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Zazie dans le métro Zazie in der Metro ist kein Buch über die Pariser Metro und nur nebenbei ein Buch über die Göre Zazie; es ist vielmehr ein Buch über Paris ein Buch über die Sprache des Alltags ein Buch das alles auf den Kopf stellt sich über alles lustig macht auch über sich selbst Die Verfilmung des Romans von Louis Malle ist ein Muss für alle Liebhaber des klassischen Slapstick Films

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  1. Glenn Russell Glenn Russell says:

    “Being or nothing that is the uestion Ascending descending coming going a man does so much that in the end he disappears”― Raymond ueneau Zazie in the Metro A Raymond ueneau funny bone tickler a witty zazissle through Paris with Uncle Gabriel hosting visiting Zazie the ever oh so very loveable little wisecracker who oh so very much wishes to ride the city’s Metro And I was ever on the t for how many of R’s 99 exercises in style turn up displaying their linguistic proboscis in this whimsical 150 page chocolate croissant Oodles and oodles as per this snatch of dialogue in the opening pages Not displeased with his turn of phrase the little chap wasn’t Only the great hulk didn’t let up it leant over him and uttered this monophasic pentasyllable‘Wottusaidjustnow’The little chap began to get apprehensive Now was his time now was the moment to forge some sort of verbal buckler The first that came into his head was an alexandrine‘And anyway who said that you could call me tu?’‘Yellow belly’ retorted Gabriel with simplicity’That's alexandrine like many readers I have to look up such words as in a line of poetic meter comprising 12 syllables Anyway this little book is sooo much fun That’s so much fun as in novel as literary polyphony one melodic line being the light lyrical oh so very much like a French film storyline of Zazie’s romp; the second melodic line as in the ever present fun and games with all phases of language spelling slang collouialisms malapropisms grammar syntax run ons and run overs and many of those 99 fanciful exercises in style One for instance to service up a la finShe dares not articulate the disyllabic and anglo saxon word which would mean what she means It’s the chap who pronounces it‘You wouldn’t by any chance have a pair of blewgenes for the little girl? He asks the middleman ‘That is what you’d like?’‘Oh yess’ yespers Zazie Tally ho with Raymond ueneauSome of the letters that make their appearance in this Raymond ueneau novel novel

  2. Fionnuala Fionnuala says:

    I’m going to hazard a crazy guess as to what this book is really about besides the immediately recognizable themes which others have analyzed and canonized themes such as the bizzareries Zazie encounters in the metropolis and the dazzling use of slang in the narrativeBut before I hazard my crazy guess you’ll have to be patient with me while I do a little hypothesizing while I attempt to puzzle it all out Because I really am trying to get to the bottom of ueneau’s intention here I’m attempting to look behind the pizzazz of the wordplay to fully fathom the fundaments of this underground story and the subversion of language and narrative which characterizes the book of course Tu causes tu causes c’est tout ce ue tu sais faire Chatter chatter it's all you know how to doYou might at this point be getting impatient and inclined to repeat Laverdure's words Laverdure is a parrot who parrots a perfect parody of both himself and his owner at every turn of the narrative But I’m not like them I’m not such a uiz I really do have something to say if I could only cough it up spew it out as it were ok sorry for being such a scuzz But my crazy thesis about this book is buried deep it really is deeper than the maze of underground passages through which softly spoken Marceline zigzags in the last pages and little wonder Marceline speaks softly with a name like that and little wonder Marceline is who Marceline is in the first place and please excuse all this overzealous parenthesizing Tu causes tu causes c’est tout ce ue tu sais faireChatter chatter it's all you know how to doI hear your frustration Yess yess yess soft sounds just to say I’m no gongoozler No I’m very busy tunnelling down to reach my crazy theory and the last pages are not irrelevant ‘Last’ that whizz of a word is actually very pertinent to my crazy thesis viz the phrase ‘the last will be first’ Tu causes tu causes c’est tout ce ue tu sais faireChatter chatter it's all you know how to doOk I realise I’m in danger of touching hyperboliuement le cercle vicieux de la parabole so don’t get frazzled I’m going to get straight to the point no zig zagging no buzzing about like a zesty scherzo no spritzing myself into a dizzy tizzy ueneau’s subversion of the language of narrative his use of slang all those run on words and phonetic spellings par egzemple egzagèrer vouzêtes etc is his attempt to undermine the established order to turn everything on its head to put what comes normally at the bottom on the top You knew that all along? You knew that the clue was in the title? You knew that it was really about celebrating the last letter of the alphabet? The letter Z? Mon cula marvelous ueneau phrase that mixes rhetoric and maths and or less accuses me and some of the characters of talking rubbish in a way that is both shallow and deep at the same time not an easy task I swear Mon cul is Zazie’s favourite swear word It translates as ‘My arse’ if you're Irish ‘My ass’ if you’re American and if you're English'My bottom'

  3. Hugh Hugh says:

    Another one which I read because of a book group selection this time in the Forgotten Classics group It is a book that is impossible to distance completely from the film it inspired a wild playful comic adventure set in a Paris netherworld that clearly owes much to Joyce The language is full of invention with hybrid words and all manner of allusions and wordplay this must have made the translator's job very difficult and although Barbara Wright handled this task admirably and creatively I was left wishing my French was good enough to read the original It is much easier to read than Joyce and the tone is much lighter one senses ueneau like his heroine Zazie saw life as a game in which nothing matters very muchI did enjoy it but overall felt it lacked substance

  4. Duane Duane says:

    Zazie was written by French writer Raymond ueneau 1903 1976 and published in 1959 It's well known for it's use of language A sort of slang known as collouial or Neo French For example the words who is it are written whozit The book is loaded with this type of language later referred to in France as Zazie Speak But to the average reader it's a farce The escapades of a pre teen girl Zazie while visiting her uncle unkoo Gabriel in Paris for the weekend Her unkoo is a female impersonator and this lends itself to many of the comic situations found in the book The title is a little misleading because it gives the impression that Zazie spends all her time on the Metro which is what she really wanted to see in Paris But the Metro was on strike and Zazie never set foot on it that I remember If you are looking for a change of pace some comic relief then I recommend getting acuainted with Zazie It's laugh out loud funny in spots 45 stars

  5. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    Look it's uite simple really if you don't love this book then there is something fundamentally wrong with you My suggestion would either be medical help or should you wish to save yourself and the world some time and effort throwing yourself under the nearest Metro

  6. C. C. says:

    I finally got around to finishing this and it was a whole lot of fun 1 For its linguistic ingenuitya With respect to its highly accurate I assume transcription of Parisian slang That brought back memories and a serious case of itchy feetb With respect to the wonderful wordplay in which he engaged I'm sure I missed most of this because my French isn't good enough2 For its characters; they are as it were pretty greata With respect to the main players who were all beautifully portrayed highly colourful and very funny Tonton Gabriel and Zazie and Marceline and Turandot tu causes tu causes and Madeleine and Trouscaillon and la Veuve Mouaue JE VOUS AIMEb With respect to the generally hilarious minor cameos The rather wonderful tourists3 For its plota With respect primarily to the fact that most of the characters end up discussing how to correctly conjugate a French verb such as for example a woman with a man who has just stated his intention to rape her Though not mentioned in this text missed opportunity Mr ueneau the verb 'tapisser' to cover sprinkle with thickly carpet etc etc; presumably related to 'tapir' rug? is an annoying one if you encounter it conjugated in the plural ie nous vous ilselles it looks as if it is a regular ir verb 'tapir' when in fact it is a regular er verb This I call a mean trick This is why French kids are still learning grammar in year 12 Because Australian kids never really learn grammar is why most of us suck at itb With respect secondarily to the fact that although it's very funny it's also serious and people die SPOILER Sirius Black in book 5 and it's actually rather sad tear3 Clearly this is enough to recommend this booka Though I suspect it must be read in French However I have read highly positive reviews from people who clearly read it in English geste so maybe a good translation exists for the francophonically challenged Incidentally watching Futurama with French or I suppose any other language subtitles is hilarious because they translate all the jokes in the most literal way possible Probably not recommended if you speak insert LOTE here but not English Though I would try this if it were possible

  7. Vit Babenco Vit Babenco says:

    Zazie's gone downtown and Zazie's gone all around Zazie has turned the entire Paris upside down in no timeAre you a homo sessuell? Do I look like a fruit?Recently I've watched the movie adaptation of the book Of course the film is uite different from Raymond ueneau's novel but Louis Malle made a special stress on the weird visual scenes so he managed to make me see all the events in a new light

  8. Manny Manny says:

    This book is so funny A perfect antidote to the Hamsun I read immediately before Though I must say that it seriously tested the limits of my collouial French I thought I wasn't too bad at French slang but this book put me firmly in my place My edition appeared to be intended for French high school students and there were many useful footnotes explaining the less obvious pieces of argot obscure references and neologisms ueneau loves making up words He also has an endearing way of spelling things phonetically for comic effect you have to read everything aloud to yourself to figure it out Given that I'm pretty sure I missed a lot of the humor it is impressive that I still found myself laughing out loud every three or four pages A native French speaker would probably have needed oxygen at a few points The running joke with the parrot for some reason just gets better as the book progresses 80% of Laverdure's lines are repetitions of Tu cause tu cause c'est tout ce ue tu sais faire but after a while I cracked up every time he said it I searched the phrase just now on Google and some clever person has figured out that there are 19 chapters and the parrot says it 19 times I'm sure I could read this book once a year for the rest of my life and still find at least a couple of new Easter eggs on each re readingHere was the passage I enjoyed most By the way apropos comments on French slang above it's usually much challenging than this Nice M Turandot has foolishly tried to stop Zazie from going out on her ownZazie n'hésite pas Elle se mit à hurler Au secours Au secoursCe cri ne manue pas d'attirer l'attention de ménagères et de citoyens présents Ils abondonnent leurs occupations ou inoccupations personnelles pour s'intéresser à l'incidentAprès ce premier résultat assez satisfaisant Zazie en remet Je veux pas aller avec le meussieu je le connais pas le meussieu je veux aller pas avec le meussieuExétéraTurandot sûr de la noblesse de sa cause fait fi de ces proférations Il s'aperçoit bien vite u'il a eu tort en constatant u'il se trouve au centre d'un cercle de moralistes sévèresDevant ce publie de choix Zazie passe de considérations générales aux accusations particulières précises et circonstanciées Ce meussieu u'elle dit comme ça il m'a dit des choses sales u'est ce u'il t'a dit? demande une dame alléchée Madame s'écrie Turandot cette petite fille s'est sauvée de chez elle Je la ramenais à ses parentsLe cercle ricane avec un scepticisme déjà solidement encréLa dame insiste; elle se penche vers Zazie Allons ma petite n'aie pas peur dis le moi ce u'il t'a dit le villain meussieu? C'est trop sale murmure Zazie Il t'a demandé de lui faire des choses? C'est ça mdameZazie glisse à voix basse uelues détails dans l'oreille de la bonne femme Celle ci se redresse et crache à la figure de Turandot Dégueulasse u'elle lui jette en plus en primeEt elle lui recrache une second fois de nouveau dessus en plein poireUn type s'enuiert u'est ce u'il lui a demandé de lui faire?La bonne femme glisse les détails zaziue dans l'oreille du type Oh u'il fait le type jamais j'avais pensé à çaIl refait comme ça plûtot pensivement Non jamaisIl se tourne vers un autre citoyen Non mais écoutez moi ça détails C'est pas croyab Ya vraiment des salauds complets dit l'autre citoyenCependant les details se propagent dans la foule Une femme dit Comprends pasUn homme lui expliue Il sort un bout de papier de sa poche et lui faire un dessin avec un stylo à bille Eh bien dit la femme rêveusementElle ajoute Et c'est pratiue?Elle parle du stylo à bille

  9. Geoff Geoff says:

    Besides a lifespan that encompassed the first years of the 20th century through the late 1970’s first hand knowledge of the conseuences of both world wars a lifelong devotion to both wife and literature a large body of work that spanned many genres with a love of wordplay humor high diction multilinguistic prose a great attention to structure and experiments in form and late recognition as one of the most important and influential writers in their respective languages what did Raymond ueneau and Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov have in common?A They both wrote popular novels about nymphish foul mouthed just pubescent girls that were made into successful films by respected directors and which made their names and fortunes and which conseuently overshadowed other eually or superiorly deserving work in their oeuvre to the point that when each passed away one in ‘76 the other in ‘77 a large number of obituaries placed the names of their fictional creations their girl child counterparts adjacent their own names in large font headlines reporting said deathsI really don’t need to write a review of Zazie do I? It’s a certified classic for chrissakes Penguin says so It’s everything ueneau does amplified refined distilled and crystallized? Crystallized my arse

  10. MJ Nicholls MJ Nicholls says:

    This short whimsical novel from the Parisian polymath and co founder of the Oulipo isn’t representative of his phenomenal talent but is a tittersome romp through a cinematic Paris of the 1950s with the acid tongued Zazie the charming misfit at its coreThe humour was for its time subversive with its foul mouthed heroine the consistent references to ‘homossesuality’ and the playfully childish words spelled phonetically throughout the text There is no plot as such minus Zazie’s persistent dissatisfaction at being unable to ride the metro but ueneau uses witty dialogue and crackling comic prose to keep us entertainedThis novel rightfully takes its place in the canon of classic comic works with the efforts of Wodehouse Kingsley Amis and Douggie Adams and has been adapted into a cult French film and a comic strip So there

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