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The Kiss Test Margo Gentry's life is perfect She loves her job as a DJ for Manhattan's only country music station and she has a great boyfriend who accepts her need to avoid marriage and her Elvis obsession—even the velvet Elvis painting in their bedroomBut then it all falls apart The radio station changes formats and fires all the DJs Margo's boyfriend decides he wants kids and a house in the suburbs and kicks her to the curb And to top it all off her Mom is getting married—for the 11th time—and expects Margo to be there as maid of honorWith no job and no place to live Margo has to bunk on the couch of her best friend Chris whose bedroom has hosted half the women in New York—at least the ones who pass his kiss test Worse he's insisting she attend her mother's wedding and he's personally driving her cross country to ensure she shows upForget about surviving the road trip—can their friendship survive The Kiss Test88000 words

  • Kindle Edition
  • The Kiss Test
  • Shannon McKelden
  • English
  • 10 May 2015

10 thoughts on “The Kiss Test

  1. Heather Heather says:

    The Kiss Test was such a uniue story with Margo's love for Elvis The Elvis references could have been bothersome for a non Elvis fan cough myself but the explanation of what he means to her adds depth to her history with the singer When Margo feels everything is going wrong in her life loses her job bad breakup Mom's getting married again she turns to Chris who is her best friend Chris has created a kiss test as a way of meeting the one but ultimately it ends in one night stands with many women But he's never tried it on Margo When Margo can't make the drive for her Elvis tour it's Chris she turns to and it's Chris who forces her to use the tour as a road trip to her mother's wedding This book had me laughing out loud; as a reader you see what Margo obviously does not which is that Chris is head over heels in love with her and that he has been for years Margo is tough and TOO independent and the story revolves around whether he can make her face why she keeps running Chris is smart funny and a great kisser but than that his concern for her shines through the story Each scene with them has great sexual tension and I can't wait to read another of her stories review from a digital galley provided by publisher

  2. Sonja Sonja says:

    45 stars I LIKED THIS SO MUCH I've had this book on my to read list for years and it took me a VERY long time to track it down but I finally found the book for about 2 on the Carina Press website BEST FRIENDS FALLING IN LOVELook it's no secret this is my favorite trope But it was also best friends falling in love ON A CROSS COUNTRY ROAD TRIP So basically all I ever want from books Super cute and tropey to the max I really did like everything about the story I liked Margo's family and family to be I liked her friends in New York but most of all I obviously liked Margo and Chris and how absurdly 'shippable they were from the start My only complaint re this book is that I wish it had been a little longer especially towards the end The ending felt a little bit rushed and I wish that had been fleshed out a little bit view spoilerI definitely wouldn't have minded seeing of their relationship once they were actually together A two page epilogue set a year later was a WONDERFUL way to end it but it could have been longer hide spoiler

  3. Saly Saly says:

    I really didn't buy the romance plus I could never get into the characters

  4. Bella& Bella& says:

    I'm a little disappointed best friends to lovers is the kind of book I like but i just couldn't connect with the characters let alone feel a connection between themMargo is so annoying always the poor victim Chris a complete manho

  5. Katrina Steele Katrina Steele says:

    A brilliant book that I struggled to put down I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to smile and have some escapism

  6. Colleen Colleen says:

    I’m a sucker for stories about best friends becoming lovers so Shannon McKelden’s The Kiss Test caught my eyeMargo has the perfect life – or so she thinks She’s living with her boyfriend of two years Kevin in his Manhattan apartment with her Elvis collection She has a great job as the morning DJ of New York’s only Country Radio station And then one day everything changesThe station is bought out and the format is switched Suddenly Margo is out of a job She thinks she can hide this from her boyfriend but comes home to find that he threw her a party to celebrate the award she won only to find he didn’t invite any of her friends Shortly later they get into a fight Kevin it seems wants to get married have kids and move to Connecticut Margo is independent to a fault and married represents everything that she doesn’t wantWhen Kevin asks her to move out Margo finds herself at her best Chris’s apartment Margo and Chris have been friends for ever She doesn’t want to move into Chris’s home and be exposed to the revolving door of ladies that freuent his bedroom but she has no choice As if things couldn’t get worse they do Margo falls down and suffers a concussion and other lingering side affects She is forced to depend on ChrisBecause of her condition her vacation plans change Chris agrees to come along her cross country Elvis tour but with conditions The biggest being that she attends her mother’s wedding – her 11th – in California Margo with no other options is forced to agree and off they go on the road trip that changes everythingThere’s a crazy incident involving a visit to the police station and another involving But the thing that changes everything is a stay at a Bates style hotel Chris administers his Kiss Test on Margo and everything changes Margo freaks out and tries to deny it ever happened Chris is hurt but tries to hide it They continue on to California where Margo meets the family of her mother’s beau They are warm and friendly and instantly make Margo feel uncomfortableMargo finally finds a way to repair their relationship and begins to think that things might be okay And then Chris starts to tell her that his company is opening up a new sporting goods store in California and she freaks out and leaves him Before he can leave herShe flies home to New York packs up her things when Chris shows up and tells her that he’s been in love with her for years Margo realizes that Chris isn’t going anywhere and they can be happy togetherThe story started off a little slow for me I’m not a huge Elvis fan and the obsession made me a little nervous But the infatuation helped to move the story along I also found myself wondering why Margo would have ever been with someone like Kevin For someone so independent I would have thought that she would have preferred to be alone than to be with someone like himI enjoyed the plot involving her mother Margo actually finds out that what she thought was the truth wasn’t necessarily the truth And she also sees that her Mom has finally found a good man and the right kind of relationship Though I did find it absurd that it would be wedding number 11The only other thing that really weirded me out was when Chris was having sex with the woman he picked up in the bar while Margo hid in the bathroom That was too much I just can’t imagine hiding out in a hotel bathroom all night while your best friend is going at it with some bar floozy right outside the door EwThat being said I really did enjoy the book I really liked the character of Chris despite his skirt chasing ways I loved that everyone thought that they were a couple And I really enjoyed her happily ever after ending45 stars Disclaimer I received my copy from Netgalley

  7. Susi Susi says:

    I really hoped I would like this book but unfortunately I couldn't I just had too many problems with the characters and how the story unfolded The first few pages I liked the heroine and everything sounded really promising but after the first chapter this book lost meMargo is an independant woman living in NYC She's working as the morning DJ at a Country radio station and loves her life the way it is A great job a boyfriend who likes their relationship the easy way it is without any marriage and kids plans in their future But it gets even better she wins an award for best country DJ in the US and she can't believe how lucky she is But then everything starts to crack and she's left with nothing besides her love for Elvis and her best friend Chris I think that's the way the author wanted the heroine to be seen but for me she was like a self centered child at times She seemed to be unaware of how other people see her or feel about her Margo has definietely too much denial in herself for me She always wanted to be seen as independant and strong but for me her fears of accepting anyone else to help her or show her any kindness made her not very likable She was sometimes even a bit TSTL for me Some things were so obvious and she didn't see them coming at all I wanted to slap her sillyThen we have Chris He's a heart breaker and full of charm He has this certain appeal that gives woman this mushy and warm feeling inside and makes them forget everything else in their lives He likes sports to the extreme and has the body to prove it I actually liked him sometimes He was fun and witty and yeah at some points he would have won my heart But on other occasions I thought WTF is that guy thinking In the middle of the book he lost all his hero appeal for me with this one huge fiasco he produced out of nowhereThe story was okay I liked the idea of the roadtrip but some things happened I just couldn't accept at all It's hard to say what I didn't like without spoiling the book so that's why I'm all mysterious here I didn't like how the characters acted they did really stupid things in my opinion Things I would have never been able to forgive a friend And yes I think that makes me prude and closed minded but that's the way I am I personally have mostly male friends and never onces would they have even thought about doing something like the hero did in this book For me it felt like the totally betrayal of his best friend the one person in his life who's always there It feel like I ranted about this for hours thanks Caro for listening to my bitching Also at the end where some revelations who were just too easy for me and some were even unbelievable But I won't start about this now or this review will never endMs McKelden's writing is really good though It has a good flow and I think it was one of the reasons I didn't give up on this book It compelled me to keep going and I couldn't stop even when I thought about throwing the book at the wallI would have actually liked this book if there weren't the problems with our main couple I think this book hit all my pet peeves okay nearly all I know many reviewers loved this book I think I'm just not made for this kind of story

  8. Nicole Nicole says:

    Publisher Carina PressPublish Date 101110How I got this book NetGalleySo I picked up this book because the blurb sounded amazing and I am a super sucker for stories of friends who realize they are in love and meant to be together I really wish that The Kiss Test would have measured up for me unfortunately it was not what I was expecting Margo is an Elvis obsessed morning radio DJ who life seems perfect but uickly falls apart She loses her job her boyfriend her apartment and her sanity all within a few days To make up for the crap fest she sets out on an Elvis extravaganza trip starting in NY and ending in LA where she will be forced to attend the newest nuptials ceremony of her mother 11th Yikes When an unfortunate accident occurs her best friend Chris takes it upon himself to make sure she has the trip of her life They travel across the country visiting every single Elvis shrine on the way and their friendship becomes so much along the way But amongst all the insanity will Margo realize that Chris is meant to be than her best friends before it’s too late?I was definitely expecting a lot romance than this book had to offer It felt to me that the romance just wasn’t there at least not until the very end All the great feel good in my heart type feelings didn’t set in until the last ten to fifteen pages or so and I wish there would have been throughout Margo while a constantly uirky character she was also somewhat annoying to me She seemed to have a very “woe is me” attitude towards a lot of things and absolutely refused to deal with many of the issues that seemed to hold her back from truly living her life She was constantly running from everything almost to the point of ridiculousness I wanted to shake some sense into her times than not Chris while a little likable had some major issues that were hard for me to reason through For someone who claimed to have been in love with his best friend forever he sure had a weird way of showing it sleeping and kissing around constantly In my mind that just isn’t normal behavior He does however redeem himself by providing chuckles throughout the book constantly poking fun at Elvis and Margo’s obsessionSpeaking of an Elvis obsession it was a bit much for me If I don’t read hear or listen to anything Elvis for awhile I will totally be a ok with that The constant Elvis trivia and homage and everything else was just a bit overdone for my tastes Now all you die hard Elvis fans out there this is a worthy readThankfully the end did somewhat redeem itself The story did have a nice little HEA and the emotions at the end of the story were beautifully done Like I said I just wish it would have been done throughout the entire story instead of just crammed together in the last chapter All in all I give The Kiss Test 2 out of 5 cross country road trips

  9. Tori Tori says:

    Originally posted at uote”if he knew how mad I was he’d think twice about exposing to me the family jewels necessary for creating his hypothetical children”Margo has it all A fab job DJ ing at a country music radio station a boyfriend who agrees with her no marriageno kids edict and she just found out she won Country DJ of the year What could she ask for?But when it rains it pours and with in one week she loses her job her boyfriend and her homeSo left with nothing but her love of all things Elvis she heads to her best friend Chris’s house to crash until she figures her life out Chris and Margo have been bff’s since grade school Sexy smart and dangerous Chris has never had a problem with the opposite sex you just have to past his “Kiss Test”When she has an accident that leaves her unable to be alone Chris decides that she needs to attend her mom’s wedding and agrees to drive her cross country with a few stops in betweenAs Chris and Margo embark on their road trip a lifetime worth of memories surface and Margo learns a lot about life love and herselfSet in the first person The Kiss Test is a funny cute snarky contemporary that is perfect reading for a lazy afternoon Told from Margo’s point of view in the present tense we experience with Margo her life as it happens Very independent to the point of “my way or the highway” Margo has a hard time letting go of the reins and opening her heart I enjoyed how Ms McKeldon uses the road trip and Chris to force Margo to deal with her past in order to move forward At times I felt she was a little selfish and dense but once you are given the background story you can sympathize with herChris her bff comes off rather self absorbed at times but his actions show through out the book that he has and will always be there for Margo He doesn’t let her run all over him and gives as good as he gets He shows Margo that he truly does know her best and doesn’t hesitate to give her advice when he feels she needs itThe story reads fast and smooth with some hilarious scenes and one liners that had me laughing out loud I did at times wish we would have had Chris’s POV to add to the romantic aspects of the book but it actually comes off believable just hearing Margo’s The smexy scenes are far and few between but that actually makes the story better This story is a revelation in the making and an over abundance of make out time would have negated the main story lineThere is an enjoyable array of secondary characters that are just enough stereotypical behavior to be entertaining without crossing the line into annoyingThe ending was a little surprising and I have to say I wanted to slap Margo upside the head and tell her to grow up But Ms McKelton and Chris save the day and we even get a little peek into their future that had me issuing a happy sigh

  10. Book Binge Book Binge says:

    The Kiss Test is a contemporary novel written in the first person While there are some romantic elements because we don't get anything from the hero's pov I would classify this as chick lit or women's fic Margo Gentry has the perfect life She loves her job her friends and has a boyfriend who seems to want the same things out of life that she does Until it all falls apart She loses her job her man and her place to live all in one fell swoop The only thing she still has going for her is that she was voted The Country's Best DJ a very pestigious award Margo figures this is her last shot at a career If she tells them she lost her job they'll take the award away and she'll have a harder time finding a new job She decides to treat herself to a vacation Elvis style She's going to visit all of the major Elvis attractions ending with Graceland before her photo shoot and interview for the award But then she falls down the stairs and gets a concussion and can't go alone The only way she can still go on her vacation is if someone drives herwhich her best friend Chris agrees to do but only if she agrees to attend her mother's wedding with him her mother's 11th wedding Margo doesn't want to go to the wedding but she really wants to go on her vacation so she agrees Margo really had to deal with a lot of bad shit; losing her job losing her boyfriend getting kicked out of her house falling down the stairs and getting a concussion being attacked by a swarm of mosuitoes getting smacked in the head busting the hand off a wax Elvis statue and almost getting arrested for itthe list goes on and onWhile some of these things were amusing it kind of got to the point where I was rolling my eyes and thinking jaysus What's next? I think the author may have sensed that she was pushing too far because finally the craziness stopped Just in time to save it from being a wallbangerThis is a friends to lovers themed novel Sometimes that works for me and sometimes it doesn't In this case it worked though I think it suffered for having been written in the first person Having the added benefit of the hero's point of view would have offered a lot of insight and broken up some of the whiny inner dialogue of the heroineHaving said that I did enjoy the story Margo frustrated me at times but I was emotionally invested in finding out what would happen to her I was also rooting for her and Chris to get togetherSomething I wasn't able to get past? The revolving door in Chris' bedroom Based on his revelation at the end I don't understand why he picked up a woman every night That made no sense But then neither did Margo's stubborn refusal to see what was right in front of her noseOverall a fun light story despite my frustrations Fans of Kristan Higgins should enjoy it375 out of 5 This review was originally posted on Book Binge by Holly

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