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4 thoughts on “Call Me Dan

  1. Daniel Lowen Daniel Lowen says:

    How could I get to India see this title on a local bestseller and not buyread it? Our hero is a call center employee who goes by Dan when he's on the phone with irate customers on the other side of the world He falls in love with one of the American accentfluency trainers but there are the parents who want him to stay within country socialreligious group And the sister rebelling against them her own way And various other characters I would have liked there to have been about his work life as well as the personal life And I would have liked the editing and proof reading to have been better all the errors took away from my enjoyment

  2. Reader Breeder Reader Breeder says:

    Really enjoyed this book It's a slice of life in India today and it captures thirtysomethings in Mumbai perfectly And it's very well written Trivedi has a great sense of language and how to use it as humour

  3. Dhyey Dhyey says:

    Well written

  4. Keith Campbell Keith Campbell says:

    Really well written and a good slice of life in Mumbai I found it really irritating at times but I think that was the authors intent I'd recommend this for a uick read

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Call Me Dan GAUTAM is awkward and shy; DAN oozes confidenceDAN deftly juggles his coffee and cookies; GAUTAM drops drinksGAUTAM is afraid to talk to girls; DAN finds himself in bed with girls he’s only just met Gautam Joshi is thirty years old; with a job in a call centre that his parents think is just one step up from unemployment and in a relationship that his girlfriend Michelle thinks is going nowhere But Gautam loves his world He makes money than his father; and women actually want to go out with him Blonde bombshells; friends of friends; strangers in bars; all seem attracted to Gautam Well; not uite That only happens when they call him DanAnish Trivedi’s Call Me Dan is a hilarious look at the new India; where arranged marriages and one night stands are all part of a young man’s search for love Even true loveVisit wwwanishtrivedicom for