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  1. Vickie McDonough Vickie McDonough says:

    Sam Bishop is a man running from his past When he reads an ad about spinsters looking for husbands he concocts a plan Marrying a wealthy woman is just what he needs to solve his problems but when he meets Prissy Gil the pretty woman uickly steals his heart and makes him want to be the good man she deserves He takes the job of sheriff and sets out to clean up Prissy’s town and prove his worth But then he comes face to face with an unscrupulous man from his past—a man who has a vendetta and will do anything necessary to accomplish his vile agenda Can Sam’s and Prissy’s relationship—one built on lies—survive the tribulations that are sure to come?I really liked this book It’s a story about a down on his luck man who meets a wonderful woman and although his initial plans are deceitful his growing affection for the heroine makes him want to be a better man Though Prissy is innocent she has a backbone and won’t be pushed around when things get difficult The Sheriff’s Sweetheart is a charming romance set in Texas just after the Civil War and is a book that historical romance readers are sure to enjoy

  2. Kym McNabney Kym McNabney says:

    The Sheriff’s Sweetheart by Laurie Kingery is sweet indeed If you like an old time romance about a bad guy turned good where the poor meets the wealthy you’ll love this tender historical romance It is well written with a great plot and characters you’ll get to know and love After taking a beating following a gambling game gone wrong Sam Bishop decides enough is enough An ad in the newspaper seeking marriage minded bachelors has him heading for the small town of Simpson Creek Texas What he doesn’t expect to find is the beautiful Miss Priscilla Gil It doesn’t take long for love to blossom But life has a way of getting in the way and the secrets Sam keeps from the woman and town he’s grown to love may cause him to lose it all

  3. Ada Brownell Ada Brownell says:

    The Sheriff’s SweetheartBy Laurie KingerySam Bishop beaten by a man wearing an egg sized ring awakes to his arms tied behind him and his legs bound In the corner is a dog crouched in a metal cage Sam almost sneezes from the dust and a groan nearly bursts from his throat because of the pain but his assailants still chat nearby“You want us to finish him and leave him in some alley?” a voice asksSam heard Kendall Raney’s voice “Wait ‘til darkThen we’ll take him out to the bayou I’ve seen a half dozen bull ‘gaters out there “The ‘gators can also have the dog along with the senseless fool on the floorSam didn’t even allow his skin to twitch as he waited for the men to leave When the door shut and the lock clicked he breathed All Sam did was accuse Kendall Raney of cheating during a poker game In a short time Sam was free He cracked the room safe took the ring and the money Raney stole from him He left the pile of cash that belonged to the wicked gamblerNot knowing where to go Sam noticed an ad in the Houston Telegraph “Come to Simpson Creek in San Saba County Texas and meet the ladies of the Society for the Promotion of Marriage If interested please contact Miss Priscilla Gil”Sam rides into Simpson Creek and is immediately hired as the sheriff because the town had been expecting a man to come and he was overdue Sam didn’t tell them he wasn’t the man they expected or about why he was in town Sam thought finding the job was a nice development after all he’d been through but that was nothing compared to how he felt when he met the president of the Society for the Promotion of Marriage Suddenly Sam was interested in marriage Miss Gil’s beauty and sparkling outgoing spirit convinced Sam she was the only woman in the society he needed to meet But the righteous church going Miss Gil and her father the mayor didn’t know the real Sam and Raney’s egg sized ring Sam stole resided in the stuffing of Sam’s mattressLaurie Kingery weaves a novel together with all the things readers enjoy suspense danger nice description good characterizations including the lovable dog Sam rescued Most of all she writes a good story that wraps around two characters in love making the reader wonder whether it will all unravel and come to nothing Yet she brings it all to a triumphant conclusionThis is a great historical romance set in June 1866 Read it You’ll be glad you didNOTE The author and Love Inspired Books provided me with a review copy

  4. Laura Laura says:

    Title THE SHERIFF’S SWEETHEARTAuthor Laurie KingeryPublisher Love Inspired HistoricalApril 2011ISBN 978 0 373 82866 1Genre Inspirationalhistorical romanceSam Bishop is a man on the run When he is almost murdered by a wealthy gambler Sam manages to escape with his almost killer’s dog and travels to Simpson Creek Texas a town advertising for “marriage minded bachelors” A rich wife is just what Sam needs to make his gambling problems disappear Prissy Gil is the lady who placed the ad and when Sam comes to town she is instantly transfixed by the man and his dog a man that she believes came to town to take the position as Sheriff Sam is happy to be Sheriff if it means that fortune is smiling on him with the beautiful Ms Prissy Gil But when Sam’s past catches up with him everything could be destroyedTHE SHERIFF’S SWEETHEART is the third book in the Brides of Simpson Creek series but it easily stands alone I didn’t have the pleasure of reading the first two books in this series but I had no problem reading this book and keeping up with what happened The story is well written with some surprising twists along the way I enjoyed getting to know these two well written characters and cheered for them as they made important discoveries about themselves I’m looking forward to the next book in this series Discussion uestions are included at the end of the book 550 280 pages

  5. Christina Christina says:

    The first time I picked up a Laurie Kingery book I knew she had something special and she became an automatic buy When the Brides of Simpson Creek hit the shelves I immediately fell in love with her unlikely heroines and out of the box heroes I had become so accustomed to Kingery’s heroines that I had doubts she’d pull off a somewhat normal heroineAm I glad I was wrong Prissy Gil’s uiet strength and faith drive Sam Bishop’s need for change by drawing him to her And Sam Bishop experiences God’s grace and mercy not only through the town’s preacher but also through an unlikely sourceKingery does an excellent job of drawing the reader in and keeper the reader engaged Without giving away any of the story line let me just say that The Sheriff’s Sweetheart is a definite keeper

  6. Jamie Jamie says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish The characters are very real and believable The hero starts out on rough ground but redeems himself and is very likable from start to finish The author gives her readers insight on how the main characters grow as they face trials and fall in love There's humor mystery and romance all tied togetherI read this book knowing that it was the third in a series that I had not started I was not lost as the book stands well alone But after finishing it I knew I had to buy books one and two The story uality and writers ability to pull the reader in makes me want to read

  7. Paula-O Paula-O says:

    I have just finished the Simpson Creek Brides series by Laurie Kingery what a story Sam is a man down on his luck and looking for a way to become a solid citizen again when he sees the ad in the paper that will change his life This man who had never before been a sheriff found himself soon a leader of the community and so many folks depending on him and it made him live up to the job He found a good woman named Prissy who had been looking for just the right man and they went tru some trying times before they were able to be wed another good story Laurie

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    It took me a while to get into this one for some reason but it was still a good story Love the series as a whole I just found the characters in this one to not be so endearing as the other two books I don't know what it was But in the end I love how there was a twist on the mail ordered brides with this series and how independent spunky texas gals took it into their own hands to get males to town Love the way this series was told

  9. Mary Mary says:

    Cute story about a man who who wanted to be different and become a man of respect who was worthy of a good woman and life He had to go through some scrutiny and allow God to develop his new persona while trusting that he would not be rejected based on the past I enjoyed the easy read based on a verse in Joshua claiming whom we will serve Laurie is a good writer

  10. Christina Christina says:

    I have liked every book in this series Laurie keeps the action moving and likes to place her characters in tough situations where they have to struggle in their faith only to come out stronger from it I look forward to the next book about Caroline

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The Sheriff's Sweetheart He needs to turn his life aroundAnd Simpson Creek Texas is the perfect place to do it On the run from his dangerous past Sam Bishop is happy to find a town seeking marriage minded bachelors A wealthy wife is just what he needs to make his gambling problems disappear But when Prissy Gil catches Sam's eye she proves to be much than a rich match Sam wants to deserve her wants to become sheriff and protect her hometown—wants to be the man she believes him to be Yet the true test is waiting when his past returns to challenge his future