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Wanted Mail Order Mistress I originally read this book in French Wanted Mail Order Mistress by Deborah Hale Third part of this trilogy Gentlemen of Fortune seriesThis book tells the story of Bethan and Simon a handsome and virile manThis story takes place in Singapore This is a beautiful romantic story featuring two characters who find love You enjoy every minute with the perfect gentleman and charming Simon Bethan I loved the characters and their relationships and I really enjoyed the time period of this story You will not be disappointed by this book and I recommend it if you want to read a good adventure set in Singapore I have mix feelings both this oneI love how it took place in Singapore and I could really feel their emotions but I have a slight problem with Bethan and her personalityOverall good read and it took me back to Singapore and could relate to many of its terms Hale's latest is a lovely historical in an unusual setting Singapore It's a wonderful story and the last of her Gentlemen of Fortune miniseries The best part for me? The utterly gorgeous use of sensory detail When the heroine arrives the reader arrives with her and experiences all of the firsts the scents sounds and tastes of an exotic foreign land It made for an enchanting read that was just a little bit different from my usual fare Deborah Hale never disappoints She always delivers a warm emotionally rich story A misunderstanding that persists for half the book makes for great tension I enjoyed the unusual and exotic locale which was well described though I suspect our characters are progressive than many Europeans would have been at the time No big surprises but some pleasant twists Bethan oscillates between naiveté and suspicion but she's twice a fish out of water so that's understandable Good historical info on Singapore I liked watching the character Simon change throughout the book The play on words was interesting I can’t say which words because it would spoil the story How could Bethan not read the advert correctly maybe to scared or to dumb founded I enjoyed that Simon was definitely surprised hi hi How the game was played was fun to read A lovely book for our love addicted readers not to missed Bethan Conway is naive from a small Welsh village and is on a great voyage to find her brother Hugh who was lost in a mutiny in the South East Asia She agrees to become a mistress to a rich man in Singapore Mr Simon Grimshaw who is the third and final partner in the Vindicara Trading company made up of English men looking for a fortune and adventure Only problem is that Bethan doesn't understand English very well and believes that she is going to Singapore to become a wife and 'mistress' of the house to a rich man Simon has a daughter Rosilia and is widowed and terribly traumatize and broken by his dead wife who was a big adulterer and died whilst running away with yet again another lover Simon has been a widower for some years and desires a kept woman to pleasure him without being pressured to marry again because the last marriage was a fiascoThere is so much miscommunication and lack of trust that I started to get angst from the angst for the characters in this story I didn't like it as much as the first two stories with Married The Virgin Widow and Bought The Penniless Lady because Bethan was so stupid about street smarts in contrast to how intelligent she was about emotional trauma and people's sufferings2 stars for a somewhat boring read compared the the great first two books in the Gentlemen of Fortune series Go and read the other books and don't waste time with this one Heroine was hired in England to be the hero's mistress Only she's Welsh her English isn't that good and she thinks she's been recruited to be his wife He doesn't intend to marry again because his first wife betrayed him Oh and all this takes place in Singapore soon after the city's established She agreed to come to Singapore to hunt for her brother who was apparently accused of mutiny Then there's the hero's daughter who looks a lot like her mother and who the hero doesn't uite know what to do with despite his love for her So the heroine has a lot of things to do This story seemed to move awfully slowly for all its exotic locale Still it was different and well told I liked it Wanted Mail Order Mistress is the story about Beth Conway a young Welsh woman who responds to a want ad for a man in Singapore who seeks a mistress Unfortunately Beth’s English is imperfect and she agrees to the union while under the assumption that the bachelor is seeking a bride But our heroine has another hidden motive for accepting her brother is missing and Singapore was his last known destination Deborah Hale does not fail to keep my attention in this historical love story The characters were flawed but lovable and the author’s descriptive words helped plant me dead centre in nineteenth century Singapore Even though I knew the characters motives from the beginning I waited with bated breath for the moment when the misunderstanding would be discovered and when I would I would learn what came of her brother The third book in the Gentlemen of Fortune series this book is irresistible and a must read for romance lovers Betrayed by his first wife Simon Grimshaw won't marry again But sultry nights in Singapore can be lonely—nothing a beautiful English mistress wouldn't fixBethan Conway answers an advert to become a wife believing it will help her secret search for her missing brother But Simon isn't the ugly old man she was expecting He's a hot blooded bachelor who wants a woman in his bed—a position Bethan's and tempted to fill

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