Chance Drayton to find his dad the lawman's heart goes out to him As a single father he knows what it's like to be far away from your familyThen he meets Tommy's attractive motherand knows he's really in troubleJessie knows how badly Tommy wants a father And he thinks he's found one in the sheriff Jessie has to admit the sexy six two ex Marine is irresistible He's also involved in a custody battle that could see him moving to Chicago to be closer to his sonNow with the whole town playing matchmaker Jessie and Chance know they have to do what's best for their boys Which could end up surprising them all

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